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Supremacy 1914 - Day 12 as Sweden

Updated on June 15, 2014

The Scores

Well, as you can see I am still in second place. It seems the Ottoman Empire is going to give me a run for my money, and maybe - my army!

There has been little player to player battles, and through experience there rarely is when there are AIs to fight. Some people revel in it but most people I have been fighting against - in this game and other - do not really do it.

I had wanted to take a more aggressive role in this game but the resources and my location dictated that it was not going to be possible. I hope to gather more resources, and then, let the dogs off the leash!

My Empire

Below you can see the land a have swiped from Norway. I of course, took their capital first which will have them bruised and limping for a while.

Their land in the north has a level 3+ fortress which will be near impossible to break without artillery. Building artillery is going to take a while as I am short of supplies that are needed to build the artillery and also, the things that speed up the building of the artillery.

I will have to leave this northern piece of land until I have a least one artillery piece.. or I have 100,000 troops I want to slaughter..

Resources Secured

Two things I am lacking are coal and oil. I do have one of each but in order to keep my empire as a whole ticking over and progressing, I will be needing more.

This is where Iceland comes in. They are far away from mainland Norway and they have oil. This is where I am going to attack next!

Taking Land

A lot of Norway's land left over is not essential. I really do have enough wood and lumber in my stores, for the moment anyway!

I need to take Norway's land to make sure they cannot sustain themselves or sell resources to buy other resources, raising morale and building hardware and troops.


Spain are tearing up northern Africa and taking more land at a quick rate - quite worrying. I will have a clash with them for sure at this rate. I guess that was sort of obvious!

Hopefully Morrocco push back at least and hold them back while I take more land.

The Aus/Hun Empire

These fellas are really carving up Europe and have now fast become my number one threat. There is nothing really in their way from taking all the land. Once the have the land - and resources - I will be next on the menu.

Only a bad player could mess this up now - let's hope they are!

The Ottomans

Now, the Ottomans may well be at number one but they have been very silent and have not done a lot for a while. I suspect the player has left. This puts us all in a worrying position. The last thing we need is some joker joining and going all kamikaze.

Who knows, they might be back

Get there first

I am looking for my next target after dealing with Norway. Germany - oddly - seems to be ripe for the picking. Like Norway, they have not even bother to build a fortress within their capital city.. It is also a double resource area.. Who does that?!?!??

I need coal the most out of all resources. Luckily it is cheap to buy at the moment but when railroads are built in all areas, it soon adds up and causes problems if it runs out. It also has real life implications as I have to log on and stock up!


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