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Start At 60 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Updated on October 24, 2015
Catherine Barrett profile image

Catherine has been writing about computers since 1999 and playing MMORPGs since 2005. Star Wars: The Old Republic is her current favorite.

When can you create your 60?

Accounts that were subscribed continuously between August 10 and October 19, 2015 (and qualified for early access to Knights of the Fallen Empire) could make a level 60 character on October 20, 2015.

After October 27, 2015, all subscribed accounts can make one level 60 character for free.

Accounts that are not currently subscribed but are at free-to-play or preferred status can purchase a token on the Cartel Market, or from other players. Tokens cost 3,600 cartel coins (but may be on sale).

A new character slot is included.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - 2400 Cartel Coins + Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]
Star Wars: The Old Republic - 2400 Cartel Coins + Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]

Cartel coins are the currency used for in-game microtransactions. Buying 3,600 cartel coins costs more than subscribing to the game for a month, so it makes more sense to subscribe - you'll get other benefits and keep access to your new character after your subscription expires.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – Amazon Premium Pack [Online Game Code]
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne – Amazon Premium Pack [Online Game Code]

The Amazon Bundle can be applied to an account once, and is the best value available for subscription time and cartel coins. The Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is included for all active subscriptions.


It's not a "boost"

Multiple games have introduced the ability to start characters at a high level so that you can play the newest content right away, but unlike World of Warcraft and others, SW:TOR's "Start at 60" feature is not a "boost" - you cannot select an existing character and raise their level.

You can delete your low level character and make one at 60 with the same appearance. Take the character you want to re-make to an Appearance Designer Kiosk, located on the Cartel Bazaar section of the Fleet (and in capital cities, and in many guild strongholds). Write down the number of each customization option (Body, Head, etc) and you can very quickly create the same appearance for your level 60 character.

The Appearance Designer Kiosk also lets you view special hairstyles, eye colors, races, and other customizations that can be unlocked for your account on the cartel market. These options are highlighted in blue on the selection bars. If you are interested in using any of these looks on your new 60, unlock them for your account now, because you cannot purchase them from the character creation screen. Appearance options are under the "MISC" heading, and once you see what the item is named, you can also search for it on the Galactic Market. Remember to use the unlock after you buy it!

The Appearance Designer Kiosk on the Republic Fleet is located in the Cartel Bazaar. Take the northern elevator.
The Appearance Designer Kiosk on the Republic Fleet is located in the Cartel Bazaar. Take the northern elevator.

How do you start?

On your character select screen, text below the "Create Character" button will tell you if you have a level 60 character available.

When you click "Create Character," you will have the option of starting at level 60.

When creating a new character, you will have the option to start at level 1 and play through the previous story, or to start at level 60 and play the new content right away.
When creating a new character, you will have the option to start at level 1 and play through the previous story, or to start at level 60 and play the new content right away. | Source

Choose Your Advanced Class

Instead of choosing an advanced class at level 10, you select from the 8 advanced classes during character creation. Information is provided about the class story, combat role, equipment, and abilities in four tabs at the top of the screen.

You cannot change your character's advanced class one he/she is created.

You will start the game with the gear pictured. It is bound to your legacy, so you can send it to your other characters if you like.

Choose your advanced class.
Choose your advanced class.

Choose Your Discipline

The abilities tab lets you choose your discipline. When you log in, you will need to distribute your utility points.

If you do not choose a discipline, the game will select a default discipline for you. It will also automatically spend your utility points. You can start playing right away, and you can reset your discipline and utility points later.

Default Disciplines

Smuggler, Gunslinger
Smuggler, Scoundrel
Trooper, Vanguard
Trooper, Commando
Jedi Consular, Sage
Jedi Consular, Shadow
Jedi Knight, Guardian
Jedi Knight, Sentinel
Imperial Agent, Sniper
Imperial Agent, Operative
Bounty Hunter, Powertech
Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Sith Inquisitor, Sorcerer
Sith Inquisitor, Assassin
Sith Warrior, Marauder
Sith Warrior, Juggernaut
All "Start at 60" characters default to a damage role.

Customize Your Character

The appearance customization for a level 60 character is the same as character creation at level 1. All subscribers were granted two character slots with the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Remember that you can create a level 1 character to test whether or not a name is taken, or to help you decide on an appearance. Just make sure to delete the character if you have discovered a name you like.

Because this game has been out for many years, it may be difficult to find a name you like that isn't taken. I like to use random name generators for ideas.

You can also use special characters to spell the name that you want. These are characters included in computers because they contain accent marks for languages other than English. For example, "Sarah" is taken, but you could try "Sáráh." Keep in mind that these accent marks have meaning to some people who will see your character, and that using special characters will make it slightly harder for friends to type your name in-game.

Special Characters

On a standard Windows keyboard, press the Alt key and the numerals on the numpad.

Getting Started

Your new level 60 character will zone directly in to Chapter 1 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.

A mailbox is available to you immediately, inside the story zone. You can also quick travel to your stronghold, the fleet, or other unlocked locations and then resume the story at any time.

The "tutorial" consists of giving you your abilities a few at a time as you fight through Chapter 1. If you have played this or other MMORPGs previously, you will probably want to turn the tutorial off under the Preferences menu (hit ESC) and arrange your keybindings and interface at this time.

You can get to a mailbox immediately.
You can get to a mailbox immediately.

Are you happy with your character?

If you delete your "Start at 60" character before reaching level 61, your token is not consumed, and you will still have a level 60 available at character creation.

You Don't Get....

You will be given 500-level crew skills, but you cannot choose your crew skills as you can in other games. All force-using classes (Sith Inquisitor, Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular, and Jedi Knight) get Archaeology, Underworld Trading, and Synthweaving. All other classes (Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Trooper, and Smuggler) will start with Scavenging, Underworld Trading, and Armormech. You can abandon these skills from the crew skill window by clicking the "x" next to their name, but you will have to gain 500 skill points yourself.

Preferred accounts will only be given two crew skills. Free-to-play accounts will only be given one. (If you buy cartel coins to make your 60, your account will have Preferred status.)

You do not know any crafting schematics, so you will need to visit a crafting trainer for Synthweaving or Armormech.

You cannot go to pre-Fallen Empire story content. If you are free-to-play and only purchase a "Start at 60" boost, you will not gain access to the expansions Shadow of Revan or Knights of the Fallen Empire. Your class story will be automatically completed with default choices; this option is like starting one of Bioware's single-player RPGs in a series, like Mass Effect 2, without a saved game from the previous installment. The new story contains spoilers for earlier content and assumes that you know your in-game companions well. You will not find it very satisfying to start at 60 on your first character if you are playing for the game's story.

Planetary quests and side quests are still available to you, and the new level scaling system means that you can visit any planet you choose.

You do get the bonuses for the completing the class (a shared buff for all of your characters) and all companions (+10 Presence on all characters) as if you had played through the story quests. However, you do not get the titles that you would be awarded during the class story.

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