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Strategy Games at their best

Updated on October 5, 2012

Strategy Games

Do you have a knack for overcoming speeding hurdles and making the most of what you got? Can you rack your brains in the smallest fraction of a minute to avoid big problems? Are you looking Online cash games that bring you to the edge of your seat? Then vivacashgames is the perfect station for you.

Hosting two exciting games under the ‘strategy’ tag, Viva Cash Games has set a benchmark in the ‘strategy’ category. ‘Bulls and bears’ and ‘Quick Farming’ are the two highlights of this site which is a provider of games to be played online. In addition, it also holds tournaments which on winning reward you with cash prizes. Here is a look at the two strategy based games.

‘Bulls and bears’ is like a replica of share markets where you buy and sell shares, and end up with either profits or losses. This game begins with you having 100 in your pocket and a graph below. In the graph, you shall see certain name of shares flashing in a box. These boxes will also bear the fictitious prices of these shares which keep fluctuating. With an initial start of 100, you have to start investing in shares and maximize your returns. You can buy and sell on a click. What keeps you glued is the speed of the game and the profit margins. It is an exciting way to try out your skills on reflexes and thinking. You can also buy and sell multiple shares, once you have enough balance. There are ample chances of winning cash prizes through this game by participating in tournaments.

‘Quick farming’ is another Strategy Game that tests your reflexes and thinking abilities. Here you are provided with a barren land. You have to begin your own farm with the given options like plough, water, seeds, plants et al. There are three main tabs in the game which are tools, seeds and farms. The tools are those which you will use to grow and harvest your crops. The seeds are the options of crops that you can grow. The farm tag gives you multiple options like farming, barns, granary and stables. There are many elements which are opened later with new levels of difficulty.

The best thing about the site is that it allows you to practice before you join in and start playing for cash prizes. One can easily enjoy online cash games.

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