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Supremacy 1914 Campaign Journal - Day 90 (End of Days)

Updated on May 9, 2014

Day 90: The end of the world

Well, I was correct - even though I suggested a few things might have happened, so it wasn't too hard to be correct.

I have won the game. Upon rollover it instantly hailed me as the victor.

The game really did last a long time - the longest I have ever played. I think I will now go and take a long break. People I know are wondering where I have been or why I had to duck off for a minute and check something on my laptop. That shouldn't be happening anymore!

And the world did fall at my feet

Having won the game is definitely a victory for me. It is quite funny how I take these thing personally. I guess it is nice to win the game but, I won again some people who were very rude and didn't have any sort of decency, class, decorum, or.. anything likeable. To win against that seems like a victory in more than just the game. I know, it is silly. But, to deny that that thought raises the spirits is silly and it is all done with the power or the mind rather than with threats or physical violence or intimidation. I feel good knowing that they were annoyed the other end though. But that is simply due to the sort of people mentioned above " winning" or rather ruining everything they can in the real world.

Yes, I slightly crackers.

Not to much to report as the game rolled over into the next day and I had over 1000 points - 1028 to be precise - thus winning.

I get 1028 goldmark points now too. These points are like tokens or coins that you can speed up buildings or boost morale with in future games. Sadly, 1028 goldmarks will not really do a lot. But, it is better than nothing!

And after that.. Well, the game was mine.

I am guessing that the other two players did not know that at 1000 points I win the game. Surely they would have both joined in attacking me? trying all they could to take away my provinces so that I would not have 1000 points or more at roll over? All they had to do was take 28 points from me, one, possibly two provinces would have seen to it - Oh well, I am not complaining!

I enjoyed the game and I was happy to stay the course. It would have been really good to have received more goldmark points for the time though!

I guess next time - when winning seems like an obvious outcome - I could build and build and seconds after a rollover - that sees me nearly winning - I could rush and take as maybe provinces as I can. Or, just vote for early retirement when the option arises rather than demanding to win by the natural rule. In my experience, people never submit like that - when the odds seem very likely that one player is going to win, other players have the option to vote to stop the game, as it is.

I was very surprised that the human player of Lithuania didn't give all his land away to another player before leaving. That is another problem that can happen - player give their land away rather than see the person that is beating them take it.


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