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Steam Series - The Elderscrolls - Skyrim (Content changes from Oblivion)

Updated on February 5, 2016

What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

Skyrim, the newest addition to the Elder Scrolls series. The Elder Scrolls are a series of first person/third person Roleplaying Games, taking place in a fictional world called Nurn. Nurn is made up of a landmass called Tamriel, Tamriel is split up of nine provinces, Skyrim, High Rock, Hammerfell, Valenwood, Elsweyr, Summerset Isle, Black Marsh, Morrowind, and Cyrodiil.

In this game, it takes place in the province of Skyrim, home to the people called Nords, they are a hearty people, tough. and resistant to the cold environment of Skyrim.

They are based from real world Scandinavian lore, and the vikings that once ruled that part of the Earth.

You'll be venturing into Skyrim at a bad time, civil war is about to break out and dragons have returned, and you're a prisoner stuck right between it all.

The Dragonborn has returned!


I won't spoil a lot of the enemies, I'll only give you the ones unique to Skyrim you'll find most common.

Giants - Very human looking, they'll be around giant camps with bonfire like campfires, around stone structures dotting skyrim. They're neutral until you get close to them, then they'll become hostile. You do not want a giant to be hostile.

Mammoths - Like an elephant but covered with thick wool like hair and armed with dangerous sharp tusks. Mammoths are seen in the Tundra of Skyrim near Whiterun. Like Giants they are neutral and don't see you as a threat till you've gotten close enough to them. Again, not a thing you want chasing after you. They can also be found tamed by Giants, who then herd them around the Tundras and protect them. You'll find mammoth cheese in Giant camps that you can use for food.

Draugr - Skyrim's own undead creatures. Draugr are found in burial mounds and crypts, they make use of ancient Nord weaponry and armor. Some even have the ability to use dragon shouts.

Ice Wraiths - Serpent like creatures, they are enveloped in a frosty fog around their body. They spit frost magic at you and can attack you with their body spikes. They drop helpful items such as essence and teeth.

Frostbite Spiders - Named for their venom that acts like frostbite, you'll find these spiders in caves and sometimes hunting out in the wilderness. They spit poison at you and deliver it by biting. They can be useful for their toxin as a poison to coat your weapons in.

Saber tooth Cats - Saber Tooth Cats can be found potentially anywhere in Skyrim. From Riften's fall forests, to the glacial fields of Winterhold, to the Tundra of Whiterun. If you spot them before they attack you, you might notice that they act very predator like. You'll see only the top of it and maybe its eyes as its slowly creeping up to you, hunched down and ready to pounce. They also sometimes hunt in groups of two. Be wary, they are extremely well camouflaged.

on that note, I hope you'll feel hooked to explore Skyrim's wilderness to see what enemies I've not mentioned!

This could happen to you!

Changes from Oblivion

Oblivion was the latest Elder Scrolls game before Skyrim. It did many good and interesting things.

Fortunately for Skyrim, it has a mix of Oblivion and Fallout 3 in it. Making it an even more worthy successor in the series. Sit tight! This will be a lengthy text box.

Character creation - If you've ever played Oblivion, I'm sure you know the horrors of making a somewhat good looking character. One might say there was too much detail in Oblivion's creator. Your skin had a balance hue of orange and blue to give it tone that you can adjust. You could change the width of your nostrils, or change the angle of your jaw and chin. Skyrim makes your time easier. You can customize skin tone, body type, added things such as scars or dirt, and maybe a bit of war paint? Next you can move onto selecting pre-made features to use. This allows you to create much prettier people as your characters and less hassle. But allowing you a lot of customization.

Npcs - The nonplayer characters in Oblivion were all created with schedules, each one having a different schedule then the last. There was no poor copy and past. Bethesda actually sat down and made each character unique. They'll eat at certain times in the day, sleep during the night, they'll run their shops from 8AM - 8PM in game time. They'll be at certain areas during the day in cities, this was copied into Skyrim, but with even greater detail. Say a shopkeeper is killed and their stall is left unoccupied, there might be a different NPC who decides to take over the store or stall.

If you decide to drop some items in the middle of town and leave trash everywhere, you might have some NPCs comment on how rude you are to litter, guards might even tell you to pick it back up.

