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Super Mario 64 DS Review

Updated on May 20, 2011


If you thought your favorite classic Mario games were no longer available, think again, because Super Mario 64 DS is designed for your Nintendo DS portable gaming system. Anyone who played the original version will recognize this game. However, there are also tons of new features, like mini-games you can win. A player begins as Yoshi and unlocks doors during play to transform into Wario, Mario, or Luigi. Special abilities are held by each character and you will take advantage of them when searching for the 150 Power Stars within the castle grounds. Use Adventure mode to control every character with the great touch screen and stylus features. When you are ready, engage in head-to-head competition with up to three friends using Wireless mode.

Get to the Top of the Castle


Measurements of the 3.2-ounce Super Mario 64 DS box are 5.0 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches. This is one of the Mario games that carries the rating of E for Everyone.

Super Mario 64 DS includes:

  • Classic Mario 64 game has been infused with great new features for Nintendo DS play
  • Assume roles of Yoshi, Luigi, Wario, or Mario
  • Each character has its own abilities
  • Discover 150 Power Stars lurking on the castle grounds
  • Touch screen features and stylus control characters in Adventure mode
  • Use a single game card to compete with as many as three friends within Wireless Versus mode
  • As you play, unlock mini-games with touch-sensitive features

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Pros and Cons


  • Excellent update to Mario 64 game
  • Bottom screen map is helpful during game play
  • Touch screen features are well-incorporated
  • Graphics are outstanding
  • Value-added mini-games


  • Camera controller can be frustrating
  • Scheme of controller is difficult to use

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Lovers of Mario games should definitely purchase Super Mario 64 DS for their Nintendo DS system. This is the classic Mario 64 game but it has been given a new look and new features. Yoshi is the initial role you assume but as you unlock doors through game play, you change into Luigi, Mario, and even Wario. Hidden on the castle grounds are 150 Power Stars awaiting your skillful attempt to unlock them. This game also has great value-added features like unlockable mini-games.

Wireless Versus mode enables you to play against one, two, or three friends with a single game card. The stylus and new touch screen aspect of the Nintendo DS is well-used on this game. Nintendo DS owners rate this game as a “must” because of these features, the challenge, and the fun of playing with Mario and his pals.

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