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Steam Series - Amnesia The Dark Descent

Updated on February 24, 2016

My name is Daniel

Welcome to Amnesia! A survival horror video game revolving around a man from Mayfair London, named Daniel.

You awake in a mysterious and dreary castle during a thunderstorm. You must uncover your past, and what happened to you previously.

Amnesia is a host of scary things, will you be able to handle the descent? Or will you have to shut the game off and never play it again?


Story telling and lore

Despite Amnesia being just a survival horror game, it tells its story and setting through various flashbacks Daniel can recall, moments he remembers during his time in the castle, notes, and books you can read.

These moments can help break up the terrifying and tense moments of the game and give you a bit of the calm before the storm.

Also you can explore rooms and sections of the castle in look for these lore items.

Gameplay elements

The gameplay for Dark Descent is unlike many horror games out there.Time to break it down now!

Combat - To start off with combat, you'll get your first weapon whi-, just kidding! Amnesia offers no combat to fight the creatures with. You'll be without weapons and without any form of defense except running for your life and hiding. You can attempt to throw many objects and furniture you find around, but this will only stun the monsters for a fragment of time. This will buy you precious seconds to start running.

Darkness - Your main defense is hiding, you can hide from the monsters and the creatures in dark areas. The trade off, due to a point in his life, Daniel suffers from Nyctophobia, a fear of the dark. It is imperative to limit yourself to dark areas and attempt to stay near light sources to fight this.

Sanity - This is a huge mechanic of the game. Sanity is symbolized by your brain when you open your inventory. It changes in appearance depending on your sanity levels. Sanity can be drained by many things, unsettling events (such as seeing a door open on its own, or light sources being flicked off in a room you're in), sitting in the darkness, and looking at a monster's face. Low sanity is a survivable thing, unfortunately for you, it'll make your experience even scarier. Daniel will begin to see things, hear things, and maybe even imagine things attacking him, a lower sanity might mean the monsters can find you easier. Some of the effects Daniel will show when with low sanity, he'll chatter and grind his teeth, you'll hear footsteps around you, he might even mumble. You can regain sanity by solving puzzles and finding solutions to advance through the game.

Health - Is represented by a heart in your inventory. It'll give you your status on injuries and your overall health. You can replenish your health with bottles of laudanum found through the game. Many things can damage you, so be on the look out for danger! Monsters are being one of the main things to damage you.

The Lantern - Your oil lantern is acquired in the game very quickly. It is your main source of light and navigation. It is your main safety from the dark. You'll also need to keep your lantern stocked with oil. you'll find many bottles of oil, and rare oil tanks to refill it at. Your inventory will contain the oil bottles that you'll need to click to consume. There is a meter that determines your oil amount in the lantern.

Tinder boxes - These handy devices contain ingredients to start a fire. Many unlit light sources are through out the castle. You can use tinder boxes as a means of creating little sanctuary rooms to allow yourself a break and to regain sanity from light sources, you can also use these to illuminate dark rooms and hallways, alerting you to any encroaching monsters. Be warned this can also be your doom if you have a room too illuminated and you cannot find a proper place to hide. I recommend placing yourself behind objects and crouching, if this is the case.

Fear meter - The fear meter is this non-mentioned mechanic in the game, it is used when running and looking at monsters. You'll know what the fear meter is when discovered by a monster and staring it in its face. You'll see that the vision begins to blur and middle point of the focus looks stretched. And a unsettling noise blares in your ears, the louder it gets is determined by how low your sanity is.

Puzzles - Since there is no combat in this game, it makes up with puzzles. Some of the puzzles are simple, such as taking an item and placing it into a socket, or throwing an item through a wall. Others take a bit more thought power and require you carry items in your inventory, or even back tracking between a location. The puzzles always manage to be unique and have their interesting elements.

Environments - Even though the game takes place in a castle, no location in the castle is alike. You'll venture into many areas scouring for clues to your past and seeking solutions to areas barred from you. Many rooms might change their appearance or content depending on your sanity level. You might see blood and hanging bodies from the ceiling in one room, come back later with higher sanity and it'll be empty.

Some fine art here



Even though Amnesia is survival/horror like many other horror games: Dead Space, Resident Evil being just a few. It really tries to be different and set itself apart.

Amnesia understands what makes makes a horror game. This game's sound design and music is very effective at instilling fear in many players. It knows suspense and tension are what should be felt entirely throughout the game. It offers brief breaks between the terror and suspense with books, notes, and flashbacks to study and ponder at.

Amnesia offers multiple endings you can see, giving you incentive to try delving into Amnesia again. There are also custom stories people have created on the website mobbd

I recommend this game to anyone who's interested in being scared or people looking for the horror genres that try to do different things. Amnesia doesn't have guns, or weapons to fight against, you can only run.

You can find Amnesia on Steam

Try your luck at Amnesia's Downloadable content Justine. It features a one life story, there will be no respawns or anything. Once you die, you must start over. Take a glimpse into Justine's mind and solve the puzzles she has created for you.


How Day9TV Lost his Manhood (Warning: Possible spoilers & Strong language)


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