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Supremacy 1914 Campaign Journal - Day 80

Updated on March 21, 2014
Supremacy 1914 Screenshot - Day 80 - Ottoman Empire
Supremacy 1914 Screenshot - Day 80 - Ottoman Empire | Source

Supremacy 1914 - The Ottoman Empire

Welcome, to day 80 of my current game. I know, I know - this game is lasting. I should have really, "taken the bull by the horns" or, "pulled my socks up" or even, "grown a pair, already!" but I had to move apartments and fix a laptop, and starting a campaign when you are away from the game is suicide.

So, it is day 80. I have dealt with about four human players - Spain, East Algeria, Arabia, and Greece. I dealt with about 10 AI players well but they do not really need to be mentioned.

When I say, "dealt with" it means, fought them. Which isn't very nice but a lot of the time they started it.

Currently I am about to take on Lithuania - who took over the whole of Russia, some of North Europe and all of the Scandinavian countries. Lithuania has changed hands a few times over the last few days, and as any player knows, new player, new danger. "Why is that?" you ask, knowing full well why. Well, a new player that has not invested time, has nothing to lose and they do not have interactions with other players and have no restraint.

The Countries, and their colors

  • Light Brown - The Ottoman Empire - ME
  • Green - Lithuania
  • Pink - Poland
  • Yellow - US

Which of course, brings me nicely on to my next/new problem. I had a long term ally go offline - they were playing as Poland and they were doing quite well. However, they left mid-war and got pretty much butchered by, the now - due to the player - United States' Empire. Which is/was the US we know today, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and the UK.

Then someone else replaced Poland, and took the US by surprise. They took a lot of US land back. To make matters worse, though. The person playing as Poland sent me a message upon taking over. Their first message to me was a demand that I attack the US with them.

I thought Poland was done with rudeness. Then, a day later Poland's new polite player then demanded resources. I didn't take it as a threat, more likely the player's understanding of interaction between people was severely limited, and arrogant, and rude, and, and... This got my back up. So..

I started to build troops up for an invasion of Poland's empire, which he clearly left empty as he sent his troops far away over sea...

Poland's new leader is clearly not to be trusted and has no charisma and he would quite happily attack without reason. People may argue that he is an excellent player due to this as he doesn't hang around, that he just takes what he wants without attachment. I argue that he has shown who he is and has shown his plans to all. He will not make friends like that and he will/has made enemies of all.

A little later that day..

Call it impatience, call it drum-banging, call it.. a ruddy good laugh.. Call it anything you like.

As I waited, Lithuania was building up and getting stronger - moving the slow moving long range weaponry down from their north and waiting for me to fall foul of their range. I wasn't going to wait any longer.

I attacked Lithuania.. It was going to happen and it was clear from both sides....

Supremacy 1914 - Day 80: End

I will just have to see how things play out with this war. Everyone is new except me. The US seems to be the only person capable of interaction on a basic level, let's hope the others game-play is like their communication skills.

I suspect Poland will join in against me and perhaps even the US.

Until Tomorrow!

[[ I am in the process of getting to grips with screen grabbing software so I can record the actions, as I am sure it would be more fun - Watch this space!! ]]


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    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Hey, yes, it is free. You get some gold coins at the start to speed things up - buildings etc - but when they run out, you need to pay for them. You can play without them easy enough though. Most do.

    • profile image

      Derek 3 years ago

      Not bad. I think I will give the game a try to see how I do. It is free. Right?