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Stroller Toy Review: Flexi Arch. Baby Stroller and Pram Activity Bar

Updated on February 24, 2016

My first thoughts

I am not going to lie, when I opened up this toy i thought "this is the more ridiculous thing I have ever seen."

But upon further inspection, I decided it might be cool and gave it a try.

Lucky I did, my baby LOVED it! Finding car seat toys was a piece of cake, but as soon as my little one learned how to throw, nothing could stay in the stroller.

This thing attaches to the outside of the stroller, it makes nose when she kicks it (and she does often), and I can attach the aforementioned carseat toys to it, just to switch it up a little.


Many a times has this awesome toy saved my little one from having a melt down.

If you are on the go, or just mildly busy, sitting in a car seat can get dull for the young ones. The attachment entertains her for hours!

It is adjustable, it can be an arch above the baby, in front of, under for kicking, or anywhere in between. Very versatile.

Oh the compliments...

Let's go back a little. I am at a street art festival. My little girl loves are and music so it seemed like a great idea.

She has to sit in the stroller (she's not walking yet, PLUS there are a ton of people at those things).

I got asked by AT LEAST five moms where I got this alien looking awesomeness connected to my stroller (as my little one is kicking away at it).

There is a con...

No lie this thing is pretty epic, BUT it can be a little hard to attach depending on your stroller.

Plus those twisty things (used to tighten the clamps onto the stroller) can be a little obnoxious.

In conclusion

This thing is awesome.

Kids LOVE it! Which means I love it.

It is definitely worth the 23.00.

4 stars for Quality and engagement


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