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Stop The War on Medical Marijuana and Online Gambling!

Updated on September 29, 2011

The federal government is at the moment shelling out close to $1,000,000,000 annually to hold 45,000 inmates in state and federal government prisons for Cannabis associated charges.

That is 1 billion US dollars annually that could be far better allocated to welfare, schooling and health care insurance for the very poor.

In each case the us government would be wiser to legalize the use of Pot and web-based gambling establishments, regulate the market to generate secure transactions and use the taxation income to boost the lifestyle standards of our own poorest residents. Keeping Bud outlawed the federal government just isn't preventing anybody from buying it. All they generally do is get people to have to visit questionable places to acquire Marijuana. Defining it as hazardous for folks to buy, however, if they legalized it, we can be lessening traffic to drug connected parts and yes it will allow law enforcement to better targeted sellers and consumers of harder drugs like crack, coke and heroin.

To keep online casino houses against the law they're passing up on all of the taxation income and resulting in those that want to wager on the internet to risk being cheated without any attainable recourse. A number of factors offered for prohibiting gambling online was the bogus fight against terrorism. There exists a probability that terrorists could start a web-based gambling house and employ the cash to finance assaults of Us citizens, but outlawing it simply causes it to become more difficult to determine the location where the finances are going. By legalizing and accreditation of the web based casinos you'd probably have an openness in the industry that is going to permit the federal government to see how the dollars does not go near terrorists or even pay for terrorism. It may well also permit a lot of the revenue that actually leaves the united states daily to internet casinos abroad to live right here to assist and generate work opportunities here that may be presently going to some other person, by permitting United states casino houses to open on-line casinos and Sports books on the net.

Delivering new industry towards the United states of america would be an effective way to provide a much needed supercharge into a struggling economic climate. Both the fight against Marijuana and the war on gambling online cost america a ton of money but have executed minimal to cease drugs from coming into the united states and being sold in order to stop individuals from wagering on a regular basis in internet casinos and poker sites. These regulations really need to be discarded and the nations around the world attitudes towards them ought to be looked and also have a better evaluation on their impact on the united states.

In the conclusion I really believe we are going to realize that on the net gaming along with the legalization of weed will give to us the equipment we will need to deal with other additional severe troubles with the nation.


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    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 

      7 years ago from West Virginia

      Voted up x4. I agree. Just another pointless matter. When did a plant that grows naturally become illegal? You make very goos points. 1 B is a lot of money. I bet most of those inmates were just trying to provide for their families.


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