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Super Smash Brothers 4: Worst 5 Characters

Updated on April 9, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Super Smash Brothers roster
Super Smash Brothers roster

Smash Brothers Essentials

Ever since the very first Super Smash Brothers video game on the NIntendo 64, players have been using their favorite Nintendo characters to participate in chaotic brawls. To fight, you use a variety of throws as well as ground, air, and "special" attacks to raise your opponent's damage meter. When it gets sufficiently high, land a powerful blow to knock your adversary off the stage and win.

These core mechanics stay the same no matter which combatant you use, but all of the fighters vastly differ in their arsenals. Some are weak but fast, strong and slow, and a couple favor projectile attacks. We each have our own favorite battlers.. and a a few we tend to avoid. I'm sure there are some players who can use the upcoming characters very well, but we're about to countdown the top five fighters who tend to end clashes with their tail tucked between their legs.


5. Zelda

Speed: Below Average
Jump: Average
Power: Above Average

Zelda's an interesting character. Her magical attacks are powerful, yet she's a lightweight fighter. Her biggest problem is speed. Zelda's air and ground attacks come out slow; experienced players can usually guard or dodge, then counterattack. And with her tall and frail build, she's not the best at avoiding moves. Still, she's low in the countdown because she has some strengths. Her special moves (each fighter has four) are all helpful, especially the aim-able Din's Fire. Additionally, Zelda's throws are all strong. It helps, but it's just not quite enough for most players.

Olimar and three Pikmin
Olimar and three Pikmin

4. Olimar

Speed: Average
Jump: Average
Power: Average

Olimar was introduced in the last Smash Brothers game for the Wii. Their, he was a powerful force, able to pluck up to six Pikmin to aid him in his fight. One of his special attacks involved tossing the Pikmin (whose colors determine their attributes) at opponents. Well, the latest edition of Smash halves Olimar's Pikimin count. Six posed a large threat. Three, not so much. With far fewer allies, Olimar just isn't as effective. His special moves aren't great, and he's lightweight, easily being knocked off the stage. Olimar isn't the worst, but he's just not the contender he once was.

Lucina | Source

3. Lucina

Speed: Average
Jump: Average
Power: Average

Next, we have the sword-wielding Lucina from the game Fire Emblem Awakening. She copied fellow fighter Marth's moveset; she's classified as a "clone" character. However, there exist a few minor differences between the two. Lucina's blade deals similar damage no matter which portion of the sword strikes; Marth's deals far more damage at the tip than the base. Additionally, Marth's sword is slightly longer.

Neither of these two rank among the best, but almost every player favors Marth. Lucina's sword seems shorter and slower than it ought to be. She's not excellent in power, and has no ranged attacked, leaving her vulnerable at a distance. Additionally, her throws barely damage your opponent. She has a couple decent moves, like her counter attack, but overall, Lucina's just an underwhelming clone.


2. Ike

Speed: Low
Jump: Poor
Power: Excellent

Next, another to another blue-haired Fire Emblem character. Ike hails from the game Path of Radiance, and brings his powerful and golden sword, Ragnell, to the fray. Unfortunately, in 1v1. Ike is far too slow to land many attacks. If you fight against computer-controlled battlers, they may dimwittedly run into Ike's moves, but any experienced player knows to maintain a safe distance and wait for an opening.

Ike's sword offers fair reach, but he has no projectiles and moves sluggishly, leaving him open to ranged attacks. Even if he gets up close, if an opponent guards against his strikes, Ike has large cooldown on most attacks, leaving him vulnerable before he can move again. Ike, I like your design and weapon, but you're just way too easy to predict.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions

Good counter attack, decent reach with sword.
No ranged moves, fairly weak.
No ranged moves, slow and easy to predict.
Diverse moveset, good air attacks.
Low power, many attacks can be reflected.
A few more fighters that players tend to avoid.

1. Gandondorf

Speed: Low
Jump: Poor
Power: Excellent

Our number one misfit fighter is none other than the antagonist from the Legend of Zelda games. Ganondorf suffers from the same problems as Ike. No projectiles, awful speed, long cooldowns. Again, computer characters may run into your moves, but players who usually just run circles around you while slowly building your damage.

Ganondorf has no counterattack like Ike, and his recovery move is worse, putting him at even more of a disadvantage. Ganondorf does possess high weight, making him hard to knock around, and his attacks are very powerful. It's just a shame that he can rarely land them, and that many leave him open. Ganondorf, you're an intimidating villain, but you were really only good in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Gamecube.

Your Choice

Which fighter just doesn't work for you?

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Final Tips

Competitively, these characters don't typically fare well - but that doesn't mean you should never use them! Try them out, and see if you can find ways to overcome their weaknesses.

However you play, make sure you're having fun; that's the whole point of Smash Brothers! Let me know which combatant you'd rather not use, and I'll see you at our next countdown!


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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      You're right; Marth's debut in Melee was impressive, and he was still decent in Brawl. However, in SSB4, he's got very little going for him. No ranged moves, not as fast as before, so-so power, and terrible throws.

      Still, I"m sure some players can use him effectively; I'm just not one of them.

    • NecroNeurology profile image

      Daniel Van der Mallie 2 years ago from Portsmouth, Ohio, USA.

      I know that Marth, despite his lack of ranged techniques, was originally a very high-tier character. Did he become that bad in SSB4?