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Stronghold Crusader Gameplay

Updated on April 14, 2012

In one sentence, Stronghold Crusader is an engaging PC game that requires advanced strategy to find a way to defeat your opponent's king while minimizing your own losses. Being put in the middle of the Crusades, you will have to fight through skirmishes to become the last kingdom standing, at which point you can call yourself... a true Crusader!

Types of Gameplay

Stronghold Crusader lets you have the choice of playing the Historical Campaign, fighting through 50 skirmishes on the Crusader Trail, or creating your own custom battles.

The Historical Campaign contains four different stories: The Call to Arms, Saladin's Conquest, The King's Crusade, and Crusader States. Each of these stories contain five unique missions that range from building a strong economy and defending your castle, to laying siege on an enemy town. These missions require you to use specific techniques that will train you to play more skillfully along the Crusader Trail and in custom battles.

Another option is to advance along the Crusader Trail by fighting one after another opponent until you reach the end. Each skirmish is basically a custom game that is pre-made for you and doesn't allow you to change it. These battles will become harder as you progress, like any well-made game, and will allow you to enjoy it for hour after hour.

Last but certainly not least, you have an option to create your own custom game. This is what I play the most because I have control over what map I want to play on, the amount of CP playing, who the CP are, where every player is located, the amount of gold each player starts out with, etc. I could literally go on for hours explaining all of the options I have in a custom game. It is also great for new players who want to make the CP have a large disadvantage so they can learn the game without being attacked from all sides, or, an experienced player like me who would like to challenge themselves. Given so much customization, you can literally experience hours of endless fun before you begin to get bored of this game, if that ever happens.


So you know what types of gameplay there are now, but you might be wondering what you actually do during a skirmish. Please note that what I am about to mention only applies to the Crusader Trail and custom battles (I will mention how the Historical Campaigns work later). As you first enter a game, you are provided some gold, food, and maybe a little of some other resources. You will then use these resources to build buildings that will make more of these resources such as a woodcutters hut or a quarry. After having a decent flow of resources coming in, you will start to work on your kingdom. You will build its walls and other buildings inside of it to work on its economy. Once you have a strong economy, you will start to train a massive army to go and conquer the enemy kingdoms. The only requirement to destroying a kingdom is killing the king. To win the game, you have to be the last king surviving.

The Historical Campaigns work slightly different. Instead of you having to build your kingdom from scratch, it might already be built, or you might never have to even build one.  For example, in one mission, you are given a certain amount of troops and told you kill the king with them. You have no ability to build a castle, buildings, train more troops, etc. All you can do is control the troops given to you. Another example is that sometimes you don't even have to conquer an enemy.  You might only have to work on producing 50 barrels of ale or some other resource.  These campaign are great because they work on the skills required to survive in a regular game. 

Thank you for reading my Hub! If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below. Thanks.


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    • Neon_Letters profile image

      Neon_Letters 7 years ago

      Oh i just love this game been a while since i don´t play it.


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