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Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii

Updated on October 21, 2010

Nintendo's Super Mario World and then Super Mario Galaxy were both BRILLIANT. Now the next offering has arrived - Super Mario Galaxy 2.

So is it any good? well, no... It's simply amazing. Well it was never in doubt really was it? The Nintendo Wiii really shows off the new sparkly graphics and 3d world to its best. However it still looks and feels just like the Mario games that i grew up playing. It's instantly familiar, the controls are largely unchanged (using the Wii controller and nunchuck works brilliantly), the music reminds me of the old classics with lots of new tunes mixed in, and all of Marios buddies make appearances throughout.

Instead of the usual left to right run/jump/fall down a hole game, Mario now has a 360 degree playground to explore, where gravity can also be your undoing. Now normally i don't like radical departures from a winning formula, but this game is so polished that it works without feeling odd.

As per usual Mario has to progress through different and beautifully designed levels on each world before you can progress to the next. He still has to fight an end of level boss, still has to collect gold stars along the way, and there are still the logic puzzles to test the grey matter. The world map has been simplified from the last game, and that's a welcome improvement.

This is not just mindless button bashing, you'll really need to think to get out of some situations that you will find yourself in, but once you've cracked it there's a real sense of achievement. It's a big game too - loads of levels will keep you playing for many hours and a superb two player mode for maximum fun.

If you have a Wii you simply must get this game - this is a close to gaming perfection as you can possibly get.

Not convinced? Watch the trailer below and prepare to be dazzled!


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