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Stuffed Pokemon Plushies - Awesome Pokemon Toys for All Occasions

Updated on March 11, 2017

Stuffed Pokemon Collection

A huge collection of stuffed pokemon plushies. Only true pokemon fans have this many plushies!
A huge collection of stuffed pokemon plushies. Only true pokemon fans have this many plushies!

Pokemon Plushies are SOOO CUTE!!!

Pokemon is one of the first animes people start to watch. Folks of all ages from 3 to 80 watch Pokemon. Everyone has their favorite list of pokemon. They might collect the cards or record every new episode that airs on tv. A great gift for these fans are Pokemon Plushies. Stuffed Pokemon toys are detailed and fun to play with and collect. Some collect them, others carry them around with them. These pokemon plushies will protect your bed, reserve your spot on a couch, ride along with you in the car, or even keep you company while on the computer late at night (no, I am not talking about myself.) Having a collection of pokemon plush are great as it helps make them seem alive being able to hold them and touch them. Here are a few great pokemon plushies, be sure to get one or a few to give as gifts for birthdays. It would be best to get at least a couple of them if your going to gift them for Christmas - you cant get just one it will be lonely alone!

Pikachu is an autowin. This is the most famous pokemon to exist. Everyone should have a pikachu plush or two, I know I did growing up. Hes cute, powerful, and friendly so both boys and girls would love a pikachu.

Emonga is a funny little pokemon. Hes new and I havent seen him much, he resembles a squirrel and has a cute little nose. He comes with the Pokemon Black and White series of videogame so would be a great addition to getting the game!

Oshawott is currently one of Ash's pokemon in the current pokemon series. Everyone will remember the Oshawott episode when he fights the zebra pokemon at the bottom of this page. Oshawott is one of the cutest little new pokemon out.

Chikorita is an older pokemon but not so old that it isnt still in current videogames such as Black and White. Chikorita is one of the cutest grass type pokemon and one of the starting 3 in the Gold and Silver videogame versons.

Piplip is a funny little bird type pokemon. Just its appearance makes you want to hug it. This was one of the premier pokemon in Diamond and Pearl and had its own tv show about a little Piplip overcoming its fears.

Dragonite is one of the original 151 pokemon. He is one of the strongest of all pokemon in the series and owned by only the best and most powerful trainers. He is one of the best pokemon plushies to get a boy.

Lapras was one of Ash's pokemon during the Pokemon Jhoto series on tv. While Lapras helped Ash out he decides to release her to the wild because he believes she should be happy with her own kind being a rare pokemon.

Snivy is a cute little pokemon. He is a grass type that looks almost like a thin penguin. A cute one to have and a great collectors item.

Arceous is one of the most powerful pokemon in the series. While it doesnt look like much it contains unnormal power levels and will deceive any enemy who tries to fight it!

Celebi is one of the legendary pokemon like Mew. It contains immense power that can save or destroy anything it chooses. It is a strong grass physic pokemon and one of the cutest aswell. This pokemon had its own movie about it.

Dialga is another legendary status pokemon. Only one exists making it a great gift for a pokemon fan who is into watching the movies and collecting the legendary ones. Dialga is also a beautiful pokemon with deep and light blues.

Entei was actually also a legendary pokemon in its own movie. Entei ends up creating a world with the unknown pokemon and even captures Ash's mom! Entei by the end sees the path of good and fixes all the harm he causes.

Zorua is a cat type pokemon great for people who like both pokemon and cats. This little guy has lots of color and is on a darker side. A good collectors piece and great for riding in the rear windshield of a car!

Victini is a great little pokemon. I encourage to get this as a Christmas gift as its so cute it cant fail. Also, this would be a great gift for mostly girls.

Lucario is an awesome pokemon. This pokemon has the cool Egyptian look that mostly boys love. While this cool pokemon plush is awesome and all im sure girls would like it too. This is a real "beat down" pokemon that just wins fights. Also, this is an AWESOME CHRISTMAS GIFT, its a huge 13.5 inch plush!

Umbreon is an Eevee evolution using a moonstone. It is a powerful physic pokemon in the game and show, but a cute as heck cat plushie in the real world.

Jirachi is another legendary pokemon that stars in its own movie. The Jirachi tale is a thrilling one and this plushie would make a great gift with the DVD of the movie.

Palkia is a huge pokemon of unlimited power. This is what Pokemon White version is about. This is also a huge 15 inch plushie that would make a great Christmas gift of all things.

Zekrom is also a huge pokemon of unlimited power. This is what Pokemon Black version is about. This isnt as large as white but its more detailed and has a nice dark appearance.

Flareon is an evolution of Eevee aswell using a fire stone. This fire cat is a blazing addition to any collection and a great companion for that special someone. Someones whos birthday is in the Summer months and is a pokemon fan would most likely love this plush.

Sneasel is a dark type pokemon that has little claws. It is cute as heck and has details other pokemon dont. It is a pokemon fans dream to have.

Raikou is like Entai, a legendary dog type pokemon. This electric type dog is one of the most elusive pokemon in the videogame series. Receiving this plush might be the only way to own this pokemon!

Chillarmy is a furry, white-colored rodent-like Pokémon, sporting scruffs of fur on its head, ear insides, and neck. Chillarmy's large ears, located to the sides of its head, have red insides partly covered by the aforementioned tufts of fur there. Its eyes are large and brown, with a small, dot-like nose. Its limbs are somewhat rounded and small, and its tail is long and particularly furry.

Shimama/Blitzle is a white-on-black zebra Pokémon, with thick, pointed white stripes on its neck, chest, back and hind legs. It has a large, rounded dark nose, and oval eyes with blue irises and yellow scleras. Blitzle possesses a spiked white mane, culminating at the front in a lightning-bolt-esque pointed extension; Blitzle also sports stubby, triangular dark ears with blue skin on the insides. Its hoofed legs are tipped with white, and its tail is stubby, white-colored and pointed.


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    • Shaddie profile image

      Shaddie 5 years ago from Washington state

      I have the Jolteon plushie, it's amazing! I wanted the Flareon and Vaporeon one too, but I never could find them...

    • profile image

      pokelover 4 years ago

      I have the flareon

    • profile image

      amaya 2 years ago

      so cute, I love pokemon

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