A silly thing about Oblivion NPCs are, when spoken to, the game will pause the world around you. Making you and the NPC you're speaking to the only one animating and speaking. While this happens the NPC looks as if they're staring into your soul, they hardly blink and their eyes forever focus on you.

This is no longer the case in Skyrim. Bethesda did away with the locked on eye contact and paused world. Instead now as you speak with NPCs they'll continue their duties. The world will move around you, other NPCs might walk by you as you converse or shop. Whether you speak to a black smith who is currently using a grindstone to sharpen a blade, or you're talking to a shop keeper using a broom to clean up the floor. They no longer stare directly at you. This makes things feel more fleshed out and realistic.

Friendship - Friendship is a new thing in Skyrim, you could be on good deposition with NPCs in Oblivion, but nothing quite along the line of Skyrim. They did away with the Speechcraft game. You no longer need to tell jokes, or bribe someone to earn their affection. If you interact with them enough or do work for them, they'll thank you with many wonderful bonuses. Such as allowing you to take certain items from their homes, and/or giving you discounted prices, and/or becoming a follower who you can take on your adventures with. If you get married in Skyrim, your friends will even come to your wedding and congratulate you on your big day!

Another interesting story I have to add here. I lived in the city of Windhelm on one of my characters. The city was attacked by a dragon, it killed one of the beggers, that I always gave gold to since she was near my home all the time. When she was killed, a courier approached me a day later, mentioned he had a will and a inheritance for me to collect. I took the 242 gold, and read the letter. It was a letter from the Steward of Windhelm, telling me that the beggar who had passed away from the dragon attack left me an inheritance in her will. That is how far friendships can go in Skyrim, simply amazing.

Environment - Oblivion's environment are far low-key compared to Skyrim's. You had many forests to venture through in Oblivion. But you would find most of the time deer, and wolves. This is no longer the case in Skyrim. The world is alive, insects that you can see flutter through the air, such as fireflies, and butterflies (these can be caught for alchemy ingredients), you'll see hawks fly through the air and land in trees (you can even hunt hawks). Salmon will jump through river currents (you can catch salmon for food). Yes that is correct! There are water currents now, they will move you along in rivers now and swimming against them is difficult. There's also elk, deer, rabbits, goats, and foxes. Skyrim is also split up into different regions. Tundras, fall forests, and glacial fields; are just a few of the things you'll see in your travels.

Combat - Combat is largely the same from Oblivion, you can use power attacks and normal slashes, and attacks. But you can now also dual wield single handed weapons. Dual wielding will give you an edge in combat with more attack power from each weapon, to balance this out though you cannot block when dual wielding. You don't have to dual wield only weapons though, magic can also be used along with weapon or instead a shield. Much like Fallout 3, you now get cinematic executions when enemies hit points are low enough. This can be from shield bashing them in the face, or a zoomed in shot with an arrow flying towards your target. For you stealthy types, there is now a throat slitting animations for backstabbing.

You can now un-nock arrows you have prepared to fire. I don't believe there was anything like that in Oblivion, I always remember having to point my bow at the ground and fire to un-nock an arrow.

Magic - Magic has largely been overhauled. Most magic in Oblivion were done with 'bolts' meaning they were just orbs of magic you shot out at people. Skyrim holds many unique types of magic. Magic can fire bolts, gouts (constant stream of magic), or even a mix of both that are extremely devastating. You still have the many schools of magic, Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration and Illusion. Fire, does damage over time, frost magic, slows down enemies and drains their stamina, and lightning drains magicka.

Durability - Oblivion's armor and weapons had a percentage of durability. This meant you needed to constantly have repair hammers, or have shopkeepers repair items to keep them in working condition. Skyrim thankfully has done away with this system as well. Armor and weapons now focus on more of an upgrade and usage ordeal. You can use grindstones and workbenches to make your gear do more damage, and enchanters table can also imbue your weapons and armor with magical effects.

Weapon types - Oblivion had many types of weapons, bladed, blunt, two handed, and one handed. This has been cleaned up, there is now only two handed and one handed. Making it easier for you to specialize in what kind of weapon types you want and what of the weapons you'll use. Blades swing the fastest, Axes deal more damage and move slower then blades, Maces move the slowest but deal the most damage.

