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Steam Series - Fallout 3

Updated on February 5, 2016

War, war never changes.

Welcome to Fallout 3, your apocalyptic RPG(Roleplaying Game) series, that I'm sure you know and love! Let's go over why this game is one of my few RPG games that I know and love. I'll be picking the game apart and telling you all about the things I noticed and found very exciting about this game.

Good morning Capital Wasteland!

How it all began

The Fallout series used to not be a first/third person RPG, it once started off as Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. They were both top-down RPG games. Combat was turned base.

Since then Fallout series has evolved into the new type of RPG games with real time combat. It begins with making your character and naming them. Picking out their RPG stats, charisma, strength, agility, etc. You then will pick a series of skills your character specializes in, Speech, explosives, lock picking. Within the first few minutes of the beginning you'll uncover the main mission line of the game, then you'll have free direction to go anywhere, you can take all the time you want to start a mission, there is no pressure or time limits to start and finish something. Don't worry about being thrown into the fire, the game takes time to teach you things and let you get the hang of them in a few stylish ways.


The Story's beginning

Time to take a moment to set the theme and the timeline for you.

Fallout 3 takes the style of Diesel punk, what is diesel punk? Imagine it the WWII era - mid 1950's version of Steam punk. Everything looks like its from the 1950s but its has dramatic technological advances. You'll find such things like invisible cloaking technology, battery operated rifles that fire lasers, and power armor.

Fallout 3 takes place around the year 2277, 200 years after an event called the Great war. Imagine it as the cold war that never happened. China and the USSR, and the US fired nuclear missiles on each other. You'd think the world would have managed to rebuild by then? Wrong. The US was devastated, most of the landscape is now dotted with burned out remains of trees, wasteland is now the major biome, very little plant life is growing and majority of civilization is in ruins.

Fallout 3 is in the area of Virginia, near Washington D.C. It's very interesting to wander to the Washington monument and look at the irradiated and dilapidated reflection pool, and visting the Lincoln Memorial.

Even with 200 years after this atomic war, most of the lethal radiation has decayed and disappeared, but the world is still layered with waste and with pockets of radiation in most of the area.

There will always be survivors no matter the case, the human race is still around. You'll meet plenty of people in your travels around Capital Wasteland, should they be friendly and helpful, or try to shoot you on sight.

Vaults are created by Vault-Tec Corporation. Vaults are essentially atomic bomb bunkers, except designed for living long periods of life underground. Protected by multiple layers of the Earth's crust, metal, and more metal, Vaults are completely protected by the thermal energy and devastating effects of the radiation.

Your character will begin as one of these Vault Dwellers. There's not many games I know of that allow you to customize your own character, looks, and allow you to follow them through key moments in their life and watch him or her grow up.

During your time in the vault, you actually get to know the NPCs (Non-player characters) a bit. Once you're out in the big, wide, and ugly world. You'll meet even more outstanding NPCs.

I found it as a huge surprise that your father is voiced by Liam Neeson.

Ron Perlman also reprises his role as the narrator of Fallout 3. Who voices the introduction and the endings.



I'll break the gameplay down into appropriate sections and give an in-depth look at them.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - These are the run-down of your attributes, Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. You'll put points into these to determine your advantages, Strength will allow you to carry more weight and swing melee weapons harder, while Charisma will make people trust you, and you can have an easier time to convince people to tell you things.

V.A.T.S. - Vault - Tec, Assisted, Targeting, System, this handy device allows you to make enhanced shots with your targeting. When clicking its action button it will stop the game, almost like pausing it. It'll highlight the current target you're aiming VATS at. You can highlight limbs and bits of their body you want to shoot, like their head, or legs and arms, or their torso, you can also shoot the gun out of their hands, or if they're a robot hit their combat inhibitor, making them unable to distinguish friend and foe, most likely turning on their allies. To use vats you must have AP (Action points) These will empty out for each shot you line up, it will regenerate over time. Distance determines your hit percentage when firing with Vats. With Vats comes many cinematic kills. You'll have the camera sometimes follow the bullet fired from your gun and watch it fly through the air and embed itself into your target. Grenades will cause a slow down effect as enemies are blown up in a flash of red and missing limbs.

