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Steam Series - Magicka

Updated on February 5, 2016

You're a wizard bjorndhjorn!

Hello, have you ever wanted to be a wizard? Well with Magicka you can! Created by the Swedish Indie developer Arrowhead Game Studios. You can now become a wizard in a game about wizarding around a land they must protect! Lead by their handsome leader Vlad, who is not at all a vampire!



Let's start off with how this game works camera wise. It's isometric (top-down) like many games such as Diablo, Torchlight II, Path of Exile, etc.

Gameplay is you're a wizard! Combat is comprised of various elements you can fling out. Cold, Electricity, Arcane, Life, Shield, Fire, Water, and Earth. These are all bound to a key on your keyboard and you can make 'custom' spells by trying out different elements with others.

Exploring each stage can yield you many rewards, you might find a silly reference from a movie you might know or other video games. You might even come across spell books, these spells can greatly give you an edge over battle and can make gameplay even more exciting to experience.

You'll be happy to know that unlike most fantasy/RPG games, magic in Magicka requires no mana/magicka cost of any kind. You'll be able to endlessly cast spells, what determines on how effective they are is having the right combination of elements mixed in, there is also a small charge-up time.

Some elements are incompatible with others, here in example water and electricity. You cannot cast a spell. You'd need to use water and fire to create steam, then you can use steam to create a thunderstorm/bolt spell to destroy your enemies with.

Now you know how combat works, lets delve a bit into the plot. You're wizards from an order of wizards and you're on a quest to stop the great evil from endangering the lands. You'll travel to many different locations, fight well-known high fantasy creatures, and fight plenty of interesting bosses. Its handy to know that each enemy is affected differently by certain elements. Undead for example will be immune to Arcane, but be killed by Life. Water, and Steam can leave your enemies dripping wet, you can then give them a dose of electricity and deal twice the damage, or freeze them solid with cold and shatter them with a giant boulder.

Combat truly is a beautiful thing once you get the hang of it and figure out

So this can either be a co-op or single player experience. Mainly because death is very easy to have happen to you. I must recommend you get a friend to play this one with or attempt to open a public game and have a stranger to join. You can have up to 3 other players in your games.

Also, I must include this here, friendly fire is present in this game. Be extra careful when flinging fireballs and beams of arcane energy around the battlefield, you might cause a few deaths, either your own, or your allies. Be on the look out for checkpoints, and remember to not take it seriously!

Here are the several modes you can do.

DLC - At the menu screen you can select many of the various DLC stories (If you have them installed) Note: These can be difficult for newcomers due to there being very little presence of spellbooks, you'll have to figure out effective combinations on your own.

Versus - This is a battle mode between you and your friends, you can enjoy killing each other over and over until you're ready to do something else.

Survival/Challenge - Pretty straightforward, you'll be battling against waves of creatures and attempt to survive as long as you can.

Adventure mode - The main mode of this game, it will take you about 8-12 hours to complete it ( time I would base solely on how skillful you are in combat, dying can take up a lot of the time.)



If you think Magicka is a game of serious themes and plots, you'll be in for a treat. Magicka couldn't be more of a sillier game.

It's packed full of references, such as ones from Star Wars, and other fun pop culture that I won't spoil!

The dialogue spoken by NPCs, (Your wizards are mute) is in a looseish kinda of language that the developers have said they based on Swedish. The game is largely based on Scandinavian culture.

The game doesn't stay on a fantasy path at all. You'll find some wacky weapons and staff's around the game. Nothing I will spoil though. You'll have to see for yourself!

Style and Sound

It's graphical design is this kinda 3D-cartoony type of style hard for me to describe. But it's graphics don't go on the realism factor.

It sound design is also very good! It sounds like you're shooting a lightning bolt from your staff, you'll hear the 'whoosh' of air if you fire a giant boulder at an enemy. The explosions for creating mines sounds great too!

Voice acting for it's fictional language is well done, even some of the developers lent their voices for a few of the NPCs


DLC (Downloadable Content)

Magicka has a striking 21 DLCs. They consist of challenge maps, multiplayer maps, new wizard robe costumes, and Story DLCs

If you'd like an example of how silly they are with their game and their DLC. They thought to make a Vietnam DLC for Magicka since many other games were getting Vietnam DLC.

It's a hilarious challenge map that plays Rock and Roll music while you're laying down napalm and shooting guns with your newly acquire Vietnam Robes. Complete with a helmet and American Flag as your staff and an M16 Rifle

Recommendation for sure!

This game was a lot of laughs (Maybe its because I'm easily amused)

No matter what happened, either reading the dialogue or getting blown up by my friend who mis-casted a spell. I was in tears laughing at moments.

This game will no doubt be a lot of fun for anyone who enjoys a lot of humor and some good game mechanics.

Magicka has been known for its buggy and crashy release. But since then it's just a memory, I didn't experience any sort of performance issues playing this game.

To top it all off the developers even added a Crash To Desktop Spell you can cast at your enemies, though it randomly targets, so it will kill your friends, heck might even kill you!

Magicka is on top of my list for amazing games I had the pleasure of owning.

Thank you very much for reading!

You can find it on Steam for 10$ or your regional equivalent. Magicka 2 is 20 dollars and Magicka Wizard wars is free to pay!


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