Skills - Skills have been overhauled too. You are no longer graded by rank such as Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master. Oblivion normally had a downside for trying to use a skill at novice grading that you weren't experienced in, I.E. Bows draining you of fatigue when you were holding a nocked arrow. Generally in Oblivion, the more you used a weapon, the more different power attacks you could use. They did away with this. You have all the power attacks now such as forward, back, left and right. Spells are still graded with the ranks above, however you can still use them, but you might not have enough mana.

Perks - Mixing skills of Oblivion, with perks from Fallout 3. The system they've created is legendary. You are no longer a class you pick from starting your character. You can be whatever you want. A spellslinging warrior, a sneaky mage/thief hybrid. The possibilities are endless. The points for perks are awarded for each time you level up. You are not forced into doing this like Fallout 3, and it doesn't require you sleep in a bed like Oblivion. Soon as you hear the chants for leveling up you may go to the menu and select the skills section now labelled as Level - Up. Here you can put your points into any of the skills. You can put a perk into one handed swords to make Dual wield attacks faster, or afford the alchemy skill to make your restoration potions more powerful. You can get some really interesting perks the higher you go into their skill trees, like the Block skill that will slow down time when you raise your shield.

Armor - Armor is no longer several pieces of gear, Oblivion's armor was split into head, chest, legs, boots and gloves. Skyrim has converted the legs and chest into a single piece. Converting it into only head, armor, boots, gloves. Much easier to acquire a full set of that certain armor you might want now.

Smithing - Smithing is a new activity you can use in Skyrim. You can now craft your own armors and jewelry. You can use tanning racks to convert animal hides into leather and leather straps. You can use a smelter to melt down metal ores and form them into ingots. You can then craft any type of armor you'd like if you have the right material at a forge. You can use a pick axe to acquire ore from deposits found across skyrim and in many areas. (You can in fact use a pickaxe like you would in Minecraft to mine ore, no need to use the animation)

Vampirism - From my days of being a vampire in Oblivion and choosing the wrong area to wait at to break into someone's house as day approached, only to wait while daytime arrived, and to be dead by the time my wait is over. No longer will this be a thing! Skyrim's vampirism simply only weakens you in the sun's light. This will prevent health, stamina, and magicka regenerating, but it's better then burning. You can also catch Vampirism an unlimited amount of time. So don't be afraid to cure yourself of it.

Third Person Camera - Third person was around in Oblivion, but it wasn't very easy to shoot a bow with or see your surroundings. This has also been changed and overhauled to make it playable in Skyrim. When you use third person you'll follow your character at a normal camera angle. When you unsheathe your weapons, the camera pans out further, you'll see your entire character from head to feet and the cross hairs are angled so you get a good view and can accurately shoot with a bow or fight.



Skyrim is infamous for one major thing that is popular in the gaming community of many Steam Games. Mods.

Wonder what kind of crazy mods you might find? Allow me to present a few to you.

There also are many serious mods. You can find more that can change the look of the game such as, overhaul graphics, and Increase the intensity of the night and day cycle. Add in roleplay features like more followers at a time, and player made houses, and even playable races like Skeletons.

If you have Skyrim for PC, I implore you to check out the Skyrim mods on Nexusmods.

Behold the dragon!

What do you think of yet?

Do you believe me now?!


In their tongue he is Dovahkiin - Dragonborn

I hope you enjoyed this In-depth look of Skyrim and some really big changes I noticed from Oblivion.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them! and I hope I got you interested in this wonderful RPG.

Skyrim is for 360, PS3, and can be found on Steam.

DLC for skyrim is:

Dragonborn - Unlock the Dunmer controlled island Solstheim . You'll unlock more shouts and a whole new area to explore, loaded with quests and places to venture into.

Hearthfire - Ever wanted to build your own house? Now you can. Hearthfire gives you the ability to buy a plot of land in three holds that originally had no homes for you. With materials like wood, stone and clay; you can choose from many wings to build onto your house and adopt children and pets (note you need a child in your house to adopt a pet).

Dawnguard - A vampire themed DLC. You'll be stuck between the side of the Dawnguard, seeking to defeat the greatest vampire clan in all of Skyrim or the Volkihar Clan, seeking to permanently blot out the sun and wants to destroy the Dawnguard. Choose your side! This DLC also overhauls the looks of vampires and gives you several new shouts and the ability to become a vampire lord, as well a skill tree for your vampire lord and Lycanthropy. Also the added bonus should you reach the last stage of vamprisim (if you haven't fed in awhile) NPCs will no longer be hostile to you.


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