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Vechs' Super Hostile Minecraft Survival Map Downloads

Updated on June 22, 2011
The lava, it burns!
The lava, it burns! | Source

The Super Hostile series by Vechs is what I have no trouble calling vast collection of survival adventure maps available for download. If you thought the original Survival Island was bad, check out what happens when the calm blue ocean becomes an ocean of lava and instead of having sand and dirt to play with, there's obsidian you have no hope of mining with the puny wooden tools you'll be able to make out of the one tree on the island. The map I'm referring to is called 'The Sea of Flame' and is set on an obsidian island in a lava sea. Other maps include:

'The Endless Deep', a huge underwater map, which sounds fun given that you can stay under water for all of thirty seconds before you start to die in Minecraft.

'The Infernal Sky'. Floating islands are becoming a bit of a recurring theme these days, aren't they? Of course, unlike the floating islands that will one day be included in the Minecraft game, these islands are largely comprised of barren rock. An interesting twist to the challenge of surviving in the infernal sky is the fact that, unlike in many other survival maps, you can't just keep digging down until you find what you need. In this map, digging down is more hazardous than usual on account of the perpetual void.

'The Kazio Caverns'. A subterranean map comprised of cavern systems. The creator describes it as 'rage fuel' and he's not wrong.

'The Black Sky'. The sky has been covered over apart from a few jagged holes and you know what that means? Everywhere is monster spawning territory. Everywhere. All the monsters are all the places. Death is always looming over your shoulder, commenting on what a nice stone pick axe you have.

'Canopy Carnage'. What if everything was trees? This map answers that question. It also answers the question, 'how many times can you fall out of a tree before you decide to do something else with your life?'

The maps all have a goal in mind, specifically you need to collect sufficent materials to complete a victory monument. You'll have a hard enough time just getting by when you start out, but don't forget to find the chests containing the precious materials for that monument. There's something poetic about the idea of a simple miner risking life and limb in order to build a monument and then feel the pangs of dissapoinment and loss, but I can't work out what it is.

Download Vechs' Super Hostile Survival Map Series


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