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Supremacy 1914: Sweden - Day 1

Updated on May 31, 2014

Welcome to Day One

Well, after taking a break from the addictive game - which you should now know the title of - I have returned.

I did have quite a long campaign the last time I played which could explain that. It lasted for 90 days - Supremacy 1914 - Day 90

So anyway, I have started another game and I thought that I would share me experiences right from the start. This way you can see all the excitement involved and keep an eye on the empires' as they rise and fall.

This time around I am playing a European map and I got to choose from two countries - I was last to join so I didn't have the full list. I got to choose between Italy and Sweden.

I picked Sweden due to its location. Italy is somewhat surrounded by many others. I didn't get to pick England which is a country I have wanted to play as from the start.

What is first?

Back at Supremacy 1914 I am so let's get started!

Here you can see the first thing I have done is build a recruitment center before anything else. If you do not have one of these in a city, your city will not spawn new troops at all. It is the first thing you need to get - from a defensive, and offensive perspective.

Scores and stats

First off, it is worth mentioning that all players - there are ten human players in this game - start with the same scores and they change day to day based on things such as, morale, army size and city improvements.

So right now there is not a lot of intrguinng information as it is the default for day one.

Full map

Here is the full map. I had hoped that the would be more areas or cities with these smaller maps but there are not. One thing I guess which is good is that the game will not ninety days like the last one - famous last words!

A plan of action?

The first plan of action for most players is to attack the AI. I am quite lucky that the AI near to me is scattered over three areas.

I plan to attack Norway quite soon. I cannot do it right away as the is a two day ban on attack anyone. After that has passed, I will do. I will start to get my troops ready.

The best thing is that the AI will send its troops overseas to attack me and those troops morale will drop and when they finally reach me.. I will hit them. I will of course not do this on my own land as the improvements will become damaged. I will have to do it at sea or on a piece of their own land that I have conquered and is in pieces already.


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