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Supremacy 1914 - Day 24 as Sweden

Updated on June 19, 2014

Day 24

Welcome! I took a slight break yesterday as and left my empire ticking over. Luckily, nothing terrible happened. I have to admit that I did steer it occasionally so, that could be why!

Anyway, without further ado, less see what I have been doing!

As predicted..

As I stated in my last update, the Ottomans placing in first place would be removed and I would be sitting pretty in first place. This is mainly due to mein activities with Germany. More on that in just a moment.

Even though I am now the most powerful player in the game, I do not have the biggest military force. I am not too sure how exactly that equation is worked out.. but the Ottomans are yet again at number. And yet again, I say, within two days, they will be below me!

The reason the Ottomans are number one is down to the fact that the player who was playing as the Ottomans took a lot of time building up his army.. and then left. The AI doesn't really attack others. So the military was big, and now keeps growing slowly. A showdown is inevitable.

Feet on/in "German" soil..

I took the German capital on day 22. I have to say that I thought it would have been quicker and easier. But Germany rallied lots of troops that kept arriving at the capital just before it was about to fall. I lost ore troops than I expected but, when the fight for Berlin was over, Germany didn't really have a lot of troops to look after the areas next to Berlin, so, I took those much easier than I expected.

I am currently pushing forward with troops in all areas, some will be slowed down by fortresses and medium sized troops that might put up resistance.

One move ahead..

As I have said before, after Germany, I will hit Russia. These moves are purely resource motivated. If I had taken Russia on first, I would have been chasing coal even more. Once I have taken the pieces of Germany that are useful - I will only be leaving one area - I will have two double coals and one single. I will then hit Russia and take their oil. After this, I will be an unstoppable self sufficient empire.. Which is nice.

Before I use force, I will be using spies. I may even be able to take some Russian land without ever firing a single bullet.

Funding ones self

I have been relying on the ottomans large army's appetite to fund my empire. They - I am guessing it is them - need food very badly and they are paying A LOT for it. I have plenty of food. I am keeping them afloat for now. When I have enough money coming in from elsewhere, I will cut the food off and watch their army disintegrate. I will then stroll in and take the areas that I need.


I plan to monopolise the coal in the game. Without it, people cannot move and factories can be built. As well as some of the toughest military units..


Here is Russia's oil. It will be mine within a week or so.. Then, the fun and games begin. By the time I have the coal under control.


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