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Supremacy 1914 - Let's Fight! - Day 5 (Sweden)

Updated on May 31, 2014

Supremacy 1914 as Sweden: Day 5

Things were going pretty slowly so I have waited until things started to heat up. I, as always, have plans. And I, as always, plan to share these with you. Along with that I will be showing you who is doing what and what I plan to do to counter that and lots of other nice things like that.

Day Five - The Stats

Here you can see that the might of the Swedish Empire is only over shadowed by the Ottoman Empire - that of course has me sitting pretty at number two!

The Ottoman Empire is clearly using goldmark coins - in game coin which can be bought with real cash - as they have harbors near instantly and are getting stuck in with the fighting. This player, they are one to watch and be VERY wary of. However, their aggression could well be their downfall as the other players fear and join together. Hopefully this will happen before the Ottoman's get more land..

The Swedish Land

Well, there she blows - as they say.

I have not grabbed any land as of yet but judging by my resources, I sure as hell will soon enough.

As you can see I am in the red on a few things and my empire is not self sufficient - nobody ever is on when starting the game - and the deficits will hit if something goes wrong - I get attacked.

Though it costs, I am building up an army. I am spending what should be saved in order to gain more in the long run.

Another silent-ish aggressor

Spain wasted no time in getting stuck into Portugal. They even lost a piece of their land to them in the rush to take more land. They got it back fairly quickly though.

Sometimes, the lesser of the aggressors are the ones to watch as they do not like to live in the shadow of someone more powerful and feel they have something to prove. They also fear the biggest aggressor and have their reasons to gain land - for defense, later on.

The Top Dogs: The Ottoman Empire

As I said, there is no doubt that this player is using goldmark coins to speed up production/s. This could be good as it might show that this is a new player. A new player is unwise to the way the game works and their actions can come back to haunt them.

That said, this player clearly knew that building a harbor was a good move so.. he probably isn't new. You in fact get paid goldmark coin if you win a game as well..


Invasion Plan

I plan to invade and take the Danish capital. Once you take a country's capital city, the empire acts like a headless chicken. Along with that, Empire-wide morale in cities and with troops plummets and that country is pretty much beat unless they get some luck.

I expect I will get attacked back. The good thing about attacking early is that most people do not have harbors so it take a while for them to leave one piece of land and arrive at another. It is sad that I do not have any artillery. But, this cannot wait, for nore does Denmark.

On top of all that.. They have not even built a fortress in their capital city. Some folk just deserve to be conquered..


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