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Still Making The Magic Deck: Pauper Nightsky Mimic

Updated on November 30, 2013

A Quick Recap

In case you're just joining us, this article is focusing on creating a brand-new deck from beginning to finish, with you, the reading audience, along for the (hopefully) informative ride. We're working on a B/W Nightsky Mimic deck using all commons, which is frequently referred to as the Pauper format. So if you don't see a lot of your favorite B/W cards in the deck, that could possibly be why. Alright, without further meandering, let's return to our deck!

Nightsky Mimic Deck (In Progress)

4 Mourning Thrull
4 Beckon Apparition
4 Nightsky Mimic
4 Nip Gwyllion
4 Tithe Drinker
4 Edge of the Divinity
4 Pillory of the Sleepless
10 Swamp
10 Plains
48 Cards
Nightsky Mimic Deck (In Progress)
This Chart Makes No Sense.
This Chart Makes No Sense.

It looks pretty good, doesn't it? The beauty of mimic decks is that by the time you're done picking out the 'must haves' you're only left with three empty card slots. That's why making your own mimic deck is a very good start on your deck-building journey. And then as you get better, and more confident in your abilities, you can begin to make decks using cards that are less blatantly build-around-me, and build around them yourself!

I'm going to take a few moments to explain briefly what a mana curve is, just for those who may not be too familiar with the term. To rehash what many others that have come before have said, a mana curve is basically when you try to choose the best costing cards for your deck to efficiently utilize the mana that will presumably be available to you. Ah, okay maybe that didn't explain it very well.

What Exactly Is A Mana Curve?

Say with 24 lands in your deck you can reasonably except to put 1 land down during each of your first four turns. Statistically speaking, this is just about right--which is why you see most decks running between 20-24 lands. Your first land drops are very important and the hardest to overcome when missed, that you'll happily accept a little late-game mana flooding if it means a good early game. So your first few turns will look something like this:

Turn 1: +1 Land, +1 Mana

Turn 2: +1 Land, +2 Mana

Turn 3: +1 Land, +3 Mana

Turn 4: +1 Land, +4 Mana

So to properly utilize your mana, you need a one-drop for turn one, a two-drop for turn two, then either a three-drop on turn three or a combination of a one-drop and a two-drop. Then from turn four and on you'll be able to play anything you want in any combination. The worst thing you can do in Magic is waste your resources and mana is a very valuable resource. Alright, enough of the boring numbers behind the Magic. Suffice to say though, that we need to watch that our deck isn't top heavy on mana costs.

So our current incarnation of the Nightsky Mimic deck has:

1-costs: Nip Gwyllion, Edge of the Divinity, Beckon Apparition (3)

2-costs: Mourning Thrull, Nightsky Mimic, Tithe Drinker (3)

3-costs: Pillory of the Sleepless, (1)

4-costs: (0)

So, remembering that we need three more cards, and with this new information concerning mana curves presented for us, we know that we need a 3 or 4-drop, and then two more 1 or 2-drops. At this point I like to go over the cards I initially rejected and see if any of them now feel right for using in the empty slots.

Blind Hunter, Kingpin's Pet, Soul Link, Unmake

It seems that we either want Blind Hunter or Kingpin's Pet, and either Soul Link or Unmake. And as was mentioned in the previous article, I had used Blind Hunter and really enjoyed it. However, Kingpin's Pet is new and there's something exciting about trying out a new toy! So I'm going to go ahead and include the Pet and hope I can make up for the loss of haunt by extorting with him a bunch. Which leaves Soul Link or Unmake. I know I'll probably regret this since Unmake is such good removal and an instant too. But I have to go with Soul Link because it has versatility, which is really needed in a deck like this that isn't entirely sure if it's playing offense or defense, especially against faster decks.

"I want you to remember me as I was--covered in pointy arrows."
"I want you to remember me as I was--covered in pointy arrows."

Which just leaves us with one tiny slot to fill with a White Weenie darling called Benevolent Bodyguard. I have recently become fairly enamored with this lil' guy for the toolbox of uses he gives. But especially in this deck, where destroying a Divinity-enchanted Nip or Nightsky is particularly painful, the Bodyguard will be happy to fall on the spell and save your win-con for another turn. This last slot is very much a wild card and a lot of nifty spells could go in it, such as Shrieking Grotesque or even a simple Sign In Blood for card drawing.

Nightsky Mimic Deck (Final Version)

4 Benevolent Bodyguard
4 Beckon Apparition
4 Kingpin's Pet
4 Mourning Thrull
4 Nightsky Mimic
4 Edge of the Divinity
4 Nip Gwyllion
4 Pillory of the Sleepless
4 Tithe Drinker
4 Soul Link
11 Plains
9 Swamp
60 Cards
Nightsky Mimic Deck (Final Version)

Why 11 Plains?

Before we go I'll explain how I decide on the perfect number of lands to put in my deck. Unfortunately, there is no perfect method, so all I can do is tell you what goes through my head! First I like to count all the colored mana symbols in the mana costs of each spell in my deck. So for this deck, we have 10 white mana symbols and 9 black mana symbols. An even 10/10 split of Swamps and Plains really wouldn't be bad for this deck. But I still like to throw a couple more Plains in, just because statistically I ought to want them more. Deciding on your mana bases, of course, gets more challenging as your colors become less evenly split like this one is.

Alright, thanks everyone who read both of these articles! I enjoyed going through the steps in a deck's creation from beginning to finished product. Perhaps next time we'll try to build mimic decks for the remaining 4 mimics! Uhm, but perhaps not.


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