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Supernatural horror warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition vampire counts vampiric power

Updated on January 29, 2012

Supernatural horror

The vampiric power supernatural horror is identical in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle to what it was in 7th edition warhammer fantasy battle. This vampiric power causes the vampire hero, vampire lordor Strigoighoul king with it to cause terror. It even retains the same points cost as it did in 8th edition. The supernatural horror vampiric abilitycauses the vampire with it to cause terror. Remember as well that if you take a zombie dragon as a mount for your vampire lord or a terrorghiest for your Strigoi ghoul king that they also cause terror so making this vampiric power a little redundant if you select one of these mounts.

Terror is now also less effective in 8th edition then it was in 7th edition as it no longer causes tests in enemy unit that are nearby, only a unit charged by a terror causing model or unit need now take a leadership test. Combined with the new battle standard rule that allows you to re roll any failed leadership test means that terror on the whole has less of an bearing on the outcome of the battle.

Of the special characters available to vampire counts Vlad von Carstein has this vampiric power, it effects are further enhanced for him with the synergy between this vampiric power and aura of dark majesty as it further reduces the enemies leadership.

Pros and cons of supernatural horror

Pros are that terror can be an effective tool if used against the right army and against the right units. these are usually low leadership units out of range of the generals leadership and the re roll granted by the army battle standard. It can also surprise some opponents remember that models that cause terror still cause fear in other fear causing models (such as ogres for instance) and a failed roll fear test in close combat can see them fighting with a weapon skill of 1.

Supernatural horror also synergises well with the following vampiric powers and magic items

  • Aura of dark majesty
  • Fear incarnate
  • The screaming banner

Cons are that some armies are entirely immune to psychology making this vampiric power completely useless and a waste of points against them. These armies include tomb kings, daemons of chaos and other vampire counts armies. Other armies either also have a lot of troops that are immune to psychology or cause fear themselves making them immune to the panic test that is caused by being charged by a terror causing vampire. Vampire counts also have access to many other units that cause terror such as cairn wraiths so can make the inclusion of supernatural horror overkill.


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