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Steam Series - Besiege

Updated on February 5, 2016

Explosions! I gotta have more explosions!

Have you ever dreamed of a video game that allows you to be a siege technician back in medieval times?

Look no further! I have a game for you. I give unto you good ser Besiege by Spiderling Studios.


This game is the definition of freedom. It will allow you to make anything, catapults, trebuchets, flying machines, bombers, and anything else your wonderful imagination can think of to be produced in this game! You can even create difficult designs such as flying machines, robot walkers, and battering rams.


There's my explosions!


Making of the gameplay

The gameplay is a constructive builder/stage based game.

Once you fire up the first stage of the game, you'll see a small tutorial (in my opinion it still needs some work as it only gives you the basics). I recommend looking at a guide that someone more experienced then I, has given the workings of each individual piece beyond the basic building blocks of your machine.

Getting that out of the way, you're free to make any sort of machine you want. There is a cube you work in that'll have size limits, if you turn this off it will not allow you to beat the stages. You can build a hefty sized machine even with the parameters they have set to win the levels.

Each stage has an objective, this usually has to do with killing enough enemies, destroying enough of an area. They are a good intro to learning the game and testing out initial builds.

Controls to this game's camera uses the WASD keys. Any piece of your machine can be key binded using the option in the HUD (Heads Up Display). This includes wheels, action pieces like springs and flying machine propellers.

You can even save your design and place it into a future stage.

If you make a mistake, feel free to hit the undo button or you can delete it using the eraser button in the HUD.

If you're looking to take some amazing screenshots or to even film your machine, you can make use of a slowdown time feature. Giving you amazing slow-mo explosions and destruction!

Building blocks (Last Updated July 02, 2015)

Like Lego, this game has many different types of blocks, and things to shape your siege machine, how YOU want it. Time to break it down for you, to help you understand and use these in your next build!

Basic- Your standard starter category, you can use this to piece together a basic moving design of your siege engine. You can create the base, and mess around with the wheels and understand how this game implements and allows you to use them, also feel free to practice with the key binds and editing the pieces. If your machine is encountering issues with breaking blocks or shaking bits, hold it together with braces.

Blocks- The more complex blocks, these contain your standard building blocks to create the base, added swivels, hinges, and more to begin creating the weaponry. Practice makes perfect for this section to, allowing you to figure out what kind of weaponry you might want to use, and implement on the different levels.

Locomotion- This contains all of your wheels, and cogs. There's many different types of wheels, allowing you to create big wheeled armored tank, engines, or small balancing wheels for your catapult or trebuchet possibly. All of the wheels come with complete customization and rotation controls, allowing you to create a comfortable feeling design to your most crucial piece, the movement.

Mechanical- Now here's the fun stuff, this contains: springs (used for catapult arms and trebuchets), spinning blocks (perhaps to use for a spinning bladed arm), pistons, and extended blocks. If you want any type of complex machine, look to the mechanical section to help you out!

Weaponry- This is the exciting stuff now, expect drills, circular saws, fireballs, bombs, and heck of a lot more to use against various enemies, and castles. You can do virtually anything with these, create a spiked front with your machine, or attach saw blades to your wheels, or make an exploding battering ram that can breach a wall and detonate it's bomb. Create a top of flamethrowers and cannons! The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Flight- (not a section I am very great in) Flight is extremely complex and challenging to figure out (hope there's a tutorial soon, otherwise keep checking guides). You can use propellers, ballista weights to balance your flying machine out. Use spinning blocks to your advantage and create your own helicopter rotors. If you need a bit of a balance, be sure to use balloons to your advantage. Remember to make adjustments accordingly with the edit block button (symbolized as a wrench)

Armour - Nothing too special here, you get three variants of armors. Circular (can be used to protect wheels) square, and rectangle armors. These armors will take up different surface area then others. Armors will protect against arrows from destroying your machine and attack damage (such as sheep). Armor will not protect against extremely blunt damage, (Such as a boulder hitting it). It will also become red hot if exposed to explosions or fire, (anything that gives off heat essentially) this will set your machine ablaze, and in seconds, leave it a pile of rubble.

I'll keep this section updated and as relevant as possible, as more updates are cranked out to add more stuff.

The Potential Builds of Besiege


At the time, this game is still in Steam's Early Access as an Alpha form. Meaning it's incomplete to a high degree. But! You can still get some good gameplay length out of this title! Giving you the freedom I stated above you can have endless hours testing and showing machines off to fellow Steam players and your friends.

They offer a sandbox mode that Nerdcubed will happily show you.

I've gotten 12 hours out of this title even with its low amount of content.

Because of its state, I will continue to come back and refurbish this hub over time, to let you of any new features, stages, pieces, or gameplay changes.


I think, on the top of my head. I would recommend people who enjoy builder games, Kerbal Space Program, and people who enjoy puzzle games.

As I stated above this game has given me 12 wonderful hours of gameplay. And plenty more with the sandbox mode, and the use of Steam Workshop that allows people to build and share their own experiments and siege machines.

It is currently 7 dollars on Steam or your country's equivalent and it is well made and is great in what this game wants itself to be.

I'll be editing this article as time goes on for Besiege's updates and content. I apologize currently for the low info.

Despite being in an alpha build, it is very polished. This game runs extremely well on most systems, solid FPS, and very little bugs and issues.

Chaos shall ensue!


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