Repair - Maintenance of your arms and armor is crucial in Fallout 3. The less condition means your weapons will break, your guns will begin to jam when reloading, and your armor will protect you less. You can take them to a shop to have them repaired, and/or find other items like it and scrap those to repair your own.

Radiation - Your Geiger counter will tick when you're near radiation. Big red font and a scale will show. You'll see something like Rad +1/sec, that means you're being irradiated with one radiation point per second. It's best to run away. Things like surface water, bright colored metal drums, and other sources, will be giving off radiation, food types also contain radiation. It's best to limit exposure. You'll also have Rad-X and RadAway that can fight off radiation. Rad-X decreases your exposure gain, if you're stuck to having to venture into a radiation zone, best to pop some Rad-X and run through it as fast as possible. RadAway is an IV-like drug that you use to decrease your radiation levels infecting your body. Be sure to check up on your status, at certain levels you'll begin getting radiation sickness types. When your radiation bar is full you'll die.

Main mission line - The main mission line will be given to you, before the time of your tutorial is finished. This will be the main plot of the game for your character. You can begin doing it and take your time. There is no time limit or requirements you need to have to do each mission.

Side missions - This will be a lot of what the game's make up is. Any NPC you run into might either give you side missions, or a location to a place where you can find side-missions. Listening to the radio, finding notes, or information on terminals can point you to other areas where you can partake for more. This really is what makes exploring worth while, if you aren't just interested in taking in the sights.

Damage - Damage is very unique in this game. Your body is separate much like how VATS works for enemies. Your body can be crippled in areas, your limbs can be damaged differently then what your head will be. Use Stimpacks to heal from damage and heal crippled limbs. Sleeping and being healed by a doctor can also help.

Fast Travel - Once you've discovered a unique location, such as a grocery store, or a burned out church, you can leave the area and then locate it on your map. Hovering over its icon and clicking it will ask if you want to Fast Travel. This will then instantly take you to the place, no need to have to travel there again in real time. While you fast travel, time will pass accordingly. The area also might change and have new enemies you haven't seen before previously.

Radio - The man Three dog behind the radio frequency of Fallout 3. Listen to fitting tunes from the 1950's (of our time) music and listen to Three dog talk and mention some of your recent activities. You can tune to the radio or you can mute it all together. The decision is yours.

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L!


Downloadable Content

This game is a host of many DLCs that you can take a look at and see if they are for you. They'll bring in their own types of weapons themed to the DLC, new enemies, new locations in the United States,

Point Lookout - Take a ferry to Maryland, there you'll be met with the largely intact swamps of Point Lookout, since no bombs fell into this area. The kicker thought, radiation seepage from the main waterways of the US cross here, largely irradiating most of the area. It shows in the enemies of Point Look out.

The Pitt - Travel to war torn Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Join the fight between slaves and their masters. Meet tons of shady characters, acquire new weapons, and meet the new enemies of that area. It's postcard worthy...really!

Mothership Zeta - Get abducted by an alien race for experiments! That is the 'hip' thing to do in Capital Wasteland. Explore the interior of an alien space ship and examine the many corpses you'll no doubt leave behind of your alien captors.

Operation Anchorage - Step into the simulation of Operation Anchorage : During the great war when everything was pretty. You'll be tasked with elimination of the Chinese occupation of Alaska, build your team of soldiers, or go in an army of two. The decisions are all yours!

Broken Steel - Due to Fallout 3's ending of the main quest line ending the actual game for your character. You can get Broken Steel, to further the plot of your character (and make them not die) and complete the battle between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave. This DLC was created due to the negative outcome of the original Fallout 3 ending acquired.

A message from Vault-Tec!

Home sweet home

Fallout 3 can be found on Steam, PS3, and Xbox 360. It will provide you many hours of entertainment, and if you get bored, try checking out some of the DLC. They all of their unique bits of content that you can use even after the DLC is well and done.

My only dislike with this game is it does not have an aim down sight mechanic for your weapons. You can only get a more focused aim that can help your accuracy.

I personally enjoyed Fallout 3 and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in life after a post apocalyptic event, or if they're big fans of RPGs.

Thank you very much for reading!


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