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Steam Series - Crypt of the NecroDancer

Updated on October 7, 2015

A beat we can all dance to

Crypt of the NecroDancer is an indie game known for its dungeon crawling experience tied with a rhythm game. Experience many stages of a randomly generated dungeon, singing shopkeepers, and dancing skeletons! Move and time your attacks to the beat and rhythm of the soundtrack playing each zone, don't take too long to beat each zone!

Enter the crypt of the NecroDancer!


Style and Sound

Crypt of the NecroDancer's style, follows a very well made pixel art style for the gameplay, pictures are hand drawn and suit the aesthetic. You'll see a large amount of warm and cool colors, creating a nice contrast, and they all blend perfectly together.

Since this game is a rhythm based game, the sound design has to be perfect. If not, then the entirety of the gameplay will not feel right for players, and your game will be largely negative to the community. Thankfully, great care and love has been put into this games sounds. From its soundtrack, to its sound queues of hitting something, defeating an enemy, or even fighting a boss. It all was well made and creats a perfect atmosphere to immerse yourself in.

The soundtrack was designed and created by Danny Baranowsky. The Soundtrack has received a lot of praise and awards for his hard work.

Even a plus to this game, Every entity is themed to the music, whether its the Grim Reaper with a scythe created to look like a microphone, or a Minotaur with a harp for horns. When close by a merchant, he will sing in an operatic-like manner. Software was created for his voice that will play in tune with the music, it really adds some good humor and cheer to this game.

Dance of Decorous Soundtrack Song (Shopkeeper Vocals)

Descend with the beats

Gameplay Elements

Enemies - Featured in Crypt of the NecroDancer, there are a wide variety of usual and unique high fantasy enemies. Whether it be the infamous dungeon slimes, zombies, skeletons, to dragons, or ice and fire golems. You'll see a large variety of enemies that keep changing the pace of the game, some even require stategy to defeat, such as skeletons wielding shields. You'll encounter many bosses, they're all themed with their unique genre of music and feature their own soundtracks.

Combat - Combat is pretty basic when to comes to attacking, its the timing, and looking for a period to attack without trading damage that is difficult. Some enemies will only be able to attack in certain directions, others will require you hit them from the back or the side. Other times you'll need to dodge, slow and lumbering attacks from bigger enemies. There's also the fun of dodging a pillar of fire magic from a dragon.

Movement - Moving around requires you to step into beat with the music. There will be a meter at the bottom of your screen with a heart in the middle. Hitting the keys at the right time as the lines center in on the heart will allow you to move without a penalty. It'll take some work to be able to fluidly step into the beat, and deliver several strikes against encroaching enemies. If you have a coin streak (which multiplies your coin pickup amount), you'll see the floor begin to flash with color like a disco club's Its imperative you continue moving to the beat to keep your coin streak. Be on the watch for various traps, aswell tiles with an icon on it. Some of the tiles have direction arrows depicted on them. Depending on their direction it can slow down the tempo of the song, or speed it up, or fling you into the air. Making it difficult to time your attacks, or to avoid damage.

Focus - The combat and movement's main focus is that you are to learn each pattern of movement/attack for each enemy. You'll want to become very strategic with landing attacks when you can and backing off before the enemy brings itself back to a point where it won't hit you as you draw near it. (Take an example for the skeletons. As they are about to move, they lift their arms up in the air, once they've made their move onto another tile, that is your chance to land an attack on them before they lift their arms up again). It's a game that has reminded me immediately of Dark Souls 2, a game that shares a focus on being strategic, landing attacks on enemies when you can and backing off to avoid taking damage.

Objects/Items - This game is filled with various items to pick up, you can find food to resort lost hearts, you can find objects such as an altar that changes your weapons with life draining abilities upon dealing damage. Various weapons you can find will change your attack area. Either focusing a long narrow distance, or creating an area of affect attack. You'll find plenty of items and objects that can either help you, or be your undoing in the end.

Shops - Shops are located in the Lobby, and in the various levels you will progress through. There are two types of currency, diamonds and gold. You'll earn both through your times in the levels and diamonds will allow you to purchase certain services or goods from some of the Lobby's NPC shopkeepers. Gold is used while during a level and can be traded with the Merchant for goods. There is also talk of certain merchants wearing red that will allow you to trade your own health for their goods, be wary of these ones.

Zones - Each zone will have a theme to it, some might be jungle themed, others might be the interior of a cave. As you progress, each zone will have its fill of themed enemies. Its best to try and adapt to these enemies as quick as possible and figure out their weaker points to easily defeat them. You will have to defeat a boss to progress to the next zone each time.

Story Mode - Story mode follows the player's character Candence, she delved into the crypt looking for her family and must retrieve something very dear to her that the NecroDancer has taken from her. You can switch and play as different characters in this mode.



An elegant tune, for a more civilized age

Crypt of the NecroDancer will give you untold hours of playtime. You might even be tempted to purchase the Soundtrack for it. All of this is possible on Steam.

You can find Crypt of the NecroDancer for 14.99$ or your regional equivalent, and you can also find the Soundtrack on its Steam store page for 10.00$. There are often Steam sales and other packages you can take a look at, it all allows you to figure out what you might want.

I'd have to recommend Crypt of the NecroDancer to anyone who's been interested in Audiosurf, or other various rhythm games. Rogue-like players who enjoy such games as Don't Starve, and Rogue Legacy.

If this looks like a game you might be interested in, I'd say its worth the 15$ price tag, this is a fine example of just how amazing the fresh and unique ideas of the Indie Developers can bring to the gaming industry.


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