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Subway Surfers

Updated on January 28, 2016

After the original subway suffers came, subway surfers Rio; the latest version is subway surfers Tokyo. The idea of the game is at the start you are graffiti on a train and you get caught by the police guard, you are hen running along the train line; collecting coins, powers ups and of course not crashing into the number of obstacles you face.


The controls are; you can swipe sideways left and ride and jump up and roll down; you also double tap the screen to activate the hoover board, the hoover board is basically a shield but when you crash you lose the board instead of your run. The game is available on the android, iTunes and the kindle app stores free of charge, when you have set a high score you can sync the game with Facebook and there is a leader board to see where you fit in with your friends.


Its rather easy to get coins as in each run average you should be able to get on average 500+ coins and you spend these in the shop, in the shop you can buy hoover boards, pay to unlock objectives, +5 multiplier, mega head start. You have your four upgrades which you can upgrade; this basically makes them last longer in the game; the four upgrades are magnet, jetpack, super sneakers, 2x multiplier

Magnet – this is a power up you collect in gameplay, this enables you to collect all coins your run past from every lane, upgrading this power up makes it last longer.

Jetpack – this power up sends you above the rail lines and you have to steer yourself to collect the most coins, you can’t crash when this power p is activated, upgrading this power up makes to last longer

Super sneakers – this power up enables you to jump higher, upgrading this power up will make it last longer.

2x multiplier – this enables your score to go up twice as much whilst the power up Is enabled, upgrading this power up will make it last longer

Keys – keys are a new feature of the game, if you crash you get the option to use a key, keys are hard to come by and every time you use one in a game the price doubles, from 2 keys to 4 keys etc.

Objectives – you always have three objectives going at and my one time, these could be anything from “stay in the same lane for 30 seconds” to “buy 10 mystery boxes” when you have completed all three your multiplier goes up by one and you get a reward.

Mystery box – mystery boxes cost 500 coins and contain trophy’s, more coins, collections to unlock new characters, hover boards, mega boosts and +5 multiplier; the top coin prize is the jackpot which is 100,000 coins


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