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Staunton Chess Pieces A Thing Of Beauty

Updated on August 28, 2010

Staunton chess pieces are a piece that is going to draw a person into the game. However, some people may not realize just how drawn into the game these can be until they know how beautiful these pieces are. The problem that many people can run into though is not knowing why exactly the Staunton chess pieces are so beautiful. Once you do know why they are so beautiful though it will be easy to see how so many people can get drawn into these items and start playing chess with a passion.

One thing that a person may notice right away is the these pieces seem to glisten with quality. That glistening is coming from the love that the company puts into each piece that they issue, even the lower costing plastic sets that many people prefer to play with, because of the cost, tend to look much better than what they are used to seeing.

Another thing that a person can notice about these sets is the level of detail. Some people may not consider detail in chess pieces as being important, but if a serious player were to pick up the set they are going to want the more detailed pieces. The more detailed the pieces are the less likely that you are to pick up the wrong piece thinking it was something else.

Something else that you can find with these is that the king is going to be of a good size. If you are like most players you know that the king is the most important piece and one of the pieces that you need to keep track of at all times. However, some people can find that if the king and queen looks about the same size it can be easy to confuse the two of them. With the Staunton chess pieces though a person is not going to confuse these pieces because the size difference is enough for them to notice.

Now you may be thinking that the pieces are only a part of the set, which is correct. However, what you need to remember is that these also come with quite a few boards to choose from. So even if a person thinks that the sets are beauty, but they need to remember that they can purchase the matching board. Then when they do that it will be possible to see just how much these boards and pieces are going to pop out with the eye.

For many people when they are looking for chess pieces a person may pick up the first one that they see. However, they need to realize that the Staunton chess pieces are an item of beauty that should not be over looked. Once a person knows how beautiful these things are they will want to get only this brand. Then they can enjoy the beauty of these pieces and the boards that match them.

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