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Starcraft on Youtube

Updated on December 12, 2010

Update: Recently exciting stuff is taking place in the Korean GSL invitationals which has some of the best players duking it out. You can check the commentaries on Husky or HD starcraft.

Their commentaries are really entertaining and you can feel their excitement and enthusiasm.

Other good commentators include Day 9, if you watch his replays you will really improve your games as he breaks it down and slices the strategies and counters very well in such a way that even if you're just starting off you will be able to get it.

The past month has been an exciting time for Starcraft, especially Starcraft 2 that is released on July 27th as the month has been host to an exciting series of matches just right before the Beta was taken down and the insidious Battlenet 2.0 striking discord into the fans of the game around the world who are displeased at how battlenet looks to be headed towards.That won't be stopping sales of starcraft 2 apparel nor starcraft 2 mousepad.

The first mention is of course that of the highly publicized HDH invitationals, a series of games with invited professional gamers from around the world and live casted by two youtube casters and then later uploaded onto youtube. As of writing all of the matches have already been uploaded and ready for view in excellent 1080p resolution. The two casters are Husky and HD, which are their game names, and the prize pool was $1500 USD for the first (players come from all over the world from an american living in korea to train to ukraine) and $750 USD for the second followed by two hundred USD for the third. Not as much as those korean gaming tournaments but a decent prize pool. It is filled brimming with high quality match ups and exciting play and the finals as well as semi finals were played to a best of 7. Certain familiar names in that game are Nony from America and TLO (the little one) from europe as well as whiter. Sen from taiwan has been doing pretty well in the stagecraft tournaments. Apparently live betting is available for other bigger tournaments in Starcraft 2.

If you are interested in this tournament, take not that the HDH channels alternate between which matches they upload the videos on, so for example the finals will be found on Husky Starcraft whereas the semi finals is actually uploaded on HD stagecraft, which also has some interesting bonuses such as interviews with star craft players. Husky would have certain tutorials as well as guest casts and UMS, basically custom maps. If you are short on time I definitely recommend watching at least the finals which is very exciting, as well as the Sen casts on HD, and perhaps the semi finals if you have time for it. If your broadband and computer power allows, watch them at 1080 and you would think you would be running the game client on your computer! And if you're playing the game already, you might want to check out some starcraft 2 gaming grade mice which can make a good starcraft 2 christmas gifts!


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