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Steam Series - Bastion

Updated on December 12, 2015

Proper story always starts at the beginning

Enter Caelondia (Say-lon-dia), a beautiful nation, finally entering an age of peace and quiet after a long war with the Ura (Er-rah). Folks live their lives out with their loved ones and with happiness and celebration, till it all changed in The Calamity.

You must use Shards and the Cores to restore the world to its former self.


A little backstory for ya

Rewind time for a moment, let's learn what you've missed.

The Ura - A nation of pale skinned people who have created their lives in tunnels that they dig. Their past with the nation of Caelondia is riddled with conflict and war. Recently the war came to an end, and with it a treaty of peace was bestowed between the two nations. They make use of repeater bows and machetes that can cut about anything into ribbons, and are agile and stealthy fighters.

Caelondia - A trait Caelondian's seem to share is snow white hair, they are known for many inventions, such as their navy, the carbine, mortars, and their spirits. Many of their roles to their nation are split into sub-groups. such as the Breakers, Slingers, and the Mancers. Each one of these groups is known for specific weapons and equipment they use, and their immense skill with these materials. Caelondia is surrounded by a wall that protects the city's inhabitants, The Rippling wall, built by the Masons. They've established peace with the Ura for now. They even take in refugee Ura, on one condition, they denounce their former life and are taken in and can never leave Caelondia and are made complete citizens, these Ura are often looked at with suspicion.

The Wilds - Thick gnarly forests, dark bogs, and hostile critters and plants reside here. Not the place for an average person, those with steeled nerves and extreme skill can only survive here. Some of The Wild's inhabitants are Lunkheads, Peckers, Stink Eyes, and Wall flowers. They come in different sizes and types, but make no mistake, they are all equally dangerous.

The Gods - Worshiped by both nations, The gods are a group of 10 and all represent something and the opposite of that, they bring both misfortune and fortune to their worshipers. There seems to be no reason why the gods do this. An example of one of these gods : Hense (Hen-sa) The Veiled Widow - The Goddess of Pain and Pleasure.


Bastion is an Isometric (top down) controlled game.

Combat is split into two things Ranged and Melee, let's take a closer look at 'em.

Melee - Melee is what the weapons make of it, use of the Mason's Hammer can yield you an interesting critical hit if you perform a roll at the right time and get the timing correct. Other melee weapons might have you stand in place when you make your attacks. You have the choice at Arsenal buildings to change your load outs and experiment a bit. You should have very little issue with understanding and performing combat in this game, tutorials teach ins and outs and weapons have a nice feel and weight to them, giving you excellent feel on timing your attacks and delivering a hurt to anyone looking to bother you. Maybe even try your luck at each of the weapon's challenges.

Ranged - Most ranged weapons comprise of various guns and bows you'll encounter. Alike melee weapons, they also have a certain moment or usage behind them that makes them extremely effective. Such as the Breaker's bow, unleashing a deadly penetrating shot if the string is pulled back and fired at the right moment, creating a power shot. Timing with these weapons can be easily pulled off and like melee, you can 'feel' them and aiming is easily to learn and will come naturally to you.

Spirits - Found at the Distillery, these can enhance your gameplay by giving you special benefits. Taking a look at them, you learn a bit about them, how people drank them, its described taste, and what they're distilled and created from. An example of a spirits you can use Werewhiskey: Has no scent, but tastes like peppered bootheel, not for eveyone. Giving you 100% critical chance when reaching only 35% remaining health and below.

The Gods - Unlocked with The Shrine, you can gain their favor and choose which ones you'd like or all of them. Their favor adjusts the difficulty of the game and changes some mechanics. They also reward you with more experience for level ups, and more shards to earn.

Health - Fueled by potions from fountain water, these are your main source of damage relief and healing. You can refill them at fountains, and you can earn more from defeating opponents and collecting them from various containers, such a smash-able boxes, and crates.

Power - Power is gained from Black Tonic, collecting this stuff will allow you to refill your power bar, each weapon including the shield, has various special abilities you can use to give you an edge over the fights. Each time you use that ability one black tonic is consumed, once you're out, you'll need to collect more.

Shards - The main currency of this game, shards have the history of being known as the same material from the mystical Cores that power Caelondia and keep the land together in the events of The Calamity. You'll collect these throughout the game to power your upgrades for weapons, purchasing stuff at the lost and found, and unlocking other features. You'll earn these from various sources, such as objects throughout the world.

Mementos - Various unique items you encounter and collect on your way adventuring through Caelondia, you'll have moments at The Bastion to show these items to your friends and get their insight on them. This is the main way to explore and find out of the story of Bastion and its a great way to give you the lore.

The Bastion - The hub zone of the game, this will be used for Cores and rebuilding various types of buildings you make use of. Such as the Arsenal, the Shrine, Lost and Found, and more. Its up to you where you can place these buildings, and what you'll choose to first rebuild. They all give various bonuses and gameplay features.

Make way to the Bastion, in cases of emergency


Style and Sound

Bastion features a hand painted art style, enemies and people are rendered in an interesting type of 3D.

Bastion is known for its vibrant and colorful styles, creating beautiful contrasts between warm and cool colors, extremely artistic and to me is one of the most unique looking games I've ever layed my eyes on.

Sound design is very polished and unique. Sounds play for just about anything, from collecting shards and hearing their light hums and gentle tones, to the ground crushing sound of critical striking with your hammer, and back to the light tone when reaching the moment of power shot with your Breaker's bow. You'll feel entranced by this game's sound design, I recommend playing it with headphones.


Bastion's narration is its other unique point. Its dynamic, meaning from something as simply choosing different weapons, to a certain action you perform in the game, could be all the difference from hearing a unique line.

Taken on by Rucks (The Stranger) Narration begins immediately upon loading up the game, the narrator will follow you through thick and thin and give you some great backstory on just about everything, from using an Arsenal, to using a certain weapon, to even picking a spirit.

Who Knows Where - Located at the Bastion as interact-able items. The Kid will be sent into a sleep and you'll explore an area with faded color, a slow tune plays as Rucks begins the story of a character right before The Calamity entered, and affected their life. Who Knows Where features an arena mode of fighting various enemies you've encountered already and collecting shards from the various visions you'll fight.

Who Knows Where?


The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for this game is very fitting and one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a game. Taking on tons from Arabian style musics, folky country music and anything in between. You'll find all the songs have a place in the game, and will entertain you as you venture around in Bastion. You'll collect a gramophone at one point, allowing you to take a moment and listen to your favorite Bastion tunes.

Learn the actions of The Mancer's

Explore the Twisted Streets


Conclusion and Recommendation

Anyone who is an action adventure fan, this game is a must own! It is unique in what it brings in its colorful package. You'll find that this game can bring you about 10 hours of gameplay.

The game features, many different modes for the story. Ranging from normal, to new game's plus, and a point attack mode.

New Game plus allow you to venture back into Bastion with all of your weapons and upgrades intact. You'll find a lot of re-playability with this game.

This is up there as one of my favorite games I've ever played. It blows me away with all the things it has done differently to separate itself from other games.

You can find Bastion on Steam for 15$s or your country's equivalent

Thank you very much for reading!

Be sure to check out Transistor, another game from Supergiant Games located on Steam!


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    • Conic11 profile image

      Adam Metcalf 2 years ago from United States

      It is one of my favorite games of all time, up there with Warcraft III. I highly recommend it to anyone who's an action adventure type gamer.

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      Wow! You make Bastion sound awesome.