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Steam Series - Garry's Mod

Updated on February 24, 2016

What is Garry's mod?

Garry's mod is a sandbox game created by Garry Newman and later by Facepunch Studios. It is a standalone game, but it does require the files of Counter-Strike: Source to work properly. What was once a standalone sandbox game, it is now filled with user creations and players.

I can compare Warcraft III's & Frozen Throne's Custom games is what Garry's mod is but in the form of a full video game.

The game is a world of modded and created games that users can join and play together.

You can attempt to make your own games too!


The Story

It all started on the day of the 21st of 1948B. When the ty- Just kidding! There is no story for Garry's mod itself. It is just a mixture of assets from various games that make use of the Source engine from Valve Corporation.

The beauty of Garry's mod is that all of these user creations tend to have their own story and lore built in. You might be surviving a horrific zombie outbreak in one mod. Another mod you might be pirates having a ship to ship battle. Or hiding from a murderer in a mansion. The possibilities are endless!


What might be Garry's mod's point?

The point is the beauty that all video games hope to achieve. That the users have -fun- with it! It allows creative individuals to make their own stuff to put into their own games. Or it allows other users to make use of their work. All to have good fun with it and end a good day with their friends.

Above all the point of Garry's mod is what you want to do with it. Shall you use it as a place to create your own workshop assets? Will you use it to find new, fun, and wacky experiences? Will it be a place to explore a world that you never imagined? All of this and much more could be waiting for you.

Examples of the great games I've played on Garry's Mod

So, here's the section that really brings me to the same state of mind that Warcraft III's custom games brought me.

Upon opening Garry's mod, and hitting the online button. You're brought to a list of various games that you may join. Each game is listed into a category, it might be Trouble in Terrorist town (AKA TTT) It could be Murder, or could it be Morbus? Once you decide on a game you might like, clicking one of these categories will bring you a list to the current amount of servers that are hosting it.

These are a few of the games that I've personally played multiple times, and found to be very entertaining.

Morbus - The game of Morbus is a very interesting idea. Set in a more futuristic time, where space travel is possible. Morbus takes place amongst a crew of individuals, they might be scientist, Military, civilians, etc. You play as a randomly generated character amongst a crew of humans. When the starting timer click downs, the game begins. Amongst the crew are aliens. Brood aliens that can don a human disguise and accompanied by Swarm aliens. The job of the aliens are to hunt down and convert every human crew into a Brood alien. The humans must survive until the timer clicks down and reinforcements/pick up arrive. To survive the humans have access to various weaponry, mostly asset guns from Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 (or even some custom made ones). As well gear such as med packs, grenades, and flares.

Humans also must perform tasks. These happen randomly and can be various things. Such as sleeping, eating, showering, etc. This ensures human players must circulate around the maps, putting them into vulnerable positions of being hunted down, and this ensures that human players do not 'camp' (sitting in a corner of a map with their eyes toward any entrance so they may get the drop on other players wandering around.). Parameters are in-place to ensure that humans cannot go around mindlessly murdering other human players that are possibly aliens in disguise. There is a sanity system in place. The more innocent people you kill the more your vision blurs and makes it harder to see, as well the less damage you do to aliens and other human players alike. To ensure Broodaliens actually exit their human form to kill human players, Brood aliens do less damage with guns and weapons when in human form. This gives human players an edge over Brood aliens who think they can outwit players by always being in human form.

Each level includes a power supply that aliens can turn off and effectively blind human players. Humans have access to a flashlight but it has a duration and must be turned off to allow recharge.

Murder - Set in various Counter-Strike Source maps (and possible modded ones). You are in a group of people. One player is secretly a murderer, equipped with a knife that can kill a player in a single hit and is able to be thrown. To help the murderer track hiding players, they can also see various footprints left behind from the innocent bystanders. To help against the murderer, a single innocent bystander has been given a magnum with a single shot. Should a player miss with this shot, they must take the time to reload another bullet into the gun. Punishment will be given to players who uses a gun to randomly shoot people. The gun will fly from their hands and their vision will be blinded for a temporary amount of time. If the murderer kills all of the other players, they win the round. Should the murderer be shot and killed, the innocents will win. The game also employs different color schemes for each character's clothing, as well as call-signs such as: Delta, Alpha, Omega. To ensure identity is hidden between each player and one cannot use their real username to find who they are.

Prop Hunt - (My second favorite game) Prop Hunt employs a simple idea of Hide and Seek. The twist is there are two teams. One team are the Props. Their starting form is of a Doctor Kleiner (from Half-Life 2) stuck in a traditional rendering 'T-pose'. They have 10 seconds to run around the map and find a place to hide. Facing and pressing the default E key to interact with a prop will morph a prop player into that selected prop. They are then to hide amongst the other props of the map until the timer clicks down. The other team are The Hunters modeled after the Overwatch soldiers of Half-life 2. They are equipped with a pistol, shotgun, and SMG complete with a single grenade launcher round. They are to use these tools to find and shoot all props. When no prop is standing they are declared the victors. Though Hunters need to take care when searching for the Props team. Should you damage one of the normal props in a level, you will be damaged yourself. Care should be taken when shooting, especially your grenade launcher SMG. A single explosion could jostle many props in a room and instantly kill you from the damage. A way to heal should you have injured yourself shooting at real props, killing a player controlled prop will heal your health bar.

Zombie Survival - What is a game without a zombie survival mode? Garry's mod's Zombie survival game has deeply impressed me. You have two teams the survivors and the zombies. The survivors are a rag-tag group of whatever model you've chosen to be your default in Garry's mod. The survivors will be released into a map with a timer clicking down, they must find various places to 'hold up'. They have access to a shop system, there they can buy weapons, ammo, and various gear such as med packs. The most creative system I've seen was the hammer you can buy and purchasing nails. Purchasing these two items allows you to barricade stuff together, these can be random props you find laying throughout the maps. This incorporates natural teamwork and people to hold up with many others. There is a special button a human player may press to move through the barricade without being stuck outside of it. Once the timer reaches zero, randomly chosen players are picked to be the zombie outbreak. The zombies have access to many forms such as ones more resistant to damage, others are faster but weaker. There are ones that can even jump to pounce on survivors. You can even be various headcrabs. There are boss zombies that players will be picked to play and can help shift the tide of the battle. Zombies that work together and stay together come out on top, thanks to the Terror-o-Meter. The more zombies that are grouped together, the higher this meter climbs. As a result, the zombies are more tougher opponents.

Morbus ( ignore the massive errors & missing textures)

Ta! That's all for now!

If you're someone that has been needing a very unique casual multiplayer game to get, then Garry's mod is for you!

Be advised: You must either already own Counter-Strike: Source, or you can buy it along with buying Garry's mod. The reason being that Garry's mod will be provided the various textures and assets from Counter Strike: Source. Be sure to have it installed and mount the files in Garry's mod's main menu. Having Half-life 2, Portal, and other Source engined games is a plus, as these will provide other textures for the game. I recommend purchasing The Orange Box.

Garry's mod has been many hours of entertainment for me, especially my most favorite game, Morbus. This brings me back on the days of growing up playing Warcraft III custom games.

Even though these mods were created not by professionals with prior game development. All of the games I have played and list above have been wonderful and intense experiences. Balance has certainly been a big thought for these games and that I can appreciate.

Be sure to explore the long list of custom games to play, these can range from various roleplay oriented games or ones with wacky themes similar to the ones I've talked about above.

Thanks for reading!



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