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Supremacy 1914 - Day 21: As Sweden

Updated on June 19, 2014

Day 21

Well, now after a day's break and after a little bit of think.. I have decided to change my plans of attack. I had a plan to strike one of my neighbours and capture their land and or course, resources. Now I have changed my mind, on which neighbour to in fact attack.

This choice may come back to haunt me but I think it is the better of the two choices..

What the HELL am I talking about? All is reveled below (and yesterday)

The last day Ottomans stay on top?

This could well be the last day the Ottomans sit on top. Well, they will probably sit there for one more day as it will take a little time for me to move the troops to attack and conquer land. So yes, scratch that. The Ottomans will be at number one today, and tomorrow and I predict that I will be sitting pretty in the number one spot from day 23 onwards..

The Invasion of Germany

Well, the best place to strike is always the capital. It is also always good to attack a city without a fortress - if someone has a city such as this so late in the game.. I mean, would it even be possible for a capital city NOT to have a fortress so late in the game and so close to another player, and, right on the sea?

Well, Berlin is that city and Berlin is my target. I am sending around 70,000 troops over to Germany soil. Behind them I have a wimpy two artillery units. But, seeing as the is no fortress. I do not think there is too much of an issue here.

I need coal. Germany have plenty. I am going to take it.

Europe is calm

Europe is calm, as is the rest of the map. It is in fact meant to be a map of Europe. I guess there must be some buffer and I guess there are colonies still in existence. Luckily for Portugal.


I still want Russia's resources. I cannot fight Germany and Russia at the same time, and win. However. I can use the money I expect to take from the Germany capital to buy spies and then destablise certain areas close to mine and wait for them to join me.

This sort of plan is very costly and can take a while. It is worth doing until I have taken care of Germany. However.. I plan to go elsewhere after Germany.

The UK

Well, now. I had the idea of controlling all the coal. Or rather most of it. It is the most needed resource in order to keep an empire running. Once I control the vast amounts of the resource.. I get to pick the prices and I get to pick who can have it.

I suspect I will attack the UK after Germany. Before the attack on the UK I will probably take in Belgium or, at least, any coal, oil, or grain they have.

The Market

As you can see, currently - and lucky for me - the coal prices are quite low. The oil prices are climbing which is annoying as I need oil badly and the nearest place that has it is Russia. As I have said, I am not attacking there for a while.

The idea is to take all these countries by surprise and before they have built up fortresses and built artillery units on mass or even, the dreaded.. railgun!


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