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Steam Series - Melody's Escape

Updated on December 12, 2015

Escape into Music

Melody's escape is a side-scrolling, rhythm based video game. A few of its key features are: The ability to play any genre of music you own in your library, no failure state, the ability to follow not only the rhythm and the beat of a song, but also to run along with long vocals and held notes.

Melody's Escape features a beautiful blending neon colored light orbs, and Melody herself is also decked out in neon colors of whites, blacks, and her hair changes colors according to the energy collected.


Despite being an early access game, just like Besiege, it is extremely polished and well optimized for many systems. The controls feel great, detection for the energy orbs works very well, and currently there isn't any issues I have with this game.

The Keyboard is perfect for this game, you can use the arrow keys next to the number pad, or you can use WASD.

Gameplay is based around Melody automatically moving forward, along with energy orbs and arrow icons. Orbs and arrows represent notes and vocals of the song you're playing to. Energy orbs will be about head height, a colored in section of the orb will determine what directional key you must press. The arrow icons represent obstacles you need to bypass and they work the same way as orbs do. You'll need to press the corresponding key to successfully pass it.You will also see notes and arrows with a line after it, this represents you need to hold down the corresponding key until that note ends. You'll be graded on Perfect, Good, and OK scores for your timing. (there's an option to make the accuracy scores see-able)

Relaxing - Relaxing mode is very simple with a single button press gameplay, if you need a good introduction on the game besides the How to Play Tutorial screen, you can use this to get down timing your button presses. This will also help you get used to the different speed settings determined by background color.

Medium - Medium offers the 4 button directions that you might know from other rhythm games. It's the standard difficulty and it can be challenging and face paced, or it can be calm and easy to score perfect scores (depending on your taste of music).

Intense - The game really starts showing you a challenge. In intense mode, you'll need to use WASD to collect the energy orbs, while the arrow keys will determine your control in gathering the arrow directions for dodging and passing obstacles.

Overload - Overload is rightfully named in what it offers. If you can withstand your brain overloading, then I commend you! It works similarly to Intense mode, you must use WASD to only gather the energy orbs, but a change is, now directional arrows for obstacles are in tandem. You must press both directions for the Arrow keys and WASD at the same time, to successfully pass an obstacle.

Custom - Custom is completely under your control, you determine all of the rules you'd like to deal with, and either offering you an easy experience with the 4 directions, or giving you a very good challenge that you've been seeking.

Autoplay - Self-explanatory, autoplay offers Melody to complete the levels and you can happily watch her, it can be a relaxing thing to watch while you multitask, or if you want to explore what a song will look like before you attempt it yourself.

Music Selection - Once you pick your play difficulty, you'll be presented with a lists of folders and you must locate which folder is your music folder. You'll see a list of your artists and clicking them sends you to their album listings. You can select one single track, or all of them to play. You can favorite your songs and create your own list to play to. Clicking a song you've completed will show you the heart rank you've earned and your total score.

Tracks - Each song you play will present you a screen of it creating the track for you. You'll see a bar with the title Track Profile: This is what you'll be racing through. The colors represent different backgrounds and sections of the track that determine its rhythm speed. The backgrounds below will change when the speed of the tracks change. Auroras shown in the green, orange, and pink backgrounds will flash to the beat (such as drums) of the songs.



This game offers quite a large array of customization, from the options, to the look of the game, to even allowing any single song you ever could possibly want to play - to play.

Options - Options offer a pretty in-depth view of many of the workings of the game. Whether it be the General options and you want to put on the Accuracy floating texts, wanting a countdown after you un-pause your game. and changing the optimization of your game.

Customize Appearance - This option allow you to change up Melody's look and hair. There are inverted colors changing her body color from white to black, there are several hairs that you can select and outfits for her to wear. There is a good chance the developer will be creating even more down the line with updates. You not only customize Melody's appearance, you can also customize the menu's and game's colorization. The default shemes so far offer: Default, Dark, and Vintage Pink schemes.

Mods - Any developer worth their salt will know the Steam Workshop modding community can really make a game worth owning. This developer made the right decision in offering full reign for mods. Many mods are focusing on the character you can play as. There are also ones to change the colorization schemes of Melody's Escape, and also creating new outfits and hairs for Melody.

so far I've seen mods of a character from Walking Dead (the video game type), Red from Transistor. Several animu characters and even scout from Team Fortress 2!

Who to recommend to?

Melody's Escape being my very first owned Rhythm game, I am deeply impressed with it and I plan to play it for many occasions, I also enjoy playing my music in a whole new definition, this game also allows me to see a different shade of visualizations to my favorite songs. ( Visualizations similar to those wacky Media Player ones)

7/19/2015 - I downloaded Breaking Benjamin's newest album Before The Dawn, trying something new I decided to play the entire album in Melody's Escape before I began listening to it for the first time. My experience was amazing, this is truly an interesting way to enjoy your music.

I'd recommend this to, anyone who was a fan of Guitar Hero, players who were intimidated by Audio surf's crazy and fast paced gameplay, and any person looking to give this interesting genre a try.

A big plus of this game are the legendary slow-mo jumps that take place when the track dramatically changes its speed/rhythm in a quick manner.

Disclaimer: This game might be unplayable for those suffering colorblindness and motion sickness. I did read that turning off Scrolling Backgrounds can ease motion sickness.

You can find this on steam for 10$'s or your region's equivalent.

I'll be updating this hub as Melody's Escape progresses to its full-release


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