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Supremacy 1914 - Day 6 (as Sweden)

Updated on June 1, 2014

Supremacy 1914 - Day Six

Well hello there!

Today we are going to have to little look at what I have been doing and what I have been planning, and of course, what the other player shave been up to.

It can be a little tricky sometimes to find out or see who you can trust and who you should be wary of. Big dogs can sometimes go to sleep while kittens can turn into cheetahs a day or two.

The Assault

I waited until the game had rolled over and thus giving me 24 hours to cross the sea and land on Danish soil. The reason I did this is due to the sea penalty vs troop morale. If you are at sea during rollover then you lose morale. However, if you get over the sea and onto land, all is well.

I plan to land and walk towards the city until they understand and twig that 50,000 troops from another nation are just not out taking a stroll towards their capital city..

I am still sitting pretty at number two

I am still at number two on the power index. This will no doubt change after I start to attack Denmark as I will lose troops taking the capital. I however, will get most of the Danish money when I take it and knock the country for six. It will be ripe for picking. Vultures will surely descend after I have done the hard work.

Spain's New Look

Spain has dealt with Portugal upon the continent they are on. This is good and bad.

The Bad: Spain now has quite a secure footing and will be able to build up resources and an army to take on the world - if it wants to.

The Good: One good thing is that Spain is in between two growing players, France to the north and Morocco to the south. Someone will decide to pick a fight, mark my words!

Morocco Needs a mention

I forgot to mention Morocco before. That is due to me somehow not seeing it and seeing its expansion!

It is a very well position and resource rich place now. Portugal is just hanging off of the right side of Morocco and, believe me.. Portugal does not have long left. After that, Morocco will be a powerhouse continent and I suspect The world power and they will then, take the map I suspect...

Fast forward 10 hours...

My troops are now disembarking here.. The Danish do not seem to mind. After the troops have set foot on the ground I will walk toward the capital.

In the beginning..

At the start of the game it is very hard to choose what you should invest in. Sure, investing in an army is good. The downside to that is that you will be strapped for resources such as food and this will hold back your economic development and resources gathering. These two thing are needed for an army anyway, so...

I have tried to make the best of both worlds but there is never enough for everything that I want or, anyone else I am sure!


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