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Steam Series - Scribblenauts Unlimited

Updated on December 12, 2015


The first game of the Scribblenauts was a Nintendo DS only release, it worked with an interesting idea of having a magic notebook, that allowed you to create physically anything, and being able to describe it with any and all adjectives.

Since then two other Scribblenaut games have released, and for multiple platforms. Windows PC being one of them.

Scribblenauts Unlimited was the direct predecessor of the original and it expands on the idea of this magic notebook and allows you to do virtually anything in. The main theme of the game is to run around and solve puzzles/problems of the normal citizens of the Scribblenauts world.

It also includes more features of allowing you to create and use your own made objects, basing your own creations from items/people in the world, and even making your own avatars to be.

The noble knights at Edwin's Farm


The plot of Scribblenauts is very simple, it is summed up in a single cinematic in the intro of the game. The character Maxwell acquires a magic notebook, he causes tom foolery with it and his sister pays the price. He must then run around the world collecting these magic stars called Starites and their shards. He uses these to try and fix her condition, to earn these he must complete various challenges, solve problems for people and the world.

The more and more Starites you unlocked and find, the more of the entire Scribblenauts world will be unlocked one by one, you can do anything and everything at your own pace, so be sure to take some time to look around!


The focus of the game is to use this magic notebook, it's power comes allows you to spawn anything that isn't a proper noun, and copyright material. You can spawn any objects from Pumpkin pie, to a SAM launcher, and even various monsters.

Using Adjectives are what is used describe an entity or object in Scribblenauts, Making something irradiated will make it glow green and spread radiation to others nearby and damage anyone that picks it up. You can also give non-living objects living properties. Describing an object as magical will make it move around and float off the ground as it now a living entity that thinks for itself. Giving certain adjectives will make any person react to it, such as scary, and amusing.

It's worth a try sitting around and experimenting with these adjectives to see what makes something tick in a humorous or unnatural way. These can really bring interesting things to life!

Creating is your main way of solving most of your puzzles in Scribblenauts. You can create a near endless list of items and entities to play and use with. This is where spawning Pumpkin pie, monsters, knights, and even nukes could come in handy. Some objects don't necessarily interact correctly with it's world, but majority of them being weapons, swords, all work accordingly. Some created entities will also react negatively and have other interesting interactions with people in the world. You can also spawn a variety of vehicles, try Cthulu with the adjective "rideable"

The editor in this game is rather complicated at first and requires some time to toy with the avatar creator and object editor before doing any work on it. Once you do figure it out, you can edit already existing game objects into your own versions of them, adjusting the way they interact with the world, if they're alive, if they fly, and many more options. You can also use this to create entities and objects alike.

The avatar editor works differently, you take an already existing avatar and can pull it apart and place your own flair on it. Unfortunately, the avatar editor is a bit harder to work with, clunky. However, with enough time you may figure out how to achieve what you want. The Avatar editor comes with an ability to change textures on characters and even change colors.

I attempted to create my own knight avatar to play as an ran into a few problems. Deleting the legs off of the already existing character Maxwell and replacing my own legs on it made my character 'sink' into the ground. He appeared closer to the screen then other characters. You also cannot remove the torso from the existing avatar. I recommend you delete one leg off and do your best to keep it aligned at the bottom of the torso and moving it over to the side to be covered by one of the legs you wanted to replace it with. As for fixing the torso issue, all you need to do is simply cover the already existing torso with the one you want. These are the only solutions I found to these problems.

If you own this game from Steam you can take a peek into the Workshop system that many other players have created for use. This will include some proper nouns and copyright material that isn't in the base game of Scribblenauts.

I currently downloaded Batman, and various other Batman villains. Funny enough Batman proved to be a solution to not only a single puzzle but he wandered over and solved another puzzle for me. This shows that the object editor really works for producing accurate character reactions!

Combat in Scribblenauts is very basic, it's as simple as clicking on a character or item and clicking the attack button. Your character will move to them attack the selected entity. It is a very basic system, but it works for what this game wants to do with it, it also creates very comical settings. If a character should die they simply poof into dust. You can also die yourself, be sure to make yourself immortal!

Puzzle solving in this game shows that this game is very much for kids, however it has a lot of creative thinking for most solutions, presenting adults to use some thought on how to solve these puzzles in the most arbitrary of ways! Like giving an exterminator a flamethrower instead of traditional bug spray. Spawning Steam workshop's very own Batman to have someone meet him in the middle of his career, meanwhile Batman runs off to stop someone being bullied!

My custom avatar the stalwart knight Ser Biffington III

Art Style & Music

Since I started owning Steam games and began taking in the breath taking art styles and unique soundtracks that made these games so unique to me, it's been a thing for me to always include that in my hubs.

Scribblenauts has a type of art style that comforts me, it's very cutesy and cartoonish. Each character has pin holes in their joints on their arms and legs that gives them the appearance of being made out of paper.

The Music is also something to talk about, most areas have their own theme music, each being as unique as the next one. Immediately you'll experience the brilliant composed music at the start of sitting in the menus.

Edwin's Farm OST (Steam/Windows Version)

Capital City OST

Totalbiscuit's Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited


Scribblenauts Unlimited is a cute puzzle game that I must recommend to parents who want to use this as a learning tool for their kids. I would also recommend it for adults and teenagers alike who'd be interested in a funny and silly puzzle game that gives you absolutely all the power to do anything you'd like with it.

Scribblenauts Unlimited has a load of easter eggs and interesting things to spawn into the world, such as Nyan Cat, Ceiling cat, and many more I won't spoil!

Scribblenauts was developed by 5th Cell and is on platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U

Happy Puzzling fellow Nauts!


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