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Supremacy 1914 : Sweden - Day Two

Updated on May 31, 2014

Day Two, Y'all

So this is day two and all is quiet on the front lines. It should be though, nobody is allowed to attack anyone, anything, at all, until day three rolls into view. Few people do then either as everyone is the same and has the same armies. Well, that depends on what you have built over the last two days.

There are some buildings that are useful later, but pointless early. For instance building workshops early on is a total waste. They give you nothing and only serve as a necessity later in the game when you want to build factories. Until then, they have no use. The cost vital resources.

Okay.. If you plan on building lots of armored cars, I can see your point. If you don't, or rather can't - which most people can't due to the low resources and resources output in the beginning - it is pointless building them.

Building up the offensive and the defensive

The first thing that you need to do is protect. Here, I have made sure to protect what resources are lowest and needed most. Gas as most people are aware is useless to chase as you can function fully without it.

I was wanting to build fortresses in all my cities but I didn't have enough iron. That's okay as I started to build barracks in the cities that have two resources squares first. These squares increase troop production time so they - at the start at least - are the only ones that are worth have level two barracks in.

The scoreboard today

Well little has moved as little has happened. I however have been busy and I have been building. I am sitting pretty at number two. Number two seems to be the number of this day too - day two.

I should be able to make some gains tomorrow and sit pretty at the number one spot in the index of power. Fortresses increase the cities morale gains. With a higher morale, there are more resources and more money is collected from your country.

Everyone starts with a morale rate of 70% from the start of the game so it is wise to balance resources and build things that will help you get higher sooner. That was my focus.


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