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Steam Series - Payday 2

Updated on November 18, 2015

Welcome to, a criminal underground organization, that brings in the best of criminals. Putting them together and creating heists for the local businesses and banks, even tougher targets. With one goal in mind, payday. You'll be apart of the payday crew. Wolf an ex Swedish businessman, Dallas an ex mobster, Houston a small time criminal, Chains an ex Navy Seal. These men and their other fellow heisters are who you'll be playing as and you'll be directed by the man behind Bain. He'll direct you on your objectives and heists and notify you on any upcoming changes.

Bullet wounds, check! FBI's most wanted? Check!

Welcome to Payday 2, a heist based game, involving a crew of experienced criminals of various backgrounds, guns, and money. I'll give you the rundown of how this game works, some issues I've personally found awkward about the game and anything else I can think of!

Payday 2 plays about any standard first person shooter out there.

The guns are broken down into such stats as stability, damage, ammo capacity, etc.

The difference is, you'll be breaking into various businesses that have oodles of cash stored away in tempting safes or jewelry to pawn off.

The main content you'll be given in this game are various locations across Washington D.C. that you'll be breaking into, shooting up, stealing from, and topping it off with a quick jog to the escape car. These various places can be gang hideouts in a very stylish Breaking Bad kind of heist and producing meth. You could also be robbing a bank and drilling into the vault with a thermal drill.

A way to keep each heists fresh and ever changing, Overkill has designed several different building interiors and objective placements, so you'll hardly be doing the same thing at the same place, time and time again.

Each heist with have its various obstacles your team is going to need to find a way to eliminate, take out of the equation, or avoid. These many obstacles can be a camera guarding a doorway, a crowd of civilians in a bank's lobby. Cop's outside of a planned heist ordering hot dogs.

Perk System

In an almost Role-playing Game (RPG) Fashion. Payday 2 is a host of skill trees and talents you can use.

Enforcer - Guns blazing type of class. When the stealthy portion of the heist is over, you can bet on the heavily armored enforcer to see your team gets through the police.

Mastermind - The leader, the mastermind can have enough convincing power to make cops cuff themselves, even convince them to fight for his cause. You can even get one skill where civilians will help revive you should your health run out and you fall down and are in danger of being put in custody. They also can carry doctor bags to help heal the team.

Technician - Armed with proximity mines and sharpshooter-esque skills, the Technician is a good support class and the guy behind the flow of a heist. You can select a skill that converts your mines into C4 that can break open doors and safes. Technicians are a must have for a heist. They work the drills and can hold down areas.

Fugitive - An all around class. They can use two pistols with akimbo versions and have benefits to many skills. They can be see as a run and gunner type of skills.

Ghost - The stealth oriented skills based. They excel with silenced weapons, and with their low detection, they can get almost anywhere.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack to this game is amazing. Theres two types of soundtracks. There is a calm and stealth oriented track that plays during the casing mode of the heist. When the alarms are ringing and Bain notifies you cops are on the way. The timer for a police assault starts. The main soundtrack music that is intense begins to kick up signifying the police are beginning their assault. With a final word from Bain letting you know their assault has begun the music will start.

One of the main police assault tracks. Notice the slow beginning and kicking up at :30

Assault at 1:41


This game is themed around masks. Each heist character has their own default and distinctive mask.

Once you complete a heist you'll be given three playing cards to pick from. They'll give you a randomized item. Whether it is a gun modification, a new mask, mask colors, and mask patterns.

You can build your own mask once you begin unlocking them and finding them. You can create very cool custom looking ones with tons of variety.



This game is a host of many mechanics that I find very fitting for this genre. I will elaborate on these thoughts.

Civilians - Civilians have many uses for a heist. You can use zip-ties and turn them into hostages. The police have to delay their assaults, buying you precious time to drill into a vault or a safe, or to unlock a door and create an escape route. With a special mastermind skill they can help you back up. As a hostage you can tell them to get up and move them around to a safer area of the location and you can keep the police from getting to them. If you kill a civilian you'll be fined an amount of money for a cleaner cost, this is to prevent heist crews from killing off an entire map's population without alerting the police.

