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Super Stickman Golf 2 review

Updated on October 12, 2012
Super Stickman Golf 2
Super Stickman Golf 2

There’s a place inside the main Super Stickman Golf when you are there, figuring out whether or not your perfectly directed shot could slip through the space station window and rebound free from the internal water hazards therefore you think: this is often crazy. Tiger Woods didn't have to handle gigantic cogs in industries, extraordinarily irregular graveyards, and whacking his golf ball across the Empire State Building. However in relocating golfing from extremely natural, samey, faux-TV environment to vibrant, madcap side-on courses, Super Stickman Golf snapped up the creativeness and gave developer Noodlecake Studios an unexpected hit.

The firm ignored the most apparent route - publishing course packages up until the sun went supernova - and began over, integrating every one of the modes and techniques it could not before. Since the game got shape, exactly what started life as something of an spin-off started off morphing in to a legitimate follow up.

So, exactly what can we expect to have once the game is launched? “New levels and power-ups were definitely a no-brainer, however that alone would not justified a sequel, therefore we came up at it from a couple of directions: everything we thought would certainly be impressive, and just what our fans wanted,” says Ryan. Probably the most requested feature, asynchronous multi-player, is within, plus the initial multi-player race mode also stays. “Although we are revamping the matchmaking as well as the over-all experience in an attempt to get rid of a few of the delay problems and bugs which have come up, which may irritate players to the stage of broken devices,” adds Ryan. “which is no joke - we have viewed the photos.” In addition, a mode is going to be unveiled for gamer lacking time to invest in a nine-hole course design. “This could be the brand new puzzle mode, in which you find situations which range from simple to extremely tough, together with minimal power-ups and shots. Gamer could work via this on the hole-by-hole basis, being graded on the performance per hole.”

The latest game can even see ecological aspects play a bigger role - portals, shifting platforms, along with other crazy hazards which will confuse your shots. “The courses come alive in such a way they didn't before, and from the initial builds, it provides a totally new level of excitement to the overall game,” says Ryan. Although a lot of of the details remain mystery, Ryan lets slip that one particular course could be Sticky Land, coated within the exact same pink goo as the Sticky Ball, serving as a new form of interaction plus a training of sorts to get gamer familiar with Sticky Ball mechanics.

It’s continue to relatively start for the game, and Ryan says the team isn't yet convinced when Super Stickman Golf 2 will launch: “ We've a lot of work to do and though preferably we’d wish to release by the end of year, we’re actually unsure yet.” To keep updated on all of the news encircling what’s probably gonna be among the best i OS game titles of 2012 (or perhaps 2013).


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