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Summoner’s War: Guide for Newbies (Underestimated Low Level Mobs)

Updated on April 5, 2015

Summoner’s War is one of the free to play MMORPG games in our android mobiles brought to you by Com2us and Google Play/App Store. The game basically is to summon and create your own set of monsters to fight in the scenarios, dungeons, arenas, guild wars and special events. The monsters’ attributes are from wind, fire, water, light and dark type ranging from one-star levels to six-star levels. The game comes up with runes like a set of armor to enforce a variety of stats like Attack Points, Hit Point, Crit Rate, Resistance, Accuracy and the like. This guide is not made to discuss further about the basic structure and setting of the game but to let newbies take a closer look of not getting any mistake in classifying fodders from the useful mobs and making their first set of summoned monsters that can farm in dungeons and scenarios.

Here are the top 3 monsters in each attribute that newbies will have to think again before feeding them to another fodder. Some of these monsters can be purchased through the Magic Shop, or dropped in high level scenarios or summon through unknown scrolls and social summons. Bear in mind that these monsters should be awakened and evolved to six stars with maxed skills the soonest possible time.

Fire Inugami

Raoq the Fire Inugami

Raoq (awakened) is dropped in a high level scenario which is Faimon Volcano. But mostly summoned through unknown scrolls and social summon. What is good about the fire inugami? Despite from being easy to get, these monster is a beast in the arena. Raoq’s build is fatal/energy runes in the beginning game and fatal/ violent in the mid game The general rule in the rune slot is putting percentage stats (HP% or DEF%) in 2, 4 and 6. Hence it is advisable for Raoq to put ATK% in slots 2,4 and 6. He has a passive skill called Annihilate which is very helpful in getting an extra turn after killing an enemy. His first skill, Scratch, can weaken the enemy’s defense and his second skill, Team Up, is a two-pronged attack from a random ally. Indeed, Raoq is the king of the low level beast.

Water Garuda

Konamiya the Water Garuda

Getting the water garuda is a piece of cake and awakening it is just a walk in the park. Any player can luckily summon this monster in unknown scrolls. Konamiya’s build in the early game is pure energy and when you get hang of it in the middle of the game you can change it to violent/energy runes. A few players put HP% to slots 2-4-6 or DEF% as Konamiya is often squishy and dies easily. Its first skill is Onslaught that deals an attack that may stun the enemy. Its second skill is Resurge that fills up an ally target’s Attack Bar and strengthens its Attack Power for 1 turn. Its last skill is Peace that removes all harmful effects on all allies and recovers HP by 15% each. Konamiya is your best support in the mid of the game. No move is wasted.

Wind Pixie

Shannon the Wind Pixie

Shannon is as desirable as ever. This monster can be acquired through unknown scrolls as well. Fellow game guiders state this monster has no wasted moves. This monster can be runed with swift/energy with slots HP/Speed in 2-4-6. Her first skill is Spirit Ball which increases the chance of the enemy to land a glancing hit. Her second skill is an AOE, attacks all enemies, decreasing their attack speed for two turns. And her third skill is Pep Talk which increases the attack power and defense of all allies for 3 turns. Never feed her to anyone.

Most of these monsters are underestimated and are used as food in the game especially to newbies that are unaware of their importance. These are one of the best members in your conquering set. Never waste them again.

Awakened form of Fire Inugami, Water Garuda and Wind Pixie

The official trailer of summoners war

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