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Steam Series - Fallout New Vegas

Updated on April 5, 2016

What seemed like a simple delivery job has taken a turn... for the worst.

Welcome to Mojave wasteland, its a step up from Capital Wasteland, less radiation, not as many nukes hit this part of the United States, but you still have all the fun of fighting for your life every waking moment, killing crazed, and drug induced lunatics, and seeing the new mutated wildlife the Mojave throws at you.

Welcome to New Vegas, with one of the few cities that still has power and fresh water.

Setting and the theme

Largely similar to Fallout 3. New Vegas takes on a slightly different angle, while not at all being related to Fallout 3. You'll find that its story is somewhat related to Fallout 1 and 2's

If you haven't played Fallout, let me give you a refresher of what you missed.

The date is 2281 in New Vegas, 4 years after the events of Fallout 3, 200 years ago since the 2 hour war called the Great War happened. USSR, China, and the US all fired nukes on each other. Reducing everyone to a nuclear created wasteland.

Humanity is still kicking, you'll find pockets of survivors throughout all games.

Vaults being a huge part of this game, Vaults are created by Vault-Tec Corporation. Imagine a huge bunker that wasn't just there to protect citizens from the intense thermal energy, and radiation that nukes give off, but they're also there to stay until the world rebuilds itself.

Fallout 1 & 3 you're a Vault Dweller. One of the people who was born and grew up inside of one.

New Vegas is a bit different though. Your character is a courier for the Mojave Express, a dangerous job, as the opening cut scene will show

Opening Intro

Caesar's Legion


Changes from Fallout 3

Now to show you what I've noticed that changed or is now different with New Vegas

Guns - Unlike Fallout 3, you can now aim down the gun's iron sights (there is an option to take True Iron sights off). There are added requirements to some weapons now. Some may require a certain amount of strength to use, like the hunting rifle, it is not the .32 caliber Hunting Rifle from Fallout 3 though, (perhaps this is for balance reasons?) There are plenty more added guns and different types. You'll come across more bolt action rifles, semi-automatic, and fully automatic types. There are also weapon modifications, you'll come across silencers, scopes, and plenty more that'll change the look, operation and maybe increase the range of your weapon. You can use a workbench to customize them, create custom weapons, and produce ammunition.

Skills- These are the things that bring the RPG genre to Fallout. Skills represent many things, a few are: Medicine, Guns, Energy Weapons, and Science. Each skill affects something, guns for instance affects all common caliber guns throughout the Mojave. Whether it be a 9mm pistol, or a anti-material rifle. The higher the skill will make you more effective with damage dealing, and steadying and holding the guns too. Upon your character creation at the beginning, you'll be put through a series of psychological tests to determine what might better you. If the results do not interest you, you'll be given a chance to look them over and pick the ones you want. You can 'Tag' three of them, this gives you an edge in these skills and can give you an easier start off compared to other ones. For instance, a person who has Speech tagged is better at convincing and talking to people, allowing you easily pass some of the early speech checks and net you bonus XP.

Armor - Armor is newly added and affects different types of clothing/armor such as Medium and Heavy graded armor. Represented by a shield next to your health or the enemies. When the shield icon shows up on enemies, that means their armor is absorbing most of your damage threshold. This can be fixed by switching to a higher caliber weapon, explosives, or a more damaging weapon in general. When a broken shield icon is displayed that means the armor is being completely bypassed by the damage. You'll either need to find something stronger to wear for your case, or hold onto that weapon if its your enemy's.

A good example here: If you were to upset and become Vilified with Caesar's Legion, you'll be harassed often by a group of 4-5 Legionary assassins, they'll be toting more damaging weapons, good graded armor, and be extremely tenacious. A grenade rifle that fires the 40mm grenade ammo, can put these guys down in a few shots. Be warned: They will come back over time and continue attacking you, so keep it handy.

Perks - There are plenty of new perks added in New Vegas, they've also been changed. Instead of earning a perk every level up, you'll now only get a perk every other level up. Perks are still largely the same from Fallout 3. You'll get ones from certain quests, and helping certain characters. Once you're done with the skills test, you are presented with an optional choice of taking two starting perks, these effect gameplay such as Wild Wasteland, giving you the same fallout experience, with a few additions, such as references to pop culture. An example is a skeleton with a gambler's hat in a refrigerator (a reference to the latest Indiana Jones). There's also other example such as Trigger Discipline, you'll fire at a 20% lower rate, but your shots will be 20% more accurate. These 'starting' perks will have equivalent exchange with their bonuses. They are completely optional and can be ignored all together, should you not want them.

Companions - While you can encounter some followers and companions in Fallout 3, New Vegas expands on this idea. You'll find plenty of people out in the wasteland that can become your ally and follow you. Interacting with them will now show a wheel of actions you command them to do. There are also perks you can select to alter your companions.

Food - Food now restores health over time, designated by the Survival skill. Increasing it, you'll be able to make more recipe foods from campfires and generally food will give you more hit points back. There is also many more food types you can come across, and many more merchants/traders will be selling food types.

Medicine - No longer called First Aid, Medicine is now the skill name. Medicine supplies are not as plentiful in New Vegas compared to Fallout 3. There are still NPCs that sell medical supplies, but less stimpacks, will be found in the environment. Doctor's bags are also a new item. Their only usage is to restore all damaged limbs. Anti-venom can also be obtained and crafted. You still also have the many drugs from Fallout 3, with an added few in New Vegas.

Terrain - While both games are set in a wasteland area, you'll come across less atomic waste in the Mojave, the man behind the city of New Vegas Mr. House, had a defense system, that prevented most of the nukes from hitting the West. Fallout 3 had a far more urban environment to it, traveling around you'll come across destroyed highways and areas like picnics, and drive-in theaters. New Vegas is more rural, and western themed. You'll find outposts, camps, and small towns dotting the landscape, the land is almost more mountainous. You'll also find that getting to locations may be much easier. Fallout 3 had a concentration on exploring the urban ruins of D.C. There you'd find many super mutants you either had to kill or try to avoid them. New Vegas is mostly open desert, there's less concentration on having many areas filled with enemies, instead enemies will be more spread out through the landscape. Examples such as a few bandits in a broken down building beside a road, or a small camp of Caesar's legionaries.

The Courier (You) - Customization for the Courier has elements added to it then the Vault Dweller of Fallout 3. You can change their age, and give them some backstory with certain subjects brought up with conversation throughout the Mojave. There are perks that determine your sexuality. Black Widow, Lady Killer (Hetero) - Cherchez La Femme (Lesbian), Confirmed Bachelor (Homosexual). All of these perks give you an edge over the gender that they're designated for and can give you interesting conversation topics or actions.

Enemies - Enemies have become more or less more territorial now. In Fallout 3, wandering around Capital Wasteland, might yield you fighting a pack of rabid dogs, attacked by a few Deathclaws, or charged by a Radscorpian. This is not so much the case in New Vegas. You'll find many of the animals/creatures no longer attack you as long as you keep a distance.

This for me, made it all feel more realistic and less tense in my travels, that I won't have every creature after me.

Hardcore Mode - Is normal life in the Mojave too easy? Pep it up a bit! With hardcore mode, the realism knob is turned to 11. You'll have to eat, drink, and sleep regularly to stay healthy. Medicine now heals wounds over time instead of instantly. Companions can and will die, and neglecting any of the gauges for food, drink or sleep can result in many bad effects and/or death.

Factions - Factions are what New Vegas has been built around. Anywhere you go that is in control of NPCs is a faction. From the criminal gang the Powder Gangers, to the quiet town of Goodsprings, all have their individual factions. Depending on your actions, you could be considered a hero around a faction, or an evil murderer.

Play ball!



The tone set for New Vegas is very different then Fallout 3's

in Fallout 3, I personally felt, any minute I didn't spend in my house in Megaton, and I was out in Capital Wasteland, I was fighting for my life. I feel Fallout 3 captured the disorder, chaos, and values of living as a survivor in a post apocalyptic times. You're fighting for your own survival most of the time, there will be moments you can choose to kill or defend any NPC you come across

In New Vegas, I felt it captured the rebuilding of society, order created from Mr. House, and the NCR showed. There are caravans that travel the wasteland, selling their goods and supplies to anyone in need. There's fresh/radiation free water and electricity that can be found in several places. It felt like I was simply someone who was surviving and making every day count

Now, the big thing Fallout is known for is the old timey music that's played across the radio stations.

Fallout 3's radio songs were almost like reminders of what the world had once been, or they captured the tone of the game.

Fallout New Vegas's radio is more western, and rockabilly genres. The whole game is tuned to the wild west.

Gonna paint the town, dead.


Welcome to the city of New Vegas!

Thanks for listening Children!

I hope you found this hub useful if you're stuck between getting Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I'd say you should get both! They are all excellent vidya games.

If I've missed a change that you think is very important to the game, please let me know in the comments and I'll happily place it in.

Fallout: New Vegas can be found on PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam.

There is plenty of DLC

Dead Money - You're captured with several other wastelanders and are tasked with finding a legendary treasure. How will you survive, and what cards will you play in this adventure?

Honest Hearts - Take a trip to Utah's Zion National Park. You'll meet a lot of the friendly tribal faces there, maybe decide what side you pick? Who knows the fate of Zion may just fall into your hands!

Lonesome Road - Bringing your character's story to a full circle, you meet the man who decided to not accept the mission that you were given, that caused you to be shot. You travel to a storm ridden place called The Divide. Take one last job and find out why he decided not to.

Gun Runner's Arsenal - A tell in what the name of the add-on is, it is strictly an item pack. Giving unique weapon mods, ammunition, and recipes scattered throughout the land.

We interrupt this broadcast with exploding heads!

Can you brave The Divide?

For Science!


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