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Steam - The Gamers' Community

Updated on December 23, 2015

What is Steam?

If you are already a gamer or actually a newbie in gaming, you've probably already know what Steam is all about. To all the other people who are interested, Steam is an online platform that distributes and sells games across the world. It was developed by Valve to serve the modern gamers of today. Inside Steam, you'll find yourself swimming in a variety of games. Steam offers a wide array of games, coming from Free-to-Play games to Strategy Games.It is also a social networking platform designed to let gamers communicate with their fellow friends when they log in into their accounts. Communication is of utmost importance when it comes to gaming because it enables gamers to enjoy their whole gaming experience to its fullest.

Besides the communication and games, gamers choose Steam because it is intact with completeness. The user-friendly interface, tools, settings, options and easy access entitled Steam as the "Ultimate Gaming Platform" for all gamers. Steam also provides discounts and offers to everybody to maintain its balance with the prices between them and the gamers. A lot of gamers enjoy buying games from Steam because out of many game distributors out there, Steam always provides huge discounts and the best retail prices for everybody! (THANK YOU GABE NEWELL!).

And if you are interested in making money online, Steam is another way of earning! Just by trading and acquiring inventory items to other players will already enable you to earn a couple of bucks! Though, if you start investing them properly, you'll probably work as a gamer!

To put it all together, Steam is an entertainment multi-platform device capable of letting you explore the digital world of video games!

Get Your Game Gear On!

Since it is already December, it is time to present to you Steam's top selling games of the year! For your information, I have chosen the games below based on their quality, story, graphics, popularity and etc. These games are based from my opinion and pardon me if I missed a favorite game of yours. Just comment it down below the comments section and let us know!

Fallout 4 by Bethesda Game Studios

9/10-Steam 9/10-GameSpot 4/5-Metacritic
9/10-Steam 9/10-GameSpot 4/5-Metacritic | Source

Assassin's Creed Syndicate by Ubisoft

9/10- Steam 9/10-GameSpot 4/5-Metacritic
9/10- Steam 9/10-GameSpot 4/5-Metacritic | Source

DOTA 2 by Valve Corporation

9/10-Steam | Source

Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar North

9/10-Steam 5/5- Metacritic
9/10-Steam 5/5- Metacritic | Source

Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation

10/10-Steam | Source

Counter Strike: Global Offensive by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation

9/10-Steam | Source

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt RED

9/10 - Steam 9.3/10 - IGN 4.5/5 - Metacritic
9/10 - Steam 9.3/10 - IGN 4.5/5 - Metacritic | Source

Dying Light

9/10 - Steam 8.5/10 - IGN
9/10 - Steam 8.5/10 - IGN | Source

Pick Your Favorite Game!

Which of these games have you already played?

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Steam's Hardware Platforms

Steam also offers hardware platforms. The workers developed and created devices for gamers for their use and easy access of their games. Their list of devices includes the Steam Controller, Steam Link, Steam Machines, and the Steam VR. One thing that I can say about all of these amazing gadgets is that they are worth it! I would definitely recommend you to go to their website here and try to review their devices. I assure you that these gadgets are one of the finest products of modern gaming and would not let you down!

In My Opinion...

Overall, Steam has this taste for style in gaming. Their design prior to the digital world has an effect to its gamers, thus affecting its reputation and stability. Not only their style but as well as their continuous development of games for entertainment had a "boom" for them. This generation is now being overwhelmed by the digital world and it is mostly run by these gamers. Steam, in turn, helps in the development of the internet through entertainment and providing gamers their taste for digital art. Some of the youth declare that our world today is full of austerity and deprivation of fun, becoming dull. In response to that, they enter cyberspace just to release their inner self!

I'd say Steam really did a good job and provided a futuristic aspect of the incoming generations. They had an effect towards the growth of gaming and the growth of the youth today. Globally, Steam is renowned for its accomplishment as a gaming platform. Its accomplishments carried out the endless need of fun all throughout the world! As a gamer, I would recommend all of you to be inclined towards gaming whether you are young or old. I want you to experience the fun and freedom in the virtual world wherein you can express yourself without violations! Experience the world of gamers!

PewDiePie Plays GTA V


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