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Steam Series - Hotline Miami

Updated on February 5, 2016

Do you like hurting people?

Welcome to my hub about Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami features: top-down (isometric) camera work, retro-like graphics/art style. A surreal story/events, extreme violence, and intense close quarter combat.

Taking place during the mid 1980's - early 1990's. You'll be presented with strange phonecalls, and bizarre events

Warning: Extreme Violence/Gore

This game even while it is retro-graphics and far from realistic looking, it does contain graphic images and violence of many types. You will see a lot more then just blood in this game. This game also contains gruesome executions with each weapon.

If you're squeamish or do not like extremely violent games, chances are you will not enjoy Hotline Miami and I doubt you'd want to continue reading further.

Who is leaving messages on your answering machine?

Taking place at the start of 1989, you'll follow a nameless anti-hero wearing a Letterman jacket. Dubbed 'Jacket' by fans. You'll follow him on events on his life when he began waking up each day and receiving strange voice mails speaking in cryptic formats. These voice mails all entail with going to places in Miami and murdering the criminals that are occupying the various rooms or floors along with any other unlucky bystanders. You might find yourself losing grip on reality.


Where are you right now?

Now onto gameplay. What makes Hotline Miami so unique?

It features an isometric camera work, that's a familiar design you'll see in hack and slash fantasy games like Torchlight, Diablo, Path of Exile, etc. But what makes this game so unique is the simplicity of the combat. With each attack (Yours, and the enemies) is a single one hit blow.

Now this may sound crazy to begin with, but the game also features a quick restart point, should something happen you not expect, or should you make a mistake and pay the price for it. You may quickly restart to the point of entering the stage.

You are scored via your performance, acting recklessly, using different weapons, executing enemies, all earn you various point amounts and scores. At the end of each level you'll be sent to a screen that calculates and totals your score. You'll be then graded on your performance. A+'s being the best performance you can get, all grades include - and +'s

You have no need to fret about weapon variety. From a large collection of melee weapons, to a good amount of firearms. You will earn more weapons to use and find in each stage by gaining enough points to unlock them

Combat- The center point being; you'll want to strike first and last, ambushing and using stealth is key to prevailing. You can throw weapons at enemies and use doors to knock them over. Once knocked over you can follow up with an execution to make sure they don't get back up again for revenge.

Using guns is quick and very efficient for long range shots, but it will also alert nearby enemies to the sound of gunshots.This could potentially have an entire stage worth's of enemies charging at your current position. Some of the guns have a chance of merely only wounding your opponent, so be thorough when firing.

While using melee weapons, they will not draw the attention of other enemies, the trade off being you must get in close and strike an opponent before they notice you. Some of the weapons can only be used as a throwing weapon, so be cautious when picking up new weapons you've not seen before.

Masks - While during these 'operations' tasked to you from the voice mails, Jacket will don a mask before each start of a level. Some of these masks will provide with interesting beneficial effects, others might give you negative effects. You can unlock various masks for reaching high scores and discovering them in levels.


The Soundtrack

This game is famous for it's immersive and well-made soundtrack. Some of the tunes capture the tone of the game with a fading grip on reality. Others are in swing with the music of a club.

Most of the tracks feature an 80's feel, giving you many electronic/dance music and immersing you into the gameplay.

Why are we having this conversation?

So, that is all the features and elements I can tell you about Hotline Miami, you can be sure this information doesn't contain any type of story spoilers.

I can happily praise the tutorial of the game and the way it slowly incorporates you into learning the controls by giving you easy stages at first and slowly progressing them to much harder variants.

Hotline Miami is certainly unique on the aspects of its gameplay and storytelling. It also sets a very dark and decrepit image of this alternative Miami during 1989.

I can highly recommend to anyone who might be a fan of top-down camera games. As well, anyone who likes very punishing and challenging game types.

You can find this game on Steam for 10$s or your regional equivalent. It is also on many of Sony's platforms such as PS3 and PS4.


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    • profile image

      Michael Germanott 

      3 years ago

      Nice Hub I enjoyed it also nice game


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