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Steam Series - Killing Floor

Updated on February 5, 2016


Killing Floor started out as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Small time indie company Tripwire Interactive created this stuff and built their company on mods such as Red Orchestra and Killing floor. They then produced them into actual video games sold on Steam to this day. Killing Floor brings you a six member team co-op survival horror game in the aftermath of the company Horzine Biotech. Their experimentation specimens that they've copied using cloning technology. Being intentionally release as a last ditch effort from the company's president, they've spread and caused an apocalypse in London and the surrounding countryside. You take on the group of survivors and soldiers. With the fall of society and life as we know it, it's up to you and your team to eliminate them.

Meet the Specimens

Also known as Zeds. the Specimens are results from Horzine's experiments in attempt to make super soldiers or test out drugs and technology they've created.

There is the Clot, Bloat, Fleshpound, Scrake, Siren, Stalker, Gorefast, Crawler, Husk, and finally the Patriarch. Each one has their own strategy and abilities they can do to make living in Killing Floor a little bit harder each time you play it.

The Patriarch is the boss of the game, the former President of Horizine, he is responsible for the experiments and the total creation of the specimens. He is equipped with a minigun, stealth technology, melee attacks, and a rocket launcher. He will make use of them all with deadly efficiency, so make sure to stay behind something solid!


Gameplay elements

Gameplay- Its what you'd expect in a co-operative game. You and your team of 6 total survivors fight to survive on a selected map. The game is wave based, you'll have a moment to rest and find the merchant in a minute to purchase guns with money you earned from eliminating specimens. Game sizes can be 4 waves, 7 waves, or 10. Allowing you to pick the playtime you'd like to spend. At the end of the game, on the last wave, you'll fight the Patriarch in a boss fight wave.

Gunplay- The guns offer a large selection of types, you'll find automatic and semi automatic rifles, carbines, pistols, shotguns, incendiary weaponry, and various explosives. You can aim down sight with most guns or make use of their scopes. There are no cross hairs, so firing from the hip can require some knowledge and adjustments. When causing a specimen's dramatic death, you will unlock a slow-motion Max Payne bullet time effect for 5 seconds. Ammo count is comprised of magazines rather then a certain number for spare ammo. This can allow you to better read your ammo count, and it makes certain upgrades like increased magazine size with no issue of increased ammo consumption.

The Trader - She is your lifeline, she will appear between each wave at a certain location on each map. In exchange for money, she will sell you various guns, body armor, grenades, and offers a ammo refill and armor repair choice. She will stay open for a minute, once the counter hits zero she will close her doors. Forcing you back into the another wave of killer specimens. She will speak over radio when she's moving her position. She will also warn you on the last wave moments before the boss fight. Since guns and equipment require money, you might have many times where teammates are out of luck with buying a weapon they want. You can happily throw them a wad of cash when pressing the B key.

Class Selection - There are many roles that you can use and find interesting team make ups. . Each class has its unique perks that make the class useful in many situations and can give you an edge over the wholesome slaughter.

Firebug- Specialized in incendiary and flame based weaponry, you can wield the Flamethrower, Dragon's Breath Trench Gun, and make use of the support weapon The Uzi. You'll unlock incendiary grenades once level 3 for your perks.

Sharpshooter- Coming in with pistols and various semi automatic rifles. The sharpshooter is your go to role for scoring extra damage with head shots on some of the bigger specimens. They are a good support role at keeping everyone safe on the front lines.

Commando- An intense damage dealer, the Commando makes use of various automatic rifles and can be the main fire support of your team. They receive a damage bonus, larger magazines, less recoil, and faster reloading.

Beserker- Charging in with a variety of melee weapons, you can wield claymores, axes, blades and even a chainsaw. They have a chance to stun an enemy with some of their weapons. They can be the damage takers of the team, keeping the other players safe.

Medic- The Medic class is one of the most important classes in this game. Its ideal to have 2 of them in each game, allowing you to effectively split your fire into 2 teams of 3 players. They are equipped with grenades that release a green gas that heals friendly players and damages specimens. The Medics guns comprise of sub machine guns and one rifle, each gun has a dart mechanism on it, this allows the medic to fire healing darts at injured teammates and can heal them at a distance. They also heal better with the medical injector compared to the other roles.

Support- When specimens are surrounding you at every turn, or you need a narrow hallway cleared, look to your support for the help, they make use of shotguns with deadly spread, allowing you take down multiple enemies at once. They also have their perks related to welding doors shut with the welding tool, allowing them to weld and repair doors at a faster rate.

Demolitions- Self explanatory, if it goes boom, you can count on your demolitionist to use them. Rockets, pipebombs, and grenade launchers are just a few of the weapons they can make use of.

Feel free to experiment with each role and get a feel of each class, and determine which one you'll be playing the most.

DLC - Downloadable Content

Tripwire has created a lot of DLC for this game. Thankfully they know the dangers of making people purchase more maps and the risks of splitting communities.

They only make DLC related to weapon re-skins and new characters to play as. They don't want to ruin game play making people pay for the best weapons.

Also there is a free DLC Killing Floor - Dollmaster. Instead of fighting your favorite experiments you fight horrific killer dolls like in your favorite horror movies!

Final Words

I'd have to recommend Killing floor to people who enjoy horror, shoot-em-ups, or horde mode games. If you're into any of these genres, then Killing floor might be for you!

Tripwire has shown this game with tender love, and great care. It performance very well, and I have very little issues with bugs or crashing in this game. The online servers for the most part are all well connected and I haven't had much issue with it. To this day Killing Floor remains packed with players, you'll find no shortage on people to play with.

Also be on the look out for the Summer, Halloween, and Christmas events!

You can find Killing Floor on Steam for 20 dollars or your regional equivalent.

Tripwire also has recently released Killing Floor 2 on Steam's Early Access for 30$'s. The game features graphics overhaul, and gameplay changes. Such as permanent blood in environments.

Tripwire has recently added in Microtransactions to Killing Floor 2. The transactions are solely for weapon skins and other cosmetic materials. This is no cause for alarm.

Killing Floor 2 - The Reveal

Killing Floor 2 Early Access



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