Police - The main enemies of the game, if police are alerted to a heist, they'll be on scene within a minute or two. They'll act accordingly to what your decisions are. They'll surround the front of the building and get on megaphone and alert you that they won't be letting you walk away. This wave is of first responders. If you choose to start firing on them as they get out of their cars, they will return fire and escalate. They'll bring in SWAT teams in armored vans and begin the countdown on the police assault. They'll send in teams through other entrances of the heist buildings in attempt to take you down and free the hostages.

Stealth - Stealth while it can be challenging to complete a heist with stealth. It is very rewarding once you do. Many things affect stealth heists. Sounds such as breaking glass, gunshots, people seeing you, cameras seeing you, and missing a pager on a security guard. Many variables can cause a stealth heist to fail. Its very realistic on this aspect, in my opinion.


Police variants

With the police there are many different types you'll encounter on different heist difficulties.

Security guards. Armed with only SMGs and pistols, they guys can take one or two shots before going down. Once they're down and the heist hasn't gone loud, they will be highlighted in orange. You can hear the dispatcher over their pager asking for them to respond. You can interfere and talk to the dispatcher letting them know there is no issue. If you miss your chance they will alert the police.

First responders - The boys in blue, these guys come into the map with police cruisers and use small time weapons, shotguns and pistols. They aren't very much of a threat. They can take a few shots before dying.

SWAT - Swat officers either exit armored swat vans and come out with different tactics and guns blazing at you, they can also enter from boundaries of the maps in teams of five. They will attempt to flank you and take you down from all sides. There is a variant of the swat that are dubbed 'yellow swat' for yellow body armor marking their shoulders. They can use assault rifles and are more durable then first level swat.

FBI - They come in two types, agents and hostage rescue teams. Agents act like any first responder police, they are easy to take down but have a variety of weapons they use. Hostage rescue teams wear body armor. They are slightly tougher to take down. You'll often find them flanking behind you and attempting to get to any hostages.

Spec Ops - These are the toughest force you'll come across. They'll use a variety special police and flank you and try to overwhelm you with police from all sides. They are extremely durable and have the best aim. They use a variety of weapons from SMGs, to assault rifles.

Special types :The few police that you can actually spot and alert your team to.

Snipers - They'll take shots with laser dot sight sniper rifles and hold down streets and windows of buildings.

Bulldozers - They are extremely durable and dangerous big time police. Donning armor similar to a bomb disposal unit, armed with a shotgun they'll attempt you flush you out, the Death Wish version uses a machine gun.

Tasers - Medium armored police that look similar to a riot police unit. They'll get in close and attempt to taser you and stun you. When you're being tased your character will lose control of his gun and fire it constantly. You can use this to your advantage and attempt to hit the taser.

Shields - Police officers that use a mix of pistols or SMGs and have a bullet proof shield. You can use explosives or flank behind them to take them down. They are about medium durability before you can kill them.

Cloakers - Similar to Splinter cell's main character Sam fisher. They have the unique night vision, green glow optics. They'll appear out of unusual places, vents and sewer grates. They charge at you and can knock you over in a single hit. Slamming on you with a police baton. You'll need to be revived by a teammate after you kill the Cloaker.

Welcome to Deathwish Difficulty

DLC (Downloadable Content)

There is tons of DLC you can get for Payday 2.

New heist DLCs - Each heist DLC, tends to come with new weapons themed to the DLC and masks and new patterns.

Weapon DLCs - Given to you by Gage, an ex-war veteran who has a large armory of weapons. His DLC comes with packs of weapons all with a theme and masks.

Free DLC - These heists are given to the Payday 2 Community, they are usually given out and available to people who are apart of the Payday 2 group on Steam.


Now, there's many issues I've begin having with this game over its lifetime.

AI - The AI is my biggest dislike for this game.

The police shown in the trailer above do not act like that at all. They seem to go from one extreme to the next. They'll either blunder into your line of fire and should be counted as essentially shooting themselves. They go from being superhuman accurate with their weapons to not moving and standing in the middle of a hallway with a big -Bullets go here- sign over their head. I will compliment that they'll stick in squads and move together in a group of five, but they have zero situation awareness and they'll turn the corner into a queue of being shot. You can well over kill near a hundred cops in the end of a single heist. It can be compared to Killing Floor, a horde style shooter. Essentially Payday 2 is that but with living, human, breathing, and non-flesh eating cops. The police lack hit detection in their arms and legs. This throws off the gunplay in Payday 2 for me and I never felt like any gun I used worked very well, due to having to hit them in their torsos or heads.

For civilians, you'd think during the middle of a fire fight, they'd get down and make themselves the smallest possible target to avoid being shot. During my time, I can't tell you how many times I've been firing at police near an entrance of a building and I have a civilian get up and run into my bullets and get themselves killed. This happens far to often and it really breaks the fun for me. I have to deliberately zip-tie civilians where I think fire fights will break out to ensure they're safe and won't be killed in the line of fire.

DLC- While Overkill does not split the community with their DLCs, they allow their players without the DLC to still join lobbies of the heists apart of the DLCs, only the players themselves cannot host a lobby with that certain heist.

Down to it, there is just too much DLC floating around this game. I'd advise you read the steam reviews on each DLC.

Overkill doesn't try to invent different weapons. It seems they take an already existing weapon, re-skin it so it looks different, and they change up the numbers to make the gun operate slightly different. While its working so far, Overkill can only do it so many times before they make guns outright better then other ones, and people start catching on.

Additions - While I like most of the updates Overkill has done, they've added free heists and other things in the game that have thrown me off, and makes it harder to like this game.

Specifically I'll cover the armored SWAT van turret.

First off, the van turret is just another thing to shoot at you. It's essentially a cop with an infinite amount of ammo and good accuracy.

Though its stationary, you need certain things to take it down. There is a DLC that gives you a grenade launcher and an RPG. This is NOT one of the free community DLC. You need to pay out of pocket money to take down an armored turret. You can shoot at it and take off its armor and begin damaging it. Attempting to do this mean you'll be wasting useful ammo you can use on encroaching police forces. There is a stealth oriented device an ECM Jammer that you can use to turn the turret to your side. But most of my online internet groups did not have it. Another issue is this thing has apparently 70,000 health on normal and hard difficulties. This van also appears on many one day heists. It can spawn whether you're a veteran of Payday 2 or you're a first time heister.

Micro transaction Controversy *The Black Market Update*

Payday 2 is still somewhat of a good game, it brings fresh ideas and a whole new genre of first person action video games, about bringing a coalition of criminals and criminal organization through one medium called

Unfortunately, the people who are beyond Payday 2 have stopped regularly supporting their game and instead have continuously brought out new DLC packs (over 36 pieces of DLC) . This includes things that should have been updated for free in the game. Such as: Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, New heist characters, and throw-able weaponry such as grenades. Instead majority of this is stuck behind paywalls.

The biggest amount of controversy in this game is an update known as The Black Market. It includes Safes that players can unlock after doing certain goals. This safe can only be opened from purchasing a drill with real money. These safes will include new skins for weapons you might and might not own. Other game developer companies have created similar things like this such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2. The issue behind what Overkill has done, is they made the skins give an increase in weapon stats. When CS:GO and TF2 have only merely made them a purely cosmetic purchase.

This addition of micro transactions in a game that the developers had promised that there would be no micro transactions before the game even released, has been met with extreme criticism and negative feedback. Currently Payday 2 on Steam's store page has brought the overall rating to Mostly Positive, with a whopping 32,936 negative user reviews. (as of October 22nd, 2015)

Cosmetic skins affect overall performance of the weapons.

Payday's behavior

It's payday!

Despite the issues payday 2 has it can be seen as a really good game for many types of gamers.

Especially ones who loved the Joker bank scene of The Dark Knight rises movie and want a game with that gameplay style in mind.

It does great things for what it does as a heist game. As well, the game has changed dramatically since its release. I ended up pre-ordering the game and had it on launch and put 166 hours into it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

it's an interesting game for sure, if anything I described to you has sounded great and fun, I recommend it. It's totally worth to get it on sale too when they have the entire game and all of its DLC for around 20 dollars.

You can find Payday 2 and its DLC on Steam for around 20 dollars or your country's equivalent. It's also on last-gen consoles and next-gen consoles.

With the controversy of the Black Market update. I am under the impression, the game IS still play-able. I can still somewhat recommend this game for doing interesting things, with even more interesting ideas

I once more state, be cautious and read the user reviews of any DLC you might be interested in. Also it's probably best to wishlist this game and wait for it to be on sale. They generally sell it in a complete package of a single product - DLC included.

Joker's robbery (though you don't kill off your own crew in Payday)


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