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Steam Series - Terraria (Updated for 1.3 Content)

Updated on February 5, 2016



This is... Terraria!

Enter the world of Terraria, a landmass of various biomes and surrounded by ocean, meet the various NPCs that'll join you, and help you on your quest to defeat the great and terrible evils that plague the land of Terraria.


Terraria's focuses on a more depthful journey then what you might experience in other sandbox like games. Initially starting out, it might feel like a survival game. You have to quickly gather materials to build a shelter before the first night. Once you've gotten a developed area and better equipment, the real game kicks in. You'll be gathering various materials, and metals to craft new items and armors, and finding special/magical items to aid you. You'll hit a few tier ceilings until you defeat a certain boss and that unlocks either a new material to work with, or something new unlocks that you can venture into.

Game modes ~

Normal Mode - Normal mode will give you the usual Terraria experience, enemies will be progressively harder as you explore further and enter different zones.

Expert Mode - Enter a much harder world compared to Normal mode. Enemies have 2x more health and deal 2x more damage, many enemies gain additional abilities. Bosses will now drop a treasure bag, this contains unique loot and they will scale accordingly to how many players are in a game. Player health regeneration isn't as effective, and you drop 75% of your money on death, which enemies can pick up and you must kill to get it back. But with great risk, comes greater rewards. You'll earn more money from fishing rewards, enemies will drop more loot and loot table percentages are changed, some rarer items will have a 100% drop rate upon death of an enemy.

Hardmode - Not a mode you can select at the main menu, Hardmode is reached upon killing the boss the Wall of Flesh, a horrible creature with laser beam firing eyes, and grasping tendrils. It resides in the hell biome deep beneath the ground, only able to be summoned upon a sacrifice. Hardmode spawns newer enemies, adds bosses, more events, more metal ores, and changes the world with new biomes.

The grand update of 1.3



Combat is simple yet expansive.

Magic - Magic combat is symbolized by the blue star on your hud, collecting enough falling stars at night, you can craft mana stars and increase your mana amount up to 200. Magic is consumed upon casting magical spells, whether it be from a magical wizard staff, spellbooks, or magical items such as magic daggers.

Ranged - There are various bows, and guns you can find and craft. Some items are merely weak templates that you can keep and use to craft even better ranged weapons going on. You have a small space in your inventory dedicated to ammo, there are various bullets and arrows you can buy from the Gunsmith, or craft them yourself. Some items are: Jester's Arrows, Fire arrows, and Silver bullets.

Melee - Sword, Axes, Hammers, and Spears. All are excellent and unique weapons. Just about every metal you come across can craft weapons. Spears are generally only found in certain chests or dropped from enemies and bosses. Each weapon brings their unique amount of speed and knock back. Axes also double as a way to chop down trees and gather wood. Hammers can be used to take down back walls for house building, and can be used to shape tiles for building.

Every weapon you craft/find can have an enchantment already imbued onto it. Some might give you entirely positive stats such as better % of critical hit, or higher knock back, while some other enchantments will give you positive and negative effects.

Armor - Armor is comprised of 3 pieces, head, chest, and legs. You'll start off with basic armor sets from the various starting metals and ores you can discover and use. You'll begin crafting magical armor that offers set bonuses and can help you craft yourself into a certain damage dealer, whether it be melee designated, ranged, or magic.

Other Gameplay

Now that we've established the main goal of the game and the combat, lets delve into the other fantastic and interesting things you can do in Terraria.

Fishing - Very similar to fishing in World of Warcraft, you can get silly junk items, you can find valuable crates of loot, and interesting types of fish. You can purchase for 25 silver coins, a bug net. this will allow you to catch any animal, from grasshoppers, worms, to even bigger critters, like birds and rabbits. Any type of insect can be used to increase your fishing rating. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the golden trout, and other golden animals! (They sell for 10 gold to any merchant/vendor)

Mining - Mining like Minecraft, can be your main source of materials for many things: such as building materials, ways to find ores and metals to smelt and use, and interesting treasure and rewards. The world is comprised of tiles/blocks, you use your pickaxe to dig into the ground. Most materials stone and dirt for examples, can reach an entire stack of 999, this will greatly help if you're looking to stockpile stone to convert into bricks. Below the ground is compiled into many mini-biomes, eventually you will reach the lava filled and demon themed, Hell biome.

NPCs and Building

There are 22 NPCs in total, 7 of them only appear in Hardmode, and 3 of them will simply be merchants that you can encounter, these 3 will not move into any home.

NPCS -------

All of the NPCs will require a house to move in that has back wall, a table, chair, and a lightsource.

The Guide - The first NPC you'll encounter in this game, he will be next to your spawn upon entering a world. You can talk to him and get tips from him and hints on how to unlock other NPCs. Choosing his crafting dialogue, you can place a certain material into his crafting window. Every item in the game will be shown that requires that material. Clicking on an item's icon will allow you to see the materials needed.

This in my opinion is one of the best ideas I've seen in a game, you can discover all of the recipes in this game without needing to look at Terraria's wiki.

Pre-hardmode NPCs- These NPCs consist of various people, such as the Demolitionist, The Merchant, Nurse, and the Gunsmith. (I won't spoil them all) To appear they will require for something to be met. such as finding a crystal heart and increasing your life, or finding a gun for the first time.

Hardmode- NPCs in Hardmode will either need to be found, or require a certain boss, or event to happen before they will appear. It is highly recommended you create rooms or houses for them before entering Hardmode.


Building - Building is very expansive and limited to only your imagination. There are currently 192 blocks (including player-made blocks) in game. You can use a hammer to shape angles, and round edges to give your creations uniqueness and shapes. You can make use of platforms and use a hammer to shape them into traditional stairs. Every type of wood makes a unique style of furniture. Sofas, fireplaces, and glassware. These are just a few examples of the sheer numbers of furniture and crafting you can do in this game. You'll come across certain crafting stations that can make furniture out of a certain material or block, such as a glass kiln.

World Generation Features

Biomes -------------

Forest - The most common of the biomes and where you will spawn into the world at. Forest biomes are the best place for gathering wood and for starter players to set up their houses. The most common enemy you'll face during the day are various colored slimes, once night changes you'll fight a collection of zombies and demon eyes.

Snow - Comprised of snow and ice blocks/tiles, the trees that grow in Snow biome are called Boreal. During the day, you'll encounter penguins critters, and hostile Ice slimes. During the night a different variant of zombie, eskimo zombies will appear.

Desert - Comprised of cactus and sand blocks. Sand block's have physics that will send it falling down if you removed what's under it. You'll witness various Antlion forms, vultures, sand slimes by day.

Crimson - Themed around viscera and gore, Crimson is one of the two variants of 'evil biome' that you'll encounter. There can only be a single evil biome type per world. Crimson is signified by deep shades of red, once hardmode is initiated, Crimson will spread and change various blocks to its evil variants, Crimsand, Crimstone, and Red Ice. Some of the enemies it will host are: Face Monsters, Blood Crawlers, and Crimera. The boss for Crimson is the Brain of Cthulhu.

Corruption - Presented with a corrupted/diseased theme, Corruption is characterized by dark purple, it is the counterpart to Crimson and hosts its own forms of enemies. Eater of Souls, Devourer, and its boss the Eater of Worlds. It will convert blocks into Ebonsand, Ebonstone, and Purple Ice. Once Hardmode is initiated it will begin slowly spreading.

Hallow - A biome that'll appear in Hardmode, Hallow is characterized by multicolored trees, cyan colored grass, and rainbows in the background. Be warned, despite the peaceful and cute look, it is still a dangerous and hostile biome. By day you'll war against fairies, and unicorns. By night you'll be attacked by laser firing Gastropods. Hallowed will spread slowly over biomes just like the evil biomes. It will conflict with them and prevent their spread, but it will no longer spread itself aswell.

Underground - Underground biome is reach once you've dug deep enough to begin hitting caverns. You'll encounter various gems, metal ores, underground housing, and various treasures. You'll be met with hostile presences of skeletons, cave bats, and various traps. Traps can be a simple pressure plate hooked up to an arrow trap, or something more deadlier such as explosives.

Hell - Hell biome is reached once nearing the bottom of the world. Once you begin seeing pools of lava, you've hit Hell. There are various enemies you'll be up against, fire slimes, hell bats, imps, and demons. Obsidian houses dwell in this region. You can also summon the Wall of Flesh by killing a Voodoo Demon carrying a voodoo doll and drop the doll into lava.


Ores - A quick feature to mention, some worlds you might encounter will have such metals as Iron and Gold ore to discover. Other generation variables will sometimes replace these metals with Lead and Platinum. They work the same exact way, they just offer different aesthetics and items to make it with. Its an interesting way to change up a player's experience.


Events ~~

As you play Terraria and begin progressing, you'll begin meeting prerequisites. This will unlock various events that you'll encounter. The first one you might ever experience is a blood moon. There are special events that you'll encounter during the Holidays: Halloween and Christmas. In the months of October and December. (I won't spoil these ones)

Blood Moon - Generally the first event every player encounters, Blood Moons are fortold by a message that appears in chat "A Bloodmoon is Rising". Whether you have a town of NPCs or not, various zombie variants and demon eyes will begin spawning near your positions, they have the ability to open doors now, and will do so without hesitation. You also have the chance of meeting The Bride and The Groom. Any passive critter such as bunnies, penguins, and goldfish will change in appearance and become hostile. You'll see the red moon slowly advance across the sky during this event.

Eclipse - A hardmode event that is similar to a blood moon. All enemies in an Eclipse are based off of iconic horror icons set around the 1950s-70s. Such movies as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein, and Dracula.

Goblin Invasion - Set to appear randomly, once you've smashed a single shadow orb, or a Crimson heart. The message "A Goblin army is arriving from the East/West". They will arrive to your position shortly and a battle will ensue, you'll have to defeat enough goblins to raise the completion percentage to 100% where a message will signify the Goblin's defeat and they will no longer spawn. Their forces consist of mages, warriors, thieves, scouts, and archers.

Pirate Invasion - Similar to Goblin Armies, they are included in Hardmode, the iconic ship, the Flying Dutchman will land close to the ground, it is its own boss entitiy and will drop pirates off on your position, defeating a pirate army will reward you with the Pirate NPC. Their forces comprise of Parrots, Pirate Captains, Corsairs, Crossbowers, Deckhands, and Deadeyes. You must first smash a crimson/shadow altar to unlock the chance for a Pirate Invasion.


With Update 1.3, Multiplayer has drastically change, no more with the days of forwarding ports and sharing IPs, no more with having to use Tunngle in unison with Terraria!

You now have a very simple alternative, you can either use the traditional form and join via IP. Or you can now click the Join Via Steam button. This will open your Steam Overlay, simply click the friend you want to join, and click Join Game. It is that simple! (And it was badly needed for this game)

Servers - Servers are available for you to create/join if that is something you're interested in. Servers can either use third party software, or use the TerrariaServer.exe located in the game's folders.

PVP- PVP is still a thing, you can change team colors accordingly and play games such as capture the gem (like capture the flag)

Co-op - In my opinion, Co-operative Terraria is how this game should be played. I play it currently with a friend of mine and it is tons of fun, I'd find this game difficult and lonely if I had to play alone. So if you have a friend(s) who might be interested in Terraria, definitely play it with them!

The Soundtrack

Now out of the two games that I know are very alike Starbound and Terraria. I have to go with Terraria's for the better soundtrack. Terraria's soundtrack better fits the pixely art style. The tracks are all very unique, they change accordingly to what biome you've stepped in.

Some examples are: Day and night cycle for Forest biomes, Snow biomes, Crimson and Corruption.

Starbound's Soundtracks are very classical/orchestra like musics, the only song I can really distinguish from the rest of them was, Planetarium.

The same friend that I've also played Starbound with, has stated that Starbounds music makes the game seem sad and depressing. It's reasons like this, that makes it very important for a game's soundtrack to fit in with the theme and the style. Otherwise it might feel out of place for the people who are playing it.

Overworld Night

Snow Biome OST

Majestic Unicorns


The End!

I can say 1.3 is a pretty amazing update, it makes Terraria almost feel like a new game entirely

Be sure to check out the official Terraria wiki for any help!

If this hub has at all made you interested in Terraria, you can find it on Steam for 10 USD or your regional equivalent.

I highly recommend this to anyone who's enjoyed Starbound, or likes the idea of fighting bosses and progressing with an interesting story of ridding a world of evil. It is a game that is very fun by yourself and offers legendary experiences if you play with friends.

A plus side, this game might have been the fastest to download ever at 50 Mbs. It doesn't sound like much initially, but this game contains a lot of content with such a small size. You can also adjust the size of your world, whether it be Small, Medium, or Large.

You'll certainly get your money's worth from this purchase.


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