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Step by step instructions for doing jigsaw puzzles

Updated on March 22, 2011

Five easy steps

Puzzles are fun ways to pass the time that also provide a challenge for our brains.  For some people putting one together comes naturally others however have a hard time especially if there is more than 500 pieces.  I have been putting puzzles together since I was very little and they come easy to me.  Below are some steps that work for me when I put a puzzle together.

Step One: If you have enough space and time, the best thing to do is turn all your pieces out onto the table.  Once out turn them over so that the design/color is facing up towards you.  While doing this look out for the edges and separate them if you find them.

this shows steps one through four.
this shows steps one through four. | Source

Step two: Collect your edge pieces and put them together. This gives you the basis for the design and approximately where things go. Some edge pieces can be difficult to connect especially if it has lots of dark colors. So as long as the edges have at least three connecting pieces your good. The goal is to have all the edges connecting and making your puzzle shape but do not worry if it is not completed.

Step three: Look through the pieces and find the pieces with the same color or design on them. Put them to the side and start connecting them. Doing this step will actually put almost the entire puzzle together for you, it also gives a starting point. Another way to do this is to look at the picture on the box, find something you want to put together, say the boat, and find all the pieces to the mailbox and put those together.

Step four: After you are done or during the process of step three make sure to put the finished or connected pieces inside your edges.  This allows one to put the pieces in the right location so it matches up with the boxes picture.

Step five: When you have gone as far as you can with the steps, start taking the non connected pieces and try to put them where they belong until it is completed.

Hopefully if someone tries these steps they will help out.  They have helped me but everyone learns different.  Steps two and three can be interchangeable meaning you could do three before two.  Also if there is not enough space to take all the pieces out, leave them in the box and sift through them while following these steps.  It is harder to find all the pieces you want but it can still be done.  Good luck.


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