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Still Game Characters On Football Manager

Updated on November 18, 2016

As I sat playing Football Manager 2017 while watching Still Game last week I thought it might be a fun idea to add the Still Game characters onto FM17.

I quickly loaded up the editor and started adding Jack, Victor, Winston and co until I had 16 characters created (full list below as an image). I have created a fictional amateur team called “Craiglang Football Club” so when you load up the game they can all be found on one screen rather than having to search for them individually by name. Also, they are listed as coaches but I have set it so they are happy to accept any role you offer them. Just imagine you can hire Jack as your Assistant Manager, or Isa as your Chief Scout because you just know a nosey cow like her will have loads of player knowledge, or maybe you’ve always wanted a one-legged pensioner as your Fitness Coach and now you can hire Winston.

Notes / How to add them

  • Characters haven’t been added with their correct age. Some people have had their age mentioned on the show but if I added them as 70+ years old they would probably retire instantly and no one would get the opportunity to sign them.
  • They have been added to FM16 with a current ability rating of “25”, and a potential rating of “100”. This basically means they will probably be poor at whatever job you sign them for, but I figured that would be ok because they are really just in the game for the novelty value.
  • Also, their reputation is set very low. This means you will probably be able to sign them cheaply and without competition from other teams. Unfortunately this also means you will need to use a custom setup when you use this file for the Still Game characters to be loaded onto the database. Either set it to include every player currently playing in the ‘’Scottish Amateur League” (as shown in the screenshot below), or load a custom setup and choose to include every person in the game of the Scottish nationality.

Download Link

And finally, here is the DOWLOAD LINK via the official Steam Workshop. Just click subscribe and the database should be available to use next time you’re starting a new save.

(pictured below, a screenshot to show what they look like in-game)

Face Pack

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have also created a face pack so all 16 Still Game characters have their own face on their profile screen. I will make this available for public upload when I work out how to make the entire folder available for download.


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