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Story Time: Eyes: The Horror Game

Updated on November 28, 2013


Eyes is a truly unnerving game. Most of the time when I play a mainstream horror game like Silent Hill or Resident Evil (no I didn't and still refuse to touch 6) I don't feel unnerved or even scared. It's a comforting horror that leaves me feeling like I've come home. In a way Eye's feels the same, but instead of just peaceful owe hey look there's monsters. The game manages to be genuinely creepy.

Now it isn't the Krasue (yeah I bothered to look it up) that is actually scary. It serves it's purpose as the monster nicely, but really it was the enticipation of the event and not the main event, being caught, that was the creepy part. As objects would shake and the main character would begin his panicked breathing I was drawn into the experience and felt the tinge of fear.

For my first couple play throughs I absolutely refused to go into the basement. Not out of fear, but because it's the freaking basement. Even the most boneheaded of morons in a horror movie know not to go into the basement... well one out of three probably do. Though aside from stereotypes the basement presented itself as a trap in my mind, a location where the monster spent a good portion of its time and almost a certain death sentence. It wasn't until I just decided to say screw it let's check out the basement even if I will die instantly that I saw the basement's open layout.

Of course I did die, after running toward the ghost in the dark instead of away from it. My brother and I had a good chuckle over it. Over the course of the game it became easier to explore around as I learned the Krasue's movement and patterns, but the creepy feeling never went fully away. Even during my let's play it was still there, minor, in the background of my mind, but still there adding to the experience.

Funny Story

Funny story time, so I tried to get my brother to play this game, he wouldn't, so instead I got him to watch as I played the game. Now as a fun little joke I would jokingly go aaaah as I was running away from the Krasue. It was all in good fun.

So as I'm going about the house, feeling unnerved, I get the run message across the screen and prepare to go aaah as I run again. Except the Krasue pops up at the exact moment I was about to start raising my decibel a by a bit. The end result was something that sounded like a genuine aah of horror. I quickly had to explain what happened, but yeah it was slightly embarrassing.

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      She's a banshi or a demon singer

      Hell singer,and when people know that,they kill her.sorry for English cause I'm a Filipino.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I tried playing, at first it was nothing. But then when the demon thing started chasing me I was like' what just happened?' But once I got used to it all it was is a little jump and I put my phone down when I decide not to play anymore because I play it a bunch of times and I still jump!!!

    • profile image

      what the eyes 

      4 years ago

      dont like you do a eyes

    • profile image


      4 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Eyes is very beautiful. But sheis monster


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