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Stuffed Animal Storage: Problem Solved

Updated on January 31, 2013

Stuffed Animals From the Past

No matter if you buy stuffed animals for your children or not, they never fail to accumulate over holidays, birthdays, or for no special reason. I had my share of stuffed animals when I was little, but most found their way in a dump somewhere, I'm sure. Even back in the 80s, my Nana crocheted a hammock/net, hung it over my bed, and that became the new home for all those stuffed animals I wanted to keep, but weren't special enough to sleep with or take wherever I went.

That Was Then, This Is Now...

Now, we have three children of our own: 9 year old girl, 7 year old boy, and a 1 month old baby girl. While the youngest is merely 1 month old, she has already accumulated somewhere between 10 and 20 plush things (none of which were bought by mom or dad). You can imagine what kind of collection the 7 and 9 year old must have. So, I decided I needed to research some trendy, yet functional, Stuffed Animal organization ideas.

Beginning With My Favorite: The Stuffed Beanbag

This is what I'll be doing for our 7 and 9 year old's stuffed animals. Basically, it is a beanbag with the stuffed animals stuffed inside instead of the regular stuffing. If you're not really the DIY kind, simply purchase a beanbag cover. Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a selection of covers to choose from. When you've got the cover, put all of the stuffed animals inside, zip up, and VOILA! You now have a place to "hide" the messiness of all those animals, PLUS your child has a comfy new seat for reading, doing homework, listening to music, or hanging with friends.

If you ARE the DIY kind, get fabric to match your child's bedroom. Check out this tutorial from Michael Miller Fabrics to learn how to make your own beanbag cover. Since my Nana is so handy with the sewing machine, I'm going to take this route.

They've also come up with a beanbag whose sole purpose is for stuffed animals. It is called the Animal Bag by boon. It has a see through top, which could be fun for little ones as they might still like to see their stuffed animal pets through the "viewing window".

This is the boon Animal Bag shown in blue.
This is the boon Animal Bag shown in blue. | Source

Option #2: The Zoo

"The Zoo" seems to be a popular way to store Stuffed Animals, plus it's quite fitting. I've seen a lot of different styles of "The Zoo", but they all follow the same trend. It's basically the same idea as the giant bouncy ball holder at Walmart or other similar stores. The stretchy cables on the sturdy frame keep the stuffed animals in, while providing ease of removal if needed. Below are some examples of "The Zoo".

Different Takes on "The Zoo"

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Option #3: Plant Those Stuffed Animal Feet

Got some wall space? Plant those Stuffed Animal feet in hanging wall planters! I searched half moon wire wall planters and found some great options. My 1 month old's nursery is fairly small, so we will be using this option to save much needed floor space.


Option #4: Hang It Up!

This option is very cool! If you are even a little savvy with some hand tools and have some space, you can hang those stuffed animals in a cool way using a "Stuffed Animal Swing". It's Always Autumn has a DIY tutorial available if you'd like to go this route. This is a good option for a boy's room as it is less feminine.


More Options

There are other options for stuffed animal storage that are fairly easy and don't require a lot of visual aids. Storage bins, toy boxes, and toy hammocks are among the obvious storage solutions. Options #1-4 are less obvious and more trendy for today's living. These options are highly functional and popular, and are sure to be a hit at the next play date hosted at your house. Enjoy and happy storing!


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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 4 years ago from USA

      These are great ideas for storing stuffed animals. They do seem to multiply, don't they. We had a little hammock.