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Steel Series Spectrum 4X and 5X Gaming Headset Review

Updated on February 24, 2011

Gaming headset usually come in two varieties low-end and cheap, or high-end and super expensive. However now the Steel Series Spectrum 4x and 5x Gaming Headsets have arrived. The Steel series headsets are a mid price ranged audio solution which deliver a quality above their price.

Both 4x and 5x headsets share the same specs but slightly different construction. The 5XBs have a wider headband, detachable ear cups and a braided cable. The mouthpiece of both is flexible and retracts into the left ear cup when you want to store them or when its not needed.

40mm SunDancer units help you to pinpoint sound direction and track down your opponent.

LiveMix will automatically lower game audio whenever you or one of your team speaks. This is a fantastic feature so you don't have that uncomfortable shouting over the action. When you aren't receiving or sending audio the volume will return to normal.

While the steel series spectrum headset are available for use to listen to game audio with Playstation 3 and Wii they have total audio / chat support for Xbox.


Good quality and affordable. LiveMix is a great feature. RCA cables included.


Playstation 3 and Wii owners will only be able to use them for game audio. Hardwired to the unit for use.


These are a great headset for the price. Possibly the best-value for money solution at the moment.

The Spectrum AudioMixer is required to use on your Xbox.

Product Features

  • Comfortable XL-sized, hear-through cloth ear cushions while 40mm SunDancer (SCS) units deliver clear gaming optimized soundscape
  • SteelSeries Spectrum AudioMixer connects to and links the headsets to the console with easy access to independent volume controls for the microphone and in-game audio
  • SteelSeries LiveMix, for optimal Xbox LIVE chat and in-game audio
  • 3.5mm mini jacks and RCA connectors for Xbox 360 and PC with retractable unidirectional microphone system
  • *Please note compatibility of PlayStation and Wii is for in-game audio only


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