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Summoner's War: Sky Arena Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Updated on October 10, 2014
Summoners War: Sky Arena
Summoners War: Sky Arena

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Welcome to the Summoner's War beginners guide! In this article we will be going over the basics of the game and also include some tips to help you out!

This game is a monster evolution genre that has all the elements of a fun mobile game. PvE, PvP are included. Hard dungeons is what makes the game very fun due to the challenging aspect of it.

Game Basics

Your main goal is to summon monsters and fight in the world of Sky Arena. Lets go into the currency used in the game.

Energy - This determines whether you can fight in the dungeon or not. Entering a dungeon costs some energy(usually 3-8). Energy replenishes by 1 every 5 minutes. This can be regenerated faster with a special building(Mysterious Plant) later on in the game. Your max energy capacity also increases by 1 when you level up. There is also a building(Sanctum of Energy) that increases your max energy capacity.

Arena Invitation - This determines how many arena fights you can do. It replenishes every 30 minutes, up to 10 max.

Mana Stone - This is the main currency used in the game. It is used for summoning, power-ups, buildings and much more.

Crystals - This is the real money currency. You can buy this to summon better monsters. However, please be aware that this game is not as pay to win as you would think. The dungeons are hard and even if you have 5 star monsters, you are not guaranteed to win easily in tough dungeons.

Monster Evolution

Summoning monsters is one of the fun parts of the game. However, it can also be a frustrating process for some. You can either get some good monsters and then get a bunch of fodders.

There are different ways you can summon monsters.

1) Unknown Scrolls - This summons any 1-3 star monsters. Most of the time you just get 1 star fodders. Requires 300 mana stones per summon.

2) Mystical Scrolls - This summons 3-5 star monsters. 5 star monsters are extremely rare, I would say about 1% chance. Also requires 10,000 mana stones per summon.

3) Mystical Summon - This uses the money currency(crystals( to summon 3-5 star monsters. It has roughly the same odds as Mystical Scrolls.

4) Social Summon - This is like the Unknown Scrolls, except that it is free to summon and it requires you have friends! 10 friends will net you a summon when you send them daily gifts.

5) Summon Monster - This one requires you get the required scrolls from Secret Dungeons and Hall of Heroes to summon them.


The PvE dungeons are pretty straight forward. However, there are a few special dungeons that are very rewarding and challenging. They have 10 level difficulties(B1-B10) that you can take on. They are:

  • Dragon's Lair - Casts continuous damage effects.
  • Giant's Keep - Hard hitting boss that counters critical attacks.
  • Hall of Magic - Low health high damaging boss.
  • Hall of Fire - Casts bombs on you. Must dispel it.
  • Hall of Water
  • Hall of Wind - Good recovery. Requires monsters with recovery prevention.
  • Hall of Light - High defense but low health.
  • Hall of Darkness
  • Secret Dungeon - Can only be unlocked from the elemental halls. It unlocks a specific elemental unit for you to defeat and obtain summoning scrolls used to summon the actual monster.


You can customize your characters with runes. There are different sets you can use. Below is a picture of it.

Rune Set Effects


Beginners would most like want to stick with Fatal or Energy sets. Once you get a feel of the game and know what you need, then you will want to explore other rune set combos. Here is some combos that caters to different monsters:

  • Fatal/Energy - Standard combo for damage dealers
  • Energy x3 - Awesome for tanks and units that deal damage based off HP
  • Fatal/Blade - High damage glass cannon set
  • Swift/Focus - Great for crowd control(CC) monsters and the Arena
  • Despair/Focus - For monsters with tonnes of CC
  • Swift/Energy - Great for speed healers
  • Violent/Energy - Chance based set
  • Vampire/Energy - End game life stealing set for monsters

To be honest, there are so many combinations that you have to try out on your monsters since they all have different skill sets. Try each one out to see what is best for you.


This game has a lot of depth and it is very fun to play. There is so many things you can do. Plus, the challenging dungeons such as the Trial of Ascension can really make you think of different strategies to beat those pesky monsters.

Good luck and happy playing!


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    • Hikapo profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from California

      Yea, that is some old school stuff I played when I was 13 lol.

    • goatfury profile image

      Andrew Smith 

      4 years ago from Richmond, VA

      The layout actually reminds me a bit of "Warcraft 2: Orcs and Humans." Did you ever play this in the 90s?


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