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Steam Series - Mount and Blade - Napoleonic Wars

Updated on October 12, 2015

For King and Country!

Starting off as a mod called Mount and Musket. Taleworlds took the liberty of producing an actual expansion for their ongoing series Mount and Blade. Mount and Blade are a series of games taking place in either fictional times and places based upon our own world. Or exploring into some little known events that video games have not gone really anywhere near them. Napoleonic wars is a game that features historically accurate settings, and materials. Take part of being a line infantry soldier apart of the United Kingdoms, or be an artillery ranker for the Prussian army loading a cannon. This game has a lot of content for it, that I will further explain and talk about.

It follow mount and blade's character customizer allowing you to pick your unique nation's flag for what friendly players see. And allowing you to customize your own soldier's face. Complete with unique facial hairs and other types (Various smoking pipes, and eyeglasses.)

The entire soundtrack for this game is classical music that was composed near this timeline in history. Giving a very authentic feel. The music can be slightly inappropriate for the content the game includes such as blood covered soldiers, men being killed by cannon fire, or shot with pistols.



This game's expansion takes place in the real world around the date 1803-1815. A time of conflicts that was an array of various countries forming coalitions.

The major nations taking part in these wars are: The United Kingdom. Austria, France, Prussia, Russia.

Each nation has a variety of different nationality troops amongst their ranks.A few examples are: The UK having German and Scottish regiments of troops. France with Bavarian and Polish regiments.

Combat & Weapon types

Combat is similar to other Mount and Blade games. You have 4 directional blocks (Up, Down, Left, Right) Along with depending on each weapon different attacks. Weapons like swords have the ability to stab, slash from side to side and a downwards slash. Other weapons like spears, and rifle bayonets are only up and down thrusts.

Napoleonic wars has the addition of various Muskets and rifles. It also makes use of a new crouch button that is not available in Mount and Blade Warband.

With firearms, their inaccuracy and long reload times are captured perfectly for this game.

Rifles - are a type of fire arm with a shorter barrel and no bayonet attached to the front, it has higher accuracy then any other gun in this game and it takes less time to reload. It is balanced with the lack of a useful melee weapon attached to it. Soldiers must use the butt of the stock as a weapon against encroaching enemy infantry. Each nation has at least one regiment that uses rifles instead of the regular infantry muskets.

Infantry Muskets - The most common firearm in this game. Each regiment of line infantry make use of this weapon. It has a lower accuracy and a longer reload time. It comes equipped with a bayonet attached to the barrel of the gun, allowing for quick switching from using it as a melee weapon and as a firearm.

Cavalry muskets -They are medium accuracy and medium reload times. They have no attached bayonet, and have the same melee attacks as the rifle. Despite it's name there are a few infantry equipped with this weapon that cannot ride horses. It is the main weapon for few cavalry types.

Various swords and other melee weapon types - These act like the usual weapons from Mount and Blade. Some weapons can only be attacked with specific directions, others can make use of all four directional attacks. The Russian's militia regiments make use of various melee weapons from tree branches to gardening hoes, to sickles, and anything in between.

Cavalry - Horse combat was always a thing in most early conflicts of war. The Napoleonic wars were no different. You are able to make use of about 5-6 different regiments of cavalry for each nation. All equipped with their various swords and other weapons such as flintlock pistols and cavalry muskets. Taleworlds also took into consideration of momentum of the horse's speed would mean more damaging or even lethal attacks on foot soldiers.

I've noticed the AI of this game are experts with cavalry and it can allow you to see how it would have been used back in the day before mechanized and motorized vehicles.

Cannons/Howitzers - Various types of artillery, they can be used to suppress an enemy's forces. They make use of a solid cannon round that can take out fortifications, punching holes into buildings, or even taking out multiple infantry. The cluster shot round works very similar to a shotgun shell. Shooting out a cloud of pellets that can injure/kill many soldiers in a closer range.



Each nation has up to 3 tabs of different soldier types you can be. Each Regiment has a listing on the bottom of different roles you can take up. This includes Officer, Musician, Flag bearers. You can also play as Engineers or work with other players to load and fire a cannon as an Artillery ranker.

Officers - Providing a passive increased accuracy buff for nearby troopers up to 10 in-game meters. Officers can also help lead the team, they can make use of their spyglass to provide valuable information on enemy positioning and movements. They are closer ranged combatants equipped with a sword and flintlock pistol.

Musicians - Being a drummer, fifer (flute player), or a trumpet player. Each musician provides the same buff for faster reloading. They have an option to play a list of songs, the ability to toggle 'Play Together' allowing for unionized song playing with other musician players. Musicians have a sword equipped for personal protection.

Flag bearers - They carry the flag of their nationality and the regiment branch they are apart of. They provide a melee bonus and a speed bonus, allowing your character to run faster then usual. They can also be used as signals when it's time to call for a charge at the enemy's forces or to call for retreats. Their main weapon is a sword.

Rocketeers ( UK Only) The United Kingdom have a regiment of soldiers that make use of wooden light blue painted stands and a capacity of rockets. When placed on the stand and lit. The rockets will shoot off in a very random pattern each time. capturing the true physics of how a firework/rocket based weaponry may act when being propelled into the air. When they explode they release a shower of shrapnel that can be seen scattering across the battlefield.

Artillery Rankers. These men can make use of horse drawn cannon or howitzer placements. A cannon can have up to a crew of 3 to do the various tasks of pushing the cannon forward, loading it with either a solid or cluster shot round, loading it and aiming and firing it. Each ranker has a lighter, ramrod, and a sword for personal protection.

Engineers - Engineers are a valuable part of each army. Using a construction hammer they can construct various fortifications such as fences, sandbags, sharp ended wooden stakes. They can also use a shovel to dig up earthwork to create better defensive positions. Engineers can also place TNT boxes that can be lit and used to blow up fortifications. They are equipped with a sword, sapper axe, construction hammer, and shovel.

Sailors (UK and France Only) There are various soldiers that are used for maritime maps. They make use of various muskets, including the unique Musketoon firearm. They also have a collection of swords and boarding axes. They are made up of Sailors, Marines, and unique Officers.

Each regiment has their own uniform type and look. Allowing you to pick what uniform you'd like more to wear and allowing some more customization for your character. Each regiment also has a uniqueness with their weapons, be it they have a random melee weapon chosen for them each time. Or they have the selection of a melee weapon instead of a gun. There is also chances to see random variations in uniforms.


Napoleonic Wars Review


Napoleonic wars shares most of the modes with Warband, but it does include it's own interesting turns for already existing modes, and contributing their own. A few of the unique ones are a one on one dueling match. Siege mode with existing lives for the defenders. Commander battles, conquest, and my personal favorite Battle.

Final words

Mount and Blade has been a game I decided to move to after my list of bad experiences with Chivalry Medieval Warfare, but that left me with a taste for more multiplayer themed medieval war games. I saw Mount and blade and Napoleonic wars was on sale, and decided to get them both. Originally I wasn't too interested in Napleonic Wars. But by the time I was thinking of purchasing them, I was very interested in that type of conflict and how it would be worked into a video game.

If you think you need a little more information on the game, I'll direct you to Angryjoe's review of the game above.

Anyone interested in any unique mechanically and idea fueled games. I recommend you to the entirety of the Mount and Blade series. They have been fantastic additions to my Steam Library.


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