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Steam Series - Portal 2

Updated on February 5, 2016

Now I only want you gone.

Awoken from a hibernation-like sleep, you've been gone for a while. Return to what is the new Aperture Science facility, and attempt your escape from it. You'll meet interesting characters along the way, and see total transformations of people you know, or will meet. Explore the wonderful story this game presents to you, and expands on what Portal has done.

There has also been a graphic overhaul of Portal 2, it looks very shiny and new, it has aged very well over the years. You'll even notice some characters look very different.


It's been a long time

Theme and Story

Welcome back to Aperture Science, you'll find that most of the facility is now broken down, ruined, and overgrown with plants. Like Portal, there is no other human being located in the facility.

You'll regain control of the test subject Chell, now the only living human being in all of Aperture, she is still the quirky, smart, and lovable silent protagonist, that she was in Portal. She lost her wacky Advanced Knee Replacement, and had them replaced with the Long Fall Boots. She also has tied her orange jacket around her waist and wears her hair in a ponytail.

Portal 2, really expands on the story that Portal engraved into the stone. You'll venture to interesting parts of the facility, see great and new sights, you'll have interesting interactions, and you'll most certainly, feel amazed by the ending! I felt really entranced in Portal 2 from its story viewpoints. It wasn't so much how I felt with Portal.

Portal to me felt more like a silly science based puzzle game. I did enjoy piecing the story together, and exploring the hidden rooms with cryptic writing and warnings all over them. It greatly interested me by the time I was done with Portal, and it got me interested in purchasing Portal 2 when I had the chance.


The gameplay

There's been from what I can tell, very little changes of the gameplay from Portal, I do notice Chell's movement is a bit faster.

The gameplay still revolves around puzzle solving, with added additions of not only dealing with the threat of falling into acid, but also now endless pits! You'll also deal with directing intense laser beams, more turrets(you even have a chance to save one), the point of it all is trying to escape the now ruined facility, and return to a normal life.

Obstacles you know and love: Turrets, Emancipation grills, and cubes. They are unchanged with how they function, there are many different puzzles for them too, even keeping the original testing materials still fresh and unique.

New to the game: Lasers, several types of scientific gels, more cubes, hardlight bridges, and many more! You'll find even the test chambers are obstacles themselves, some are complete with bottom-less pits, be careful on where you plan your routes for these specific ones.

Most of the puzzle solving, expands and reuses some ideas from Portal, (such as using velocity to propel yourself forward) all well and good in this case. It's good to see some familiarity, you'll find the new changes won't be any issue on you figuring out, as well.

Portal 2, like Portal, gives you a tutorial section at the beginning of the game, and a nice steady introduction of the new bits and pieces.

Complete with more challenge maps, very similar to Portal's, this includes leader boards that the steam community can follow, and try to earn the best time on testing chambers against their friends, and other players.

There are also maps that you and others can design. There is a website where you can download and go through player made rooms and try to beat them for bragging rights.

There is even Co-op! You'll be playing as two Aperture made testing robots, P-body (orange) and Atlas (Blue). Both Atlas and P-body can use silly gestures and a list of commands to help direct each other around and to tell locations of where to stand, placing portals, a count down clock for timing puzzles, and many more! In co-op you're both given your very own portal gun, and you'll need to solve the puzzles together, as the doors only open when both players are in front of it.

The story for co-op, takes place two weeks since the events of Portal 2. Co-op has its own separate story that you can explore and figure out. You'll have times with cinematic cutscenes and hilarious moments from GLaDOS, such as trying to pit you against your partner and giving out Science Collaboration points, even for such things as accidentally killing your co-op partner (in my case).




For any fan of Portal, Portal 2 is a MUST own. I'd also highly recommend to anyone who's interested in such games like Antichamber, or other puzzle games. Portal 2 keeps it fresh with ever changing environments and puzzles and presents a fair bit of re-playability and testing and the added features of Co-op and map creation.

Portal and Portal 2, will be one of the highest regarded games in my Steam Library.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you'll give the Portal series a try, like I did!

Also if you're a fan of Steven Merchant, that's another plus to get Portal 